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The Camille Crimson Guide to Owning and Operating a Penis #6 – Balls

Sensual blowjob with kissing balls


Yes, this is a guide to owning and operating a penis, but, well, the balls are RIGHT THERE!  Just hanging out, right next to your penis.  I will be talking a fair amount about balls over the course of this guide, but today I wanted to specifically talk about how you feel about them and negotiating the level of attention your balls get.


Now, your ball-related self-confidence is important, because it directly impacts how you’ll feel about asking your partner to play with them…  It’s interesting.  Even though you wouldn’t think about it, or at least I wouldn’t really, but a lot of guys also come to me with concerns about the way their balls look.  Too big, too small, too low-hanging…  Let me just say, there’s no  universal ball standard among women that I know of.


Balls of all kinds are great.  Some of us may have types we find especially hot, but I really can’t think of anyone expressing distaste about a specific look.  That said, there are a lot of women who are kind of squeamish about them, and that’s where, emboldened by the knowledge that we’re not nearly as concerned about your balls as you are, you can take charge and find a way to gently introduce them into your sex life.


First, a little note:  wash up!  Same as the penis, your balls need a little attention in the shower, so soap up good, especially if you’re angling for something sexy.  Also, as with our pubic hair discussion, feel free to trim if you’re worried that strays could get in the way.  Especially when it comes to balls, hair factors in with people who are less accustomed to them.  You don’t need to be bare, just potentially a little more under control.  There’s nothing sexy about watching someone stop their enthusiastic licking to try to cough up a hairball.  A little prep beforehand and you’re likely to get a nice, warm…  reception.


You should know what you want for your balls.  If you don’t want anything, that’s totally fine.  Make sure it’s communicated to your partner.  Some people really don’t like the feeling for whatever reason, and that’s totally your call.  If you do like ball stimulation, figure out what kind you like.  Do you like a little or a lot?  Do you like it really gentle or more rough?  Do you like lips, tongue, fingertips, palms, the whole mouth?  There are so many different mixes of sensations.  You can adjust your limits, of course, but having an idea of what you want is really helpful for everyone involved.


A lot of women are reticent to pay much attention to the balls because they know how sensitive they can be.  You need to encourage her to give it a try, but don’t push her to go as far as your limits are right away.  Let her dip her toes into the ball play pool rather than pushing her into the deep end.  Let her caress you first with her fingertips, then cup them gently in her hands.  Progress to some light kisses along the seam, then gentle licking…  Maybe that’s all you want.  That isn’t too scary!


If you’re into sucking or (controlled) squeezing, you might need to let her get there on her own time.  You should both start out carefully with that, because sometimes people also don’t know their own strength.  It’s always good to err on the side of caution and amp up rather than go too hard right off the bat.


Remind her that your balls are where your cum comes from.  It’s a very erogenous zone and a very erotic place.  Playing with your balls is like turning up the heat, simmering you until you reach that boiling point.  Talk about it.  Tell her how good it feels and how great she is at it.  It’s that kind of encouragement that will get you both really loving it.


So, how about you?  How much attention do your balls like?  And how do you feel about your balls?  They’re an often neglected area, and I always like to hear about them getting more love.

Facial Cumshot Compilation

Camille Crimson gets an amazing cumshot


I love facials!  Yes, this is old news, but I know that you love them too…  So we made a facial cumshot compilation!   It’s a whole lot of cum, all over my face.  You can see the different way he comes, which I absolutely love, and hear every little moan and giggle and whispered word of love.


Kissing a cock after a sensual facial cumshot


Since this video is without music, I’d love to hear what you think about it.  Does it make you feel more connected to the action?  And honestly, how does it feel to hear Mike?  I have no clue how that would feel physically, emotionally and psychologically for the viewer.  Obviously, for me, it’s very sexy…  But he’s also my boyfriend.  😉  I’m curious!


Erotic stroking and sucking for a cumshot


There isn’t a trailer for this one, so you’re going to have to check out the full video!  I’d love to know what you think of having an entirely facial-oriented compilation.  Is this the kind of thing you like to see?  Any other compilations come to mind for the future?

The Pleasure of Giving Pleasure

Camille Crimson gives a sensual blowjob


I’m so happy that I got to share something on Lady Cheeky’s site Smut for Smarties!  We were talking about something to do, and she ended up bringing forth some ideas about how I was one of those people who loves giving pleasure.  I often talk about how enjoying yourself is a really important part of the experience of giving pleasure, but it’s not always as easy as just telling yourself that you’re going to like something and then just doing it.


