The Pleasures of Slow Living

This week, I’ve decided to focus on taking it slow…  I want to look at different aspects of living life in a more mindful way.  This is related to Slow Motion Blowjob, of course, but it’s more than that.  I spend a lot of my time looking at was that I can enjoy things more and be more present in my life.  The idea of living slow is a central idea that I keep coming back to.


One thing that I look to when I think about the value and pleasure of slow living is an article from lifestyle blog Mark’s Daily Apple.  It deals with all facets of slow living, and points out some very valid ways in which living life at a break-neck speed hinders us:


On a personal level, it can encompass all of the games we play with ourselves to stay above water like eating quick instead of nourishing food, neglecting fitness and play, using stimulants to get through another afternoon, giving up sleep, and multitasking our way through each day. In our attempts to meet the most immediate obligations, we miss filling our most essential needs.


I don’t want to live my life without really connecting to the meaningful people and things that make it worth living.  I love food, I love good drink, I love music, I love the arts, I love leisure, I love sex, I love Mike, I love my close friends and family and I love all of you.  I want to be able to give time to everything, even when modern thought dictates that I should be too busy with other things.  So, I’ll be blogging this week about ways to slow down and enjoy things and themes around slow living that interest me.


I’d love to know…  What do you think of the idea?  And what do you do to slow down and appreciate things?

9 thoughts on “The Pleasures of Slow Living

  1. dave oz

    Interesting…Mark’s Daily Apple–do you eat paleo? I follow that diet–it has done wonders for my health.

    Dave O.

    1. Camille Post author

      I’ve been playing around with varying degrees of eating to see what works for me, and Mark’s Daily Apple has definitely been an inspiration, though not exclusively.

    2. Camille Post author

      I haven’t spoken much about my “primal/paleo” lifestyle, but I do adhere to the Paleo/Primal lifestyle. Not just the diet but the whole 10 laws of the primal blueprint: = Energy, Energy, Energy! Mark’s Daily Apple is my homepage on Safari.

      People seem to have a misconception about the paleo food pyramid. It is based on PLANTS (I eat about 9 cups of veggies everyday) … then animals. Yep, I love my salad! 😉

  2. Rod

    I have recently developed a habit of deep abdominal breathing twice per day is a quiet room.It lowers my blood pressure and gives my mind a warm glow.Breathing this way is taught in the practice of Tantra.It teaches you to harness and cultivate pleasure in everyday living,not just sex.And yes Camille,it shows you the value of slowing down and FEELiNG more.And to be more ehgaged.

    1. Camille Post author

      That is so wonderful, Rod. It’s so great to be able to be engaged and connected to your body. Feeling, as you say, is so unbelievably crucial to life, and we all forget that. Mindful breathing is a great way to do that.

  3. Ralphtc

    For some reason, I have been very curious about the way in which you and Mike live. You seem to have a very simple life doing the thing you like best. You have your cats, your apartment, your toys, and each other.

    I know you work hard at your website and your advertising campaign and I know you are very brilliant.

    I have lived a life of multitasking, stressful deadlines, and continued attainment of goals just out of reach.

    I have now come to realize that I may have actually missed out on some of the goodies in life, like a close slow relationship, exploring the outdoors, etc.

    What also seems apparent from my glimpse into your life is that you are not really spending a lot of money or obligating yourself for the years to come. This lets you change. I have seen so many people become wage slaves because of the financial obligations they have and the fear of venturing out into the world as entrepreneurs.

    You and Mike have bridged that gap and can proceed to be creative. I love watching your adventures.

    1. Camille Post author

      I’m glad to know that we’ve piqued your interest!

      We just try to live simply. We spend on what we truly love: food, exploration, our tech toys, and we focus on work that makes us truly happy. We’re lucky to have found a way to support ourselves through what makes us happy, so we really just try to keep enjoying what we do. We’re inspired by our love, and it has taken a while to develop all we have, but we’ve been patient and happy to enjoy the little things all throughout the process.

  4. Cal

    Camille, I never thought you could become even more of an inspiration than you already were, but this trumps it: you aren’t just a PornSaint, you are Queen of the World.

    I’m only 28, but I feel like I’ve spent my whole life either rushing or waiting— being stressed about insignificant jobs, hurrying to accomplish goals, or waiting for something bigger and better to come along. I’ve taken far too little time to actually pause, step back, and enjoy my time. Part of this is due to being young and mobile, perhaps– I’m still figuring out where I’m going in life, what my career should be, etc– but I don’t want to end up discovering one day that I’m 75 and only just starting to “take it easy.”

    You and Mike are such a positive inspiration in every aspect of your lives– sexually, romantically, artistically, intellectually, politically, and now even just in terms of simple time management.

    Thank you, Camille. Thanks for encouraging us to take time for living, to take time for Life.

    1. Camille Post author

      Haha! Awww, you’re way too kind, but I appreciate it.

      You’re still so young and you have so much time, Cal. I know you know it, but really, relax and it’ll work out. Stress yourself to the limit and it’ll all seem impossible… Even the easy stuff.

      I’m glad that I can show our lives here and hopefully give little reminders that life is made for enjoying. :)


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