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Sexy Reading of 50 Shades of Grey


I can’t deny it anymore…  50 Shades of Grey is a big deal.  I haven’t read it beyond little snarky excerpts posted by people on social media, but it certainly seems to have caught on and I can sort of see why.  For whatever reason, it’s given more traditional and buttoned-