I’ve definitely tried to enumerate ways to be enthusiastic, but I never quite got down to it to this extent.  I’m a natural giver and it’s something that I haven’t ever sat down to and thought about to this extent.  It takes a lot to get into a completely different mentality, but I don’t want people to feel like failures as sexual beings or as giving partners.  Everyone comes to this in their own way and I want to empower people to find that way!


Please read it, maybe even share it with someone…  Not as a hint, but just as an insightful piece.  I’d love to know what you think of it.  Did it hit the mark and make you think about anything?  Did you see yourself or anyone you know in it?  It’s an interesting little departure for me and I’m pretty proud of it.

Do You Talk About Sex?

Sexy back and panties of redhead Camille Crimson


So, spill!  Or don’t.  That’s good too.


I read an article recently on xoJane all about how much people do or don’t talk about their sex lives and it made me realize that, in a lot of ways, I’m in quite a unique situation.  Of course, I make porn!  Anyone who knows that knows that I’m clearly quite a sexual and open person.  That said, I get the vast majority of my sexual talk out online…


I’d say that my experiences talking to people in my life about sex is a bit more tempered.  There are people with whom I talk about it more, and then others with whom it’s not as big a topic.  It’s interesting how that works.  I don’t know whether it has to do with how or when we met or the types of people they are and their comfort levels, but it’s very specific to the relationship, I suppose.  I tend not to TMI much unless there’s value in it, but I’m also an open book and I don’t intentionally ever hide my sexual side…  It makes for an interesting dynamic depending on the person.


What about you?  Are you an open book about your sexuality, or do you keep it more under wraps?  Do you have certain friends/groups of friends who are more liberated than others?  And are there any things that you wouldn’t ever talk about with anyone else?

Getting a Blowjob… From Just Anyone?

Sensual loving blowjob by Camille Crimson


Today’s Ask Camille post on Fleshbot was quite interesting to write.  It starts off in a standard way, asking a question I’ve certainly answered before…  How to get your girlfriend to give you a blowjob.  The guy’s girlfriend thinks it’s gross but he really wanted one, so I gave some strategies for talking about what she doesn’t like about it, hygiene, surrendering control, caring about her pleasure too…  All of the things that will ensure a clear path to blowjob happiness.


That said, the second part of his question was very different and framed the first part in a whole different light.  He asked me (in a public forum) for a blowjob.  Now, I get asked this a lot, and I politely explain that I only give blowjobs to Mike.  No harm, no foul.  But when you ask it right after you ask about how to get a blowjob from your girlfriend, that raises some flags…


What I tried to do towards the end of the advice column was to get this guy to see that, whether it’s a blowjob pornstar or someone he meets at a bar, going behind his girlfriend’s back is wrong and damaging to the trust that would allow her to open up and start giving blowjobs.  Of course, this is assuming they’re not in an open relationship, but I feel that if they were, they probably would have talked out this issue or at least mentioned it as part of the situation.


This is pretty much an appeal to decency…   If you’re not getting what you want from your sex life, you need to be upfront (but respectful) about it and start a dialogue.  Try to find solutions.  If you can, that’s great.  If you can’t, you need to talk about what concessions can be made or if it’s not going to work out…  But don’t break the trust, because it’s a whole lot harder to build on a shaky foundation.


What do you think?  Did I make the right call?  I tried not to be incensed or to shame him in any way…  Just to educate and explain the dynamics at play.  What would you have said?

Blowjobs are Everywhere

Hidden blowjob in a Coca Cola ad


I always find little secret messages interesting.  Sometimes they’re just conspiracy theories that end up being debunked, but this ad (which appeared on Adbranch) seems to be the real deal, which makes it all the more entertaining.  As you can see, the secret image in this particular ad (which was pulled all the way back in 1995…  But that doesn’t mean I can’t still giggle at it now!) features a Coca Cola bottle with an unlikely  reflection in the ice.


What’s that?  It looks a lot like my standard approach over on The Art of Blowjob…  Open wide and taste the refreshment!  As much as I enjoy a beverage, I can’t say I’ve approached a bottle like that before.  Maybe it really is just a funny little mishap, but I do like the idea of someone who loves blowjobs so much that they just have to throw one in somewhere!  Either way, once you see it, it’s hard to see anything else.


I hope you got a little giggle out of this subliminal blowjob.  Have you seen any other secret blowjobs out there, trying to find a covert way into the mainstream?