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Sweetly Stroking by Soft Light

Sweetly Stroking by Soft Light

Sweetly Stroking by Soft Light

Kind of piggy-backing off of last week’s idea of reimagining the blowjob as a kiss, this week’s video on The Art of Blowjob is all about enjoying the beauty of a nice handjob.  It’s called Sweetly Stroking by Soft Light and it’s an ode to the simplicity that can happen with a little creativity and a limber wrist.

One thing that became almost instantly apparent was how often I want to revert back to giving a blowjob.  That’s not a bad thing of course…  It’s a great thing!  Who wouldn’t be thrilled to know that their significant other loves giving them a blowjob so much that it’s almost impossible to resist.  But, it was a fun exercise in trying to find and strike a balance between the stroking and sucking so that it would still largely be about how beautiful and sexy a handjob can be.

Sometimes people think of handjobs as a bit too much like solo masturbation, but I think the idea of literally putting the control of your orgasm into someone else’s hands to be quite erotic, don’t you?  You can get a little feel (ha!) in the trailer, and experience how hot a handjob can be to the fullest in the full video.  I’d love to know if this little experiment brought extra affinity to the simple handjob.

A Lost Interview with Steve Jobs

This is pretty amazing.  I know not everyone here is the biggest Steve Jobs fan, but we all understand that I am.  I was a huge fan of his in life and really quite sad about his untimely death.  This was a VHS that got lost from part of a smaller interview, but it was found in someone’s garage of all places and so it was quickly put out for the public.

As much as it may sound silly since I never met the man, this is like finding an old home video of a departed friend.  It was filmed while he was at Next, just months before he would head back to Apple.  His enthusiasm and resilience is absolutely inspiration and his genuine charm is distinguishable even in the good old days…  Oh, and that hair!

When I feel like I’m hitting a wall and I need a little boost, I’ll often think of the way he innovated and made a name for Apple.  I like this little time capsule…  It’s a little reminder to Think Different.

Objectification in Porn?

Camille Crimson in a sexy blue bra

Today brings another Q+A question from one of our more verbose (and rightfully so — don’t change a thing!) commenters:

One of the oldest complaints against porn is that it teaches, encourages, or even forces the viewer to objectify the actors: people end up watching tits and asses, cocks and cunts, rather than individual human beings having sex with other individual human beings. And then that objectification turns into guilt, and insensitivity, and violence, et cetera, et cetera.

Obviously, your work fights against objectification in every way: you emphasize your individuality, and your strict relationship with Mike, and the importance of personhood and respect in porn. And this blog is one of your champion elements in letting us see and know you as an individual, not just a gorgeous body and a talented mouth.

And yet, at the end of the day, a lot of people are still jacking off to your sensual beauty. How do you feel about the idea of people becoming objects in porn– even beautiful porn– and is it a bad thing, a good thing, or simply a neutral fact of life?

I think it’s a neutral fact of life, and I think that when it comes to the actual act of watching porn and masturbating, we can’t help but often get that kind of tunnel vision where we’re really focused on the immediate sexuality in front of us.  Even in passionate lovemaking, there’s a shift when you’re close to orgasm where it’s more about enjoying the stimulation than thinking about what a good person your partner is, even if that’s somewhere on your mind throughout most of the experience.

What I actually try to do is show that, while I am a mouth and breasts and nice hair and all that, I’m a person as well.  The two don’t need to be mutually exclusive.  There are times when I can be entertaining with thoughts on sexuality, Scotch recommendations and geeky moments and there are also times where I can be entertaining as a sexual woman, either as a whole or as parts to be focused upon for part of the pleasure.

So, I don’t want to be exclusively objectified.  I don’t want people to think that I don’t have value outside of what I look like or what I do on camera, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with reverting to a very basic way of viewing me in the heat of the moment.  We can’t be guilting people for their natural mindset when they’re doing something so primal.

How about you guys?  What do you think when you’re watching porn?  Do you end up focusing on parts of the person, or are you always somewhat aware of the sum of those parts?

