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Porn That Looks Like You

I recently read a pretty neat article on xoJane all about porn.  It wasn’t particularly ground-breaking as someone who works in porn and spends a lot of time thinking about it, but it’s totally radical for a mainstream audience, I believe.  To a certain extent, it’s well-tread territory for those of us who think critically about porn all the time, but they bring up the “Dunhamisation of porn”, which I’ve figured out is linked to the show Lena Dunham’s show Girls and the idea that they look and live like, well, pretty average people…  Albeit young ones in Brooklyn, from what I can tell.


The article begs the question, do we actually want porn that looks like us?  Obviously, there’s porn that looks like me because, well, we are on a site devoted in part to me talking about my porn…  But do you value the everyday side of porn to the extent where you wished that more/even all porn looked like everyday life?  Would you want to watch porn with someone like you and/or your partner in it?  Would that be a turn-on for you?


And I don’t mean amateur porn…  I mean high quality porn, even mainstream porn, but just with an undeniable casting choice to pick very normal, even “average” looking people.  Maybe real couples, maybe real love, but maybe just believable actors…  I’d love to know what you think.  I am committed to making the kind of porn that I want to make, but I would love to know just how far you’d ideally want to see this idea reach.

Facial Monday

Giving a sexy stroking handjob to get a sensual facial


Mondays are tough for a lot of people.  The weekend is fun…  Getting back into the saddle…  Not so much.  I jut want to make things easier on people, to make people happier with their lives.  And, after some subtle and less subtle research, I’ve decided that weekly facial videos on Mondays might just help.  Thus, Facial Mondays is born!


We’ve been devoted to taking things that are not always considered beautiful and making them into sincere expressions of love and sensuality.  We have chosen to focus on the facial because it is so often misunderstood as a tool of degradation, when it is really a wonderful expression of pleasure.  Just as swallowing or receiving cum anywhere else on or in your body, it’s a way to experience the beauty of an orgasm.  The facial is an intimate way to connect with your partner, so we want to share that amazing feeling and show that facials are truly lovely and very sensual.


A gorgeous facial cumshot on redhead Camille Crimson


I’d love to know what you think about the first video.  It’s a simple enough concept, but in de-stigmatizing the facial, I hope that a lot of good can come from it.  So, what do you think about the purpose of the videos and, well, do you think they’re hot?  Both aspects are important, as far as I’m concerned.

Unbutton and Show Your Beauty

Sexy saliva strings linking Camille Crimson to a sensual blowjob


This is a really sweet little video we shot together on another beautiful morning in paradise.  Reading, surveying the sights and feeling just a tiny bit of that morning chill that finds a way in between oppressive summer days.  I slipped on a cute little sweater, which leaves little to the imagination, hence the title of this week’s update: Unbutton and Show Your Beauty.  By beauty, I mean beauty, but also breasts.  😉


Stroking and smiling with my eyes as I point your cock into my mouth


Wearing the sweater in this video gives it a sweet girl next door feeling, it gives the opportunity to unbutton and show off my cleavage and breasts and it’s also a chance to make lots of sweater puppy jokes, so it’s win-win-win.  But this video is so much more than bad puns…  It’s just the perfect slow start to a day, which is sweet and loving and beautiful.  His orgasm is just amazing.  Truly.  I fell even a little more in love with him that moment.


Teasing by touching my breasts through my sweater


Go ahead and check out the video for yourself, which can be captured in a little snapshot of time in the trailer, but only truly experienced in the full video.  I hope this little morning chill and its remedy evoke a little wind of fall…  I love summer, but I am excited for crisp weather to be on the horizon.  How about you?  Do you love fall, or could you languish in summer forever?

Turquoise from Slow Motion Blowjob

Erotic blowjob in sensual turquoise lingerie


It’s Thursday, so that means it’s time for more amazingly sensual blowjobs in slow motion.  The site is hitting its stride with new updates this week, and today’s update features me in my favourite colour.  It’s called Turquoise and it’s a lovely shoot in some gorgeous turquoise lingerie from a special friend.  I love to wear beautiful lingerie, so when it’s a gift, it just feels extra special somehow…


Sexy sucking in beautiful lingerie


This video has languid down to a tea.  At nearly 25 minutes, it features ball sucking and licking, lots of slow tongue teasing, deep throating, single and double handjobs and a beautiful lick right from his balls all the way up to the tip of his cock with a swan dive right down to the base.  That’s one of my favourite moves, of course.  The cumshot is slow to build, but so gorgeous to finish, spurting up and cascading down my fingers into a sticky, creamy mess.  That’s always the best kind, though, isn’t it?


A sensual stroking moment in a gorgeous slow blowjob


I’m always so happy to share these new updates here, so I’ll direct you over to the trailer, which certainly gives you a taste of the sensual ambiance and action of this slow, seductive blowjob, but the full video is, well, the full video.  You know what I mean!  I’d love to know what you thought about this and what you think about turquoise…  Is it a good look?  Want to see more of lingerie of this kind or colour?  Or perhaps another?  I’d be happy to oblige.

Consent is Sexy


Here’s a really interesting piece from an old zine called Learning Good Consent, at least as far as my Google research has lead me to believe, which I found through, who just happen to have recently done an interview with me.  They’re an up and coming sex blog dealing with all sorts of things to do with sexuality, porn, self-discovery…  Suffice it to say, I’m pretty enthralled so far.  This particular piece is something that stuck out to me as very interesting and I’d love to hear your take on it.


Essentially, many people believe in asking these questions, which I think are great tools for communication, but I also wonder to what extent people use it every time, even if they’re with a partner with whom they’ve had sex many times.  I suppose that some of these questions, particularly those aimed at learning likes and dislkes, are more based on introductions, but most of them are ongoing.


I think checking in is a really nice idea, and being aware that consent is an ongoing thing.  I like knowing that, if I for some reason didn’t feel like I wanted to give a blowjob some day (shocking concept, I know!) that it wouldn’t be assumed or questioned unduly, which is something I feel I have innate in my relationship.  It’s not something I think about actively in such an ongoing sexual experience, but it’s certainly something at play.


So, what about you?  How much do you think about consent in your sexual encounters?  Do you feel like it empowers people?  Do you feel like it takes away some elements of seduction, or do you feel that it can be seductive in and of itself?  Do you ask any of these questions, either upfront or ongoing?  I really would be fascinated to hear your thoughts and experiences.

Corporate Vs. Indie Porn

Sensual smile from a sweet naked Camille Crimson

Chris Madsen has done it again.  My amazing social media friend and fellow beautiful porn warrior has written another great article for Whack Magazine about the state of the porn industry and the different ways in which people are changing it for the better.  It makes my heart sing to see people engaging in this discussion, especially when it’s so thoughtfully and eloquently put together.

He speaks out in favour of what the internet and various technological advancements can do for people who are would-be pornographers…  We can do it all on our own.  We don’t need big companies, because our small companies are doing a lot to lap these big guys in the creative sphere, and increasingly in the economic sphere as well.  He points this out with excellent examples, including some familiar names:

There’s a global economic crisis going on and jobs are hard to find, so what’s a fresh college graduate going to do for a living? A college graduate who’s grown up in a time where porn wasn’t as big a big taboo as it was twenty years ago. A college graduate who might have majored in video, cinema, photography, or some other creative field that’s internet-friendly?

Well youngsters, there’s always porn, and you don’t even have to show your face to the world anymore (see: Violet & Rye). Maybe you could even turn it into a profitable business (see: The Art of Blowjob and Pornographic Love). Maybe create a community with like-minded people — people coming from the worlds of art, theater, academics, and adult entertainment (see: Darling House). You don’t even have to be an amazing or great photographer. Because you now have Hipstamatic, Instagram, and a host of other photo apps right there on your Droid, iPhone — whatever you prefer. Don’t know much about creating a website? Guys: Tumblr! This is nouveau porn 2012.

The adversity and pressure that the adult industry is facing these days is also forcing people to think differently — to be creative. The world around us and the troubles it’s having are forcing people to be creative, to think outside of the box. New people with new ideas are doing porn, and the people already inside the corporate porn world are thinking in fresh streams of jizz as well (see: Bobbi Starr, Tonights Girlfriend, Joanna Angel, to name but a few). Corporate porn is hitting the high-end-quality button, high-def baby! Something that you, me — the consumers — are willing to pay good money for.


It feels good to know that people see it this way, that people can and will make their own porn empires and that we will be the taste-makers, always on to the next thing: an even better way of sharing ourselves and our sexualities in an honest and respectful way.


You can read the rest of the article, and I’d love to hear what you think about this divide…  Do you think that more people will take the initiative and make new porn?  Would you?