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Geek Game

Camille Crimson giving a sensual deep throat blowjob


I’m a geek.  Shocked?  I know, me too…  😛  We were doing a little tidying and we happened upon an old Rubik’s cube.  I’m pretty fascinated with problem solving and games, so I got sucked in all over again.  They can be frustrating, but they’re still kind of fun.  It’s like any kind of game – it’s difficult until you win…  Then it feels amazing.  That’s what we wanted to capture in Geek Game, today’s blowjob video update.


Sensual sucking and stroking blowjob


I’m not saying that’s exactly like a blowjob, but there is that feeling of working towards that release…  In this case, a whole lot of cum.  Once I got sick of the Rubik’s cube, I moved on to the blowjob, which fit quite nicely.  My little purple plaid top came undone and there was a lot of just caressing each other between sucking…  It felt so nice and relaxed.


Camille Crimson playing a geeky game


Have you ever felt the correlation between the goal-seeking in gaming of any kind and the goal-seeking for pleasure in a sexy encounter?  I definitely drew a parallel here.  You can see me take on the Rubik’s cube and a little bit of the blowjob in the trailer, but all the caressing and stroking and sucking is in the full video.  It’s the perfect blend of nostalgia, geekinesss and sexiness, and I hope it’ll start your weekend off right.

You’re Already Hard

Camille Crimson sucking her boyfriend's hard cock


Today’s update on Slow Motion Blowjob is called You’re Already Hard.  A lot of people frequently ask how Mike can start soft in a video, knowing that he’s about to get an amazing blowjob.  Well, it’s hard…  No pun intended.  He can just sort of mentally calm down, I stay out of his field of vision while he does some camera stuff which requires focus and then I appear just as we start to film.  But that’s not always the case.


Sucking and kissing a beautiful hard cock


There is something nice about having him all nice and hard, which is how it is when we’re not shooting.  It’s kind of a nice compliment, that he’s so turned on by me that his body just can’t help but show it.  I think arousal is amazing and creates a real connection, don’t you think?


Camille Crimson gives a ball focused handjob


Of course, you can check out the trailer for a little preview and see the full video to see exactly how I deal with his already erect cock.  Now, tell me…  Do you prefer to get a blowjob when you’re already hard, or do you like to start from the very beginning? And how about when you watch porn?  Do you prefer a soft or hard start?  I’m always intrigued to know how the human brain processes sexuality on and offscreen.


Oh, and don’t forget that the introductory price for Slow Motion Blowjob is only up for one more day!  Don’t wait!  Sign up to lock in the price now.  😉

Blog #800 and Ask Camille

Stroking and smiling with my eyes as I point your cock into my mouth


Well, wouldn’t you know?  I’ve posted 800 updates on this blog.  That seems like a whole lot to me.  Well, here’s another.  I’ve decided to devote it to today’s Ask Camille column on Fleshbot.  I got a very wide variety of questions, so I’ve been trying to switch them up from week to week.  This one was about analingus AKA rimming.


Now, I don’t have a ton of experience with the act itself compared to, say, blowjobs, but it falls under the auspices of the oral arts, so I figured I could certainly chime in.  Besides, the question wasn’t so much about technique as it was about broaching the subject.  Essentially, it boiled down to whether it’s better to ask first or explain later, which is something very important to sex in general.


In the end, I hope I was able to give the right kind of advice and give a real life application of a way to handle the situation and turn something potentially awkward into something very sexy and self-esteem boosting.  Read for yourself and tell me… How did I do?

I’m on The Smoking Jacket!

Sexy Camille Crimson nude


I am so pleased to announce that I’ve been interviewed for The Smoking Jacket, which is Playboy’s SFW website.  This is a real honour and a dream come true to be associated with such a long-standing adult industry dynasty.  I wanted to share just a little bit with you, so here’s a question and answer to whet your appetite:


TSJ: That’s really nice of you. What brought this on?

CC: A lot of it is a response to what I had seen in porn so far. Taking it slow is a wonderful way to really feel the sensuality and to really accentuate all the little details. There is so much taken for granted in a really great blow job, so getting to explore every sensation and moment is something that feels totally new each time. As for fun, I think there’s a way to make blow jobs (and porn in general) a lot more light and playful. Even in seductive moments, there can be a little smile or tease. It certainly helps that I shoot with my boyfriend. Fun and spontaneous silliness is part of who we are together, and I love when that comes out in our videos. It just shows the real us and you feel the love. It’s hard not to.


There’s more where that came from, so I hope you’ll read the rest of the interview and let me know what you think of my first encounter with the bunny.  Who knows?  Maybe there’ll be more paling around with Playboy in the future…  I certainly hope so!

Just One Click – Pornographic Fear-Mongering


Oh, porn…  You are so scary.  Here are some randomly sourced statistics to back it up!


It’s too bad that this film is so ardently anti-porn from all standpoints, because it could actually have been interesting.  At first, I thought it was maybe going to be about how technology is seductive and we should unplug and experience connection with people outside of the internet, which is a fine message in moderation.  But no, of course not.  It’s about how porn is evil and unacceptable under all circumstances…  Right.


The biggest problem here is that they conflate a whole bunch of issues and fail to allow any succinct message that is actually applicable to the average person, although I guess that’s not the point.  Using emotional manipulation and trumped up “facts” works just as well, I guess.  If they stuck to the issue of children being exposed to pornography, this could have been a much more thoughtful and less sensationalistic film.  Instead, everyone who uses porn in any capacity is tearing at the fabric of our society, ruining their families and marriages and themselves…  Because there’s no such thing as enjoying something in moderation in their eyes, clearly.


What made me giggle through my indignation is the way people looked as they were supposed to be sitting at a computer screen watching pornography or laying in bed being, well, taunted by pornographic demons…  They all looked like they were masturbating on the verge of tears…  It’s hard not to find that funny.  Even though this isn’t as silly and campy as some other anti-porn films doesn’t mean there aren’t still some laughs to be had.


Behind all that, though, it’s just really too bad that people can’t come to a discussion about pornography in a reasonable way.  Personal responsibility goes a long way, as does the type of porn people choose to watch and the method they watch it.  It’s certainly given me something to think about…  What do you think about this film or any/all of its messages?  How do you feel that personal choice factors into this kind of debate?

Lilyanne’s Blog is Back!

Beautiful Lilyanne Bloom nude on the dock


It’s been a long time coming, but Lilyanne Bloom’s blog is finally back.  There was a very odd technical issue that wiped out her whole blog, so she had to go back and add everything from the beginning, which was quite a lot already.  Considering she had tons and tons of updates to create for Pornographic Love, she had to take her time.


Now, nearly 3 months later, it’s back online and she’s posting her thoughts, moments from her life and previews to her beautiful porn updates again.  She has a wonderful voice and she is so great at sharing herself, so it makes me very happy that her blog is back.  I’ll be featuring her posts here from time to time, but I really hope that you’ll add her to your blogroll…  She is so worth it…  And there are so many sexy photos and videos there…  It’ll stimulate your mind and a whole lot more.  She sure does for me.  😉