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Porn for Women

XKCD Comic on porn for women


The above comic is from XKCD, and I couldn’t agree more.


Recently there has been a whole lot of talk about porn for women.  But what does that actually mean?  People imagine things about the way the porn is shot, the idea of having a storyline, softer imagery, more romance…  There’s nothing wrong with that kind of porn, except that it’s not something for ALL women, and there are a lot of men who like that kind of porn.  So, that’s not really porn for WOMEN, is it?


A lot of people include the stipulation that porn for women has to show lots of woman-centric pleasure.  Does that mean that The Art of Blowjob or Slow Motion Blowjob could never be porn for women because it focuses (on the surface, anyways) on man-oriented pleasure?  I certainly don’t think so.


Women like all kinds of different things.  Some like the soft, romantic kind of porn that mainstream porn companies expect them to, but a lot also like much harder stuff or specific niches that may not seem woman-friendly at all.  To assume that all women like one thing is just as damaging as assuming that all men like one thing, which is what has created the need for “porn for women” (if there is such a need) in the first place!  If we hadn’t created a porn industry that thinks that all men only want hardcore porn without any nuance, emotion or artistry, we wouldn’t have to ascribe those qualities to women by default.


So, what’s the alternative?  I think there’s lots of value in “romance porn” which is a legitimate genre that can appeal to both men and women.  Same with glam, beautiful porn, story-driven porn, softcore porn…  All of those things are valid without attaching them solely to women.  It makes it seem like porn with training wheels for us delicate women.  Treating your growing audience that way is not the best way to endear them to porn, especially if many of them gravitate towards other kinds of porn.


Instead, I think that porn performers, directors, companies and blogs should reach out to women and making it clear that women are part of the audience and the conversation.  Using respectful language about women (or at least explaining that it’s fantasy when they don’t) and not making assumptions that everyone watching porn is a guy will be a great step towards making women feel included in porn viewership.  I’m sure there are lots of other things to do, but I have this conversation a lot with a lot of people and it seems like making women feel included from the ground up is important to get to actually understanding what, if anything, unifies women in the way they approach porn.


What do you think?  Do we need “porn for women” or is that just all porn?

MacBook Pro Retina

Camille Crimson has a new Mac toy


Isn’t it beautiful?  Yes, I know, I know…  I’m always getting pretty new toys, but the MacBook Pro Retina is certainly useful!  The thing is, we’ve recently realized that traveling is a huge motivator and aphrodisiac!  Changing up the scenery is really wonderful, we get to go to new and exciting places and it makes us want to work even harder!


So, of course, we need a really great computer for everything from editing to popping in to say hello to everybody and updating you all on our trip!  Any excuse to get a new Mac, of course, but this is as good an excuse as any!  I love the retina display so much.  It really is as vivid and precise as we could hope for, which is extra important with the HD videos we’re making.


It’s nice to have something portable that feels just as good as our trusty iMacs.  We want to deliver the best quality we can to you.  If that means I need to buy myself more toys to make that happen, well…  I guess I’ll have to sigh heavily and open another Mac box.  😛


Have any of you experienced the MacBook Pro Retina up close and personal?  What did you think of the display?

Winter Again


Don’t get me wrong…  It is nice to be back in Montreal, of course.  It’s my city, my home and it’s good to be here.  But Miami spoiled us a bit.  It is very much winter here, which is beautiful when you’re inside, but less so when you’re outside.  Digging out cars, dealing with broken water mains flooding the downtown, trudging through slush…  It’s certainly not warm sand, refreshing waters and gorgeous sunny days.


This video is cringeworthy, but also kind of funny.  No one got badly hurt…  Just the same thing that those of us in icy climates have to deal with on a regular basis…  Scary car rides, slippery streets and inopportune snowfalls.  It’s twisted to laugh, but can you help yourself?  I didn’t think so.


It’s already almost February, but there’s still a lot of winter left, so we might as well be light-hearted about it.  And who knows?  Maybe we’ll be able to run off somewhere warm again before Montreal’s ever so short spring.  How is winter treating you?

Why Do You Watch Porn?

Camille Crimson having an orgasm


A while back, I found this really great piece about why women watch porn on Orgasm.  What struck me is the fact that, a few things aside, I wouldn’t say there’s much difference between why women and men watch porn.  We’re all curious, we all want to be aroused and entertained and we’d like to learn a thing or two if possible.


One difference I saw was the idea of a woman finding her partner’s stash and coming to porn that way.  Has this ever happened to you, either as the person finding the porn or the person whose porn is found?  Is this an embarrassing idea, or would you use this as a golden opportunity to find out what makes each other tick and how to explore it further?


I would actually say (especially based on some of the feedback I’ve had here over the years) that a lot of guys watch porn for the penis too, whether it’s to compare, to put themselves in his position or simply for a very natural arousal.  I think that’s incredibly sexy.


So, what do you think?  Are there more differences or similarities when it comes to why women and men watch porn?  And really, why do you watch porn?  Anything that didn’t make the list?

Sweet Blowjob in Miami

Camille Crimson gives a loving blowjob with a view


I promised to check in, didn’t I?  We shot this lovely video early in the week and had it ready for today!  That’s service, even on vacation!  As you can see, our view of Miami is pretty spectacular and we just knew we had to shoot the full experience to share with you.  All that gorgeous, clear water makes for the perfect backdrop for a Sweet Blowjob in Miami.


I love his simple white shirt and my lacy lingerie.  It looks just as breezy as this entire city has been.  The tile is a little cool, so we put down a pillow and engaged in something that felt kind of naughty but certainly no less loving and sweet than we always are together.  Besides, from that height, I doubt anyone could actually see us…  It just felt that way!


There will be more where this came from, but you’ll have to wait and see.  For now, I’m going to finish up a few more things and then head back to the beach.  I want to take advantage of my time here.  Do you feel a bit like you’re on holiday with us in this video?  You can check with the trailer, or get the entire experience with the full video…  Hopefully this glimpse of sun will tide you over regardless of what weather you’re actually facing where you are.

Coffee Break

CollegeHumor’s Favorite Funny Videos


You all know that I’m pretty into coffee.  It’s a bright spot in every day for me, even though my days are already pretty bright.  Sometimes it’s Starbucks, sometimes it’s a small café and sometimes it’s right at home…  But it warms me and provides these delicious, deep, complex flavours.  As with a lot of things in my life, I definitely consider it a sensual experience.

What would make it more sensual?  Well, College Humor certainly had the right idea with this amazing foam art submission.  As someone who paints and draws, this kind of art is pretty impressive to me…  Especially since it combines my all time favourite art: blowjobs!  How could you possibly drink it, though?  It’s just too beautiful.  Also…  Is that really just foam?  😛

Usually people here in Montreal just do the standard leaf if they do any kind of decoration on top, but it would blow my mind (no pun intended) if someone attempted something so elaborate and erotic.  Have you ever received such a sexy treat?