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Sex as Jamming

I love an astute observation and a good analogy when it comes to sex, and this video is rife with both of them.  Also, as someone musically inclined, it’s right up my alley.  This lovely and charming video by Canadian sex educator Karen B. K. Chang is an excellent way of understanding sex…  as a musical jam.

It’s drawn/mixed media stop motion video created for the SexEd Project.  I think it’s really brilliant.  It preaches knowing yourself and practicing with yourself and others, collaboration, understanding sex as a process, communication, presence, an end to sexual shame, consent…  Every single comparison is perfect and are the types of things I had never thought about concretely before.

Probably the most interesting statement from this is that pleasure is a renewable resource, which is true of both sex and music…  And what a nice thought!  It’s something we can create together or alone that has no limit.  I hope this is an uplifting thought for you, and I’d love to hear if you have any prolongations for this particular analogy…  Let’s jam on the motif and see what comes up! Interview

Camille Crimson gives a loving blowjob dressed as a sexy vintage babe

I haven’t posted an interview in a while because I didn’t want to give you Camille fatigue.  I certainly don’t want this blog to be a forum for me to congratulate myself all of the time…  But, this is a pretty cool interview, which just happens to be for  That’s a pretty big deal and it’s so cool that they’re so nuanced in what they asked me.  It’s not your average interview, to be sure.

I thought I’d share a few of my favourite questions, all of which actually made me think:

What’s your opinion on this new(ish) genre, “couples porn”? Do you and Mike take credit for the style? (Because it does seem like “couples porn” is biting your style.)

I feel like “couples porn” is more about making porn for couples and less about being real couples making porn. What we make is definitely appropriate for couples, but also for single people… We have a really diverse audience and we don’t want to limit or target them specifically. We’re just doing what we love and we’re lucky that a lot of people really like it!

Though it’s time consuming, would you still want to run your websites and perform in scenes if it wasn’t such an independent operation?

Probably not. The reason we love what we do is that we have control over it. I don’t want to feel pressured to be aroused on command so I can shoot when I’m not in the mood. I don’t want to be coerced into showing more than I want to show or doing things that I don’t to do just because of what they think sells.

I’m so much happier shooting at home with my boyfriend and then going out for lunch after. It’s a relaxed approach that makes the results much more erotic.

How much input do you have in the editing/filming of the scenes? Is it mostly Mike Flirt or is it a collaborative effort between the two of you? (FYI, Mike Flirt is Camille’s partner.)

We’re always quite collaborative. I tend to edit the photos while he edits the videos, but we certainly talk through things and bounce ideas off each other. We like to do things together.

I hope you liked the questions. is fairly new with the blog (only since mid-2012) but I think it’s coming along nicely, and I’m very honoured to be their second ever interview!

Men’s Sexuality

I think this is really fascinating video that I found through the Good Men Project, especially for the first question she asked because I don’t believe I’ve asked it directly here before, which I’ll get to later…  Author Elana Millman took to the streets of Canada, it seems, because of the snow and some fairly Eastern Canadian-sounding accents…  So I guess we’re getting an in depth look at what (probably) Canadian men think about their sexuality!

The big thing I took away from this video is that, despite the diversity of the way men approach sex and their own sexuality, they all have the same general desired outcome.  This is really helpful information for someone like me who is trying to make something which is of course authentic to myself and my relationship, but also accessible to the people watching it.  This isn’t to say that we know any more about women’s sexuality than we do men’s , but it’s good to know where they stand!

When talking about porn, they pointed to the ideas of “obliterated intimacy” or becoming completely desensitized to sexuality because of it.  Of course, the undercurrent is that they were mostly talking about typical mainstream porn, but I can definitely see what they were getting at.  There are some definite assumptions about sex, emotion and women…  I’m not sure that women use porn for different reasons all the time, but that there actually might be more similarities than they think.

But then on the other hand, even though they see the capacity for problems, porn is still something they use to set the mood.  So, it’s clear that it serves a purpose, but they just wish they had more options away from typical degradation, especially when it comes to spicing things up with a woman.  Sounds like a job for beautiful porn!

Many of them are champions of honest, direct communication.  It’s really heartening to see that a random cross-section of men would be able to identify how important that is for themselves and for their partners.

They did a brief segment about talking to friends about sex, which is something we’ve spoken about here before.  They didn’t specifically mention talking to female friends, though, which was the really interesting trend that emerged here.

So, I wanted to ask one thing to close, which is actually the opening question of the video: how did you first learn about your sexuality, and do you think it has framed the way you approach relationships, porn and sex in general?

A Study of Pornstars

Pornstars melded together

The world of mainstream porn is fairly foreign to me. I’m aware of it, of course, but I certainly don’t claim much knowledge of the inner workings.  We shoot from Montreal, avoiding studios and agents and people who consider themselves porn actors.  It’s a very different way of approaching porn.  That said, it is kind of interesting to catch a glimpse into the analytics of porn, so Jon Millward‘s in depth look at the array of people in porn was quite interesting, especially in contrast to what we do.

Surprisingly, there are more moderately-busted brunettes in the industry than the buxom blondes we all envision.  But, of course, us gingers are still quite rare.  The most rare, in fact, and I guess that means sought after.  😉

Out of any transgressive sex acts, porn performers are most likely to take a facial, which isn’t surprising to me…  I’m not sure whether I’d necessarily consider that a kinship, though, since it’s more expected than anything.  If there was more transparency about whether or not they actually liked them, that might be another thing.

One of the most interesting (and kind of creepy) parts for me was how they blended the faces of ten of the most popular stars of today…  The result is very pretty, but also not unlike exactly who you’d expect to walk across a porn set.  It’s unsettling how just seeing the composite face screams porn somehow.  I’d argue my face wouldn’t fit with that kind of mold.

He was also able to identify some very interesting things about weight and race…  Namely that there isn’t much diversity in either, and when there is, it’s fairly tokenized.  I can’t say I’m at all shocked, but it is good to get people talking about this by holding up a mirror to the mainstream adult industry.

Did any of this surprise you?  Would you watch that weird composite face pornstar in action?  And are there any demographics or analytics you didn’t see here that made you curious?  I guess something like this with the idea of beautiful porn, or even feminist porn, would be very difficult to do, but the results would probably be a lot more broad.  😉

Blowjob During a Winter Snowstorm

Camille Crimson gives a loving blowjob while it snows


Montreal’s winter feels especially relentless this year for some reason.  There has been lots of snow, lots of chilly days…  Maybe escaping to Miami made the cold feel that much colder.  Either way, it’s part of living in a city with a wide variety of temperatures, so we might as well make the most of it.  When yet more snow hit, we decided to include it in our latest update: Blowjob During a Winter Snowstorm.

As much as it can be tedious to skid on black ice, get your feet all slushy and try to get the car out from a huge snow drift, there is a really calm and beautiful feeling to the air…  Especially if you’re witnessing it from a comfortable indoor position.  Giving a blowjob while winter rages outside is one of the loveliest pleasures of the season.  It makes us all that much more close, intimate and connected…  We relish the warmth between us.

I hope you’ll feel the heat radiating from this very hot blowjob.  It’s enough to keep the winter winds at bay even just with the trailer, but the full version can melt even a really icy day.  I’d love to hear what you do when it’s just too cold and snowy (or rainy, or even hot) to go outside.

Careful What You Put In There!

Machine for making dildos

What does that machine say?  Oh, the DildoMaker.  That sounds like a perfectly normal household appliance, right?  Nothing strange about that, what so ever…  Well, maybe a little, but it’s an interesting idea.  If you want a cheap dildo or you’re too lazy to leave the kitchen (it looks like it would go in the kitchen, maybe next to the mixer) to get yours from the bedside table, this handy tool will take that carrot, zucchini, sausage, stick, candle…  Basically whatever phallic item you have lying around…  and give it a head ribbed for your pleasure.

A carved wood dildo

They are actually fairly interesting pieces of at in a way, and I’m sure that, as long as they were sanitized and very well-sanded, they could potentially do the trick, but I’d advise using a condom over them anyways.  😉

The main word of caution is that you should not, under any circumstances, try to see if it would feel good on your penis.  This is not a toy for men…  It’s a giant pencil sharpener.  This is not the type of mistake you can easily shrug off!

Thanks for Violet Blue for sharing this bizarre piece of equipment.  Would you ever use a DildoMaker, or perhaps an equivalent machine that would tunnel holes through melons and, I don’t know…  Soft loaves of bread?  Or do you prefer to keep your foods and inanimate objects anatomically incorrect?  😛