I’m on The Smoking Jacket!

Sexy Camille Crimson nude


I am so pleased to announce that I’ve been interviewed for The Smoking Jacket, which is Playboy’s SFW website.  This is a real honour and a dream come true to be associated with such a long-standing adult industry dynasty.  I wanted to share just a little bit with you, so here’s a question and answer to whet your appetite:


TSJ: That’s really nice of you. What brought this on?

CC: A lot of it is a response to what I had seen in porn so far. Taking it slow is a wonderful way to really feel the sensuality and to really accentuate all the little details. There is so much taken for granted in a really great blow job, so getting to explore every sensation and moment is something that feels totally new each time. As for fun, I think there’s a way to make blow jobs (and porn in general) a lot more light and playful. Even in seductive moments, there can be a little smile or tease. It certainly helps that I shoot with my boyfriend. Fun and spontaneous silliness is part of who we are together, and I love when that comes out in our videos. It just shows the real us and you feel the love. It’s hard not to.


There’s more where that came from, so I hope you’ll read the rest of the interview and let me know what you think of my first encounter with the bunny.  Who knows?  Maybe there’ll be more paling around with Playboy in the future…  I certainly hope so!

14 thoughts on “I’m on The Smoking Jacket!

  1. Cal

    Congratulations, Camille! Wow, a video with Hustler and an interview with Playboy… what’s next, total intergalactic domination? (I hope so!)

    Great interview answers, as they always are. Nice to spot the plugs for the Fleshbot Q&A column and the new T.C.C.G.t.O.a.O.a.P. column! (Wow, that’s a long abbreviation… perhaps we could simply nickname it “Camille’s Cock Consultation Column”? No, that suggests the wrong thing. Hmmm.) 😉

    I also love that this post recommends “also seeing” your shout-out to Patrick Stewart. I’ve been watching a lot of “Next Generation” lately, and also discovering (for the first time) “Battlestar Galactica”– great stuff!

    1. Hrothgar

      Point of order Cal. C.C.C.C. is the trademarked abbreviation for “Camille Crimson Cumshot Compilation,” a wildly popular video series now spanning four volumes. 😉

    2. Camille Post author

      Well, not quite Playboy yet, but a Playboy subsidiary. They are so wonderful to feature me and hopefully it’ll be an ongoing thing. The wheels are certainly turning.

      I love your abbreviation, and I’m glad you’re getting to enjoy some quality sci-fi. It’s good for you. 😉

  2. Cal

    Also, seeing this [exquisitely coy] photo with the guitar makes me wonder… do you and/or Mike ever hang out naked when you’re not filming/shooting/making passionate love? I mean, do you ever just kick back and watch TV, or read a book, or play music or whatever, au naturale? Just curious. I’ve enjoyed it when I’ve had the opportunity, though I always have a hard time seeing a partner naked in a non-erotic context and not getting aroused anyway. (Alas, the hazards of loving beautiful people!)

    1. Camille Post author

      We do from time to time. I wouldn’t exactly say we’re a naked house, but we’re certainly comfortable in various states. It does tend to lead to more sex, though…

  3. Hrothgar

    Playboy, it’s about time you noticed! Hustler has been very good to you but I always thought you were more of a Playboy gal. Playboy is a class act. It has a sense of style, articles that smart people actually want to read and beautifully presented images of women. (alas, the whole Playmate and Bunny thing is dated and lame).

    Stylish. Smart. Beautiful. Hmm…that reminds me of a certain woman from Montreal. I can easily imagine you as a Playboy centerfold. The thought of you gratuitously posed in the pages of Hustler makes me shudder. :(

    Congratulations Camille! Now Playboy thinks you’re awesome too! …if only they had asked me sooner. 😀

      1. Hrothgar

        Forgive my pro-Playboy bias but I’m thrilled that such a marque magazine spotlighted you. Playboy is the most recognized name in porn (though of the soft variety) and that the company noticed you could turn out to be kind of a big deal. Here’s hoping. :)

        And with luck you might get to meet Hugh Hefner while he is still with us. 😉


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