Giving Pleasure to the Ladies

Camille Crimson's breasts covered in cum

Since we’re now well on our way into the final stretch before hitting 1000 blog posts, I thought I’d get started on some of the questions from my Q+A post.  The first is one that touches on a lot of universal issues, and I thought it’d be a good reminder for everyone about the way to make each other feel good sexually, and really in all ways.

1) Best way to pleasure a woman by oral, how does she like her man to use his mouth and tongue? Does she like direct stimulation to the clitoris or deep probing with his tongue, etc…

2) Do women like their breasts stimulated during sex, how do they like them played with and fondled, how much sensation do they feel from having their nipples tweaked and sucked – and what’s the best way to do it?

Both of these questions are ultimately condensed into one: what makes women feel good?  I spend a lot of time talking about ways to make men feel good by nature of my sites, but a lot of people certainly want to know about women too.

My answer, as always, is this: no two women (or men, or anyone) are alike. Some like it rough, some like it gentle.  Some love external stimulation, some love internal stimulation.  Some have the most sensitive nipples in the world, while others can barely even tell when they’re being tugged…  It’s a wild world full of beautifully different bodies out there.

So how do you know? Ask.  Ask what they like, ask what they don’t like, ask if what you’re doing is working and, if not, how to modify it so that it will.  Try different things and pay attention to signals.  Don’t assume that what worked for your last partner is going to work for them.  Being creative and open and attentive is one of the most wonderful parts of sex.

Even beyond our differences from person to person, some people differ from day to day.  Maybe they’re in the mood for something different than usual, so keep the lines of communication open and that spirit of enthusiasm to discover each other’s bodies again every time.

How Do You Watch?

At my computer, looking cute

Piggybacking off of my recent post about watching porn on your iPad, I wanted to devote a whole post to finding out how you watch porn.  This is twofold as a question: the first part about what you watch it on, the second about who you watch it with!  These are things I think about, but it’s always best to get it straight from the source.

So, what do you watch your porn on?  Do you sit at your desktop?  Do you balance your laptop on your chest and aim away from the hardware?  Do you have a tablet or phone in one hand and another hand to do what comes naturally?  Do any of you watch DVDs/BluRays (or VHS, if you’re old school) on your TV?  Or have you hooked up your computer to your TV so you can watch The Art of Blowjob or Slow Motion Blowjob on the big screen?  I guess I always just picture people watching on their desktops even though I’ve optimized the videos for all sorts of mediums, but there are lots of ways to watch!

Speaking of ways to watch, what company do you keep?  There was a mention in the comments about watching with friends.  Would you make popcorn and watch it with a group of friends?  And if so, would you keep it strictly a viewing experience, or are you comfortable enjoying yourselves?  How many of you watch porn with partners?  Do you like to watch to get in the mood or to enhance the experience during sex?  Or are you a strictly solo type?  Some people like to keep their porn private, after all.

Let’s get a discussion going here.  I want to know the ins and outs (hahaha!) of how you enjoy porn to get to know you all better.

Kissing Blowjob

Erotic blowjob with plenty of kissing

Here’s a big kiss for all of you: muah!

Why the kiss?  Well, that’s the theme of the latest update on The Art of Blowjob…  Kissing!  Yes, my blowjobs do often featuring some kissing, but this was a very different approach to the whole concept of a blowjob in general, kind of imaging it as one big kiss…  And it is in a way, isn’t it?

This blowjob started soft, so I was focused on getting him hard just by delicately kissing his cock into a beautiful easy arousal.  Mission accomplished!  But instead of immediately moving on to stroking and sucking, I decided to kiss a bit more.  Some were closed mouth, sweet little kisses, but there were more and more open-mouthed kisses as I progressed through the blowjob.  It felt so natural, just like I was kissing his mouth.

Of course, the blowjob continued transforming, eventually edging towards sucking and stroking, but that doesn’t mean that the spirit of the kiss tapered off.  There’s just something viscerally different about thinking about it this way.  I hope you see what I mean in the trailer, and see the full progression as one big kiss in the full video.  What would you think of giving or receiving oral sex like this?  Is this a fairly natural idea to you, or is it something novel that you might like to try?