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Adventure Calling – Outdoor Blowjob in a Rushing River

Camille Crimson splashing in a river


It’s been a long time coming, but we finally did it…  It’s our triumphant return to outdoor blowjobs with a gorgeous video shot in a little river called Adventure Calling – Outdoor Blowjob in a Rushing River.  We were out on our motorcycles traveling through the backwoods of Quebec and we found this perfectly secluded spot. Then, I splashed around and we got to enjoy a beautiful blowjob in the splendour of nature.


Giving a sensual adventure blowjob outdoors


We were a little nervous about someone coming upon us, but it was also really thrilling and exciting to know that we had to be a bit quick and sneaky.  There were also some bugs trying to bite us, but we got into our usual sensual zone and not even the black flies could intervene.  It was a gorgeous serene spot and it resulted in a really beautiful video.


Sensual blowjob in the great outdoors


I hope this was all everyone was hoping for from our outdoor blowjob!  Have you ever done anything like this?  Or would you?  Of course, enjoy the preview in the trailer, but you’ll get the full big splash in the full video!

Fleshbot Takes it Slow with Slow Motion Blowjob

Redhead Camille Crimson gives an erotic slow motion blowjob


Slow Motion Blowjob is humming along, no pun intended.  With new updates every week, there are lots of long, languid and luxurious blowjob videos to be enjoyed.  Fleshbot is all aboard the very slow and sensual train to oral pleasure, so they shared a clip from one of my videos and a piece I wrote about the romantic and eye-opening process of getting the website off the ground.  Of course, here’s a little excerpt to whet your appetite:


There’s a real leap from thinking something might appeal to a few people and actually making it a reality. Sure, it’s a lot of administrative work, a lot of planning and a lot of nitty gritty technical work, but the dynamic of working with the man I’ve loved for nearly 17 years now (Can you believe it?) adds so much more. We went back through lots of our past slow motion footage, and it was a beautiful trip down memory lane. It may sound funny, but watching these videos brings back very vivid feelings of exactly what we were thinking and how we were connecting in the moment. It was erotic, of course, and certainly lead us to a few new, ahem, moments, but it was also very poignant. The process of selecting videos was about so much more than seeing what merely worked…


What do I mean?  What more was it?  Well, you’ll have to read the rest of the piece to find out, and then I’d love it if you could zip back here for a little discussion…  Do you think you could see how watching a slower, more focused version of what we’ve done could be romantic and could frame the blowjobs in a new light for us?  Do you see that for yourself?  Of course, you should watch a couple of videos on Slow Motion Blowjob first, just to make sure.  Research!  😛

Pornsaints Interview


As you all know, I recently became a PornSaint, which is a truly huge honour, both because I got to be immortalized in such a beautiful work and also because of what it means for the recognition and advancement of beautiful porn.  I was lucky enough to also be asked to do an interview for their site, so I figured I’d do my usual thing and share a couple of the questions with you here on my blog!


Why do you get naked in front of a camera?

I love being able to show my authentic sexuality, sharing exactly what I’m passionate about and making my vision for the potential for beautiful porn a reality.

Does pornography influences your love sphere?

The videos and photo sets I make with my boyfriend are shot with just the two of us in our own home.  We’ve created such a precise way of shooting that we barely focus on anything but our passion.  This way, we have sex both on camera and off, but it’s always connected and for us, never really a performance.

Are you in love?

Absolutely.  I have been with my love for nearly 17 years now and we’re still as happy as ever.  Making porn with him has only served to make our love grow.

Is there something sacred?

I’m not sure if sacred is the right word, but I think that there are beautiful, creative and honest moments that come up in the best of porn…  I think that’s tremendously valuable.


There’s more where that came from, so be sure to read the rest of the very beautiful interview, which is quite a departure in tone and style from many of the interviews I’ve done before.  I’d love to hear what you think about it…  For instance, do you think there’s something that is potentially sacred about porn and sexuality?  That question really intrigued me!

The Art of Blowjob DVD with Updated Cover and Contest!

Sensual blowjobs from The Art of Blowjob on DVD


I know it has been a very long time coming, but I’m happy to share that the DVD for The Art of Blowjob along with its correct cover is finally all ready to be purchased at the Hustler store.  There was a little snag with an earlier draft of the cover being used for promotional reasons, and I wanted to make sure that the cover reflected exactly what is contained within:  beautiful and loving blowjob videos, and that’s exactly what you’ll get.  And all the music in the videos are scored and performed by me…  So, that’s certainly an added bonus!


In honour of this, I have signed a copy of one of the DVDs and I’d love to send it to you!  This is going to be a Twitter contest.  So, here’s what you have to do.  Get on Twitter and RT this message:


Beautiful blowjobs are now on DVD.  Get your copy to watch @CamilleCrimson practice her art at RT to win a signed copy!  


The more you RT, the better your chances, but we’ll cap it at 10x a day so you don’t drive your followers crazy!  The contest will end on Wednesday, July 4th at 5pm EST, so you have a whole week!  Better get cracking!

Bonne Belated St-Jean

Camille Crimson in a sexy black bikini


Bonne (belated) St-Jean Baptiste, everyone!  I know not many of you are from Quebec, but it’s our national holiday…  Basically, an excellent excuse to spend time outdoors, eating delicious hearty Quebecois food and drinking a beer or two…  Or more.  Not unlike Canada day or the 4th of July, just more French!


Camille Crimson showing off her cleavage in the pool


These are some also slightly belated pictures of the kind of perfect summer fun that goes so well with celebrating St-Jean Baptiste, also from our trip to Tremblant.  The pool was so nice, so we decided to take a little swim, so the portrait update is aptly called Taking a Dip in the Pool.


Camille Crimson's breasts try to escape her bikini


Also, as you can see, my bikini doesn’t leave much to the imagination…  Mostly it works, but sometimes my breasts try to escape.  They just want to bask in the sunlight like the rest of me.  Despite my alabaster complexion, I like to enjoy the sun, with the requisite sunscreen, of course.  I don’t think I’d look myself if I was too tanned.  We’re coming up on Canada day and the 4th of July soon, so there’ll be lots more summer fun for everyone where this came from…  Maybe more bikini shots too.  😉

Fresh Face: All Natural Blowjob


Here’s something you haven’t seen too much of over the years on The Art of Blowjob…  It’s me, without any makeup.  I don’t wear makeup because I’m insecure…  I just love showing off a glamourous side of myself, especially on video and in photos.  That said, I am also extremely happy to show off my more natural look, which is why today’s update is called Fresh Face: All Natural Blowjob.



We shot this video while we were taking a little vacation in Tremblant, which is very picturesque, hence the beginning of the video.  When we take motorcycle trips, we always get this extra little jolt, so being able to get a room and shoot there was quite perfect for pumping up our excitement.  We just got off the bikes, got into the room and got right to it…  Hence the no makeup…  No need to get all dolled up, since our passion was at an all-time high.



So, now that you’ve seen my all natural face up close and personal, doing what (one of the things) it does best, what do you think?  It’s quite an intimate thing to share, in a way, so I’d be curious to hear your opinions on my fresh faced look and on natural beauty in general…  You can take a peek in the trailer and, of course, you see it all in the full video.  You know the drill!  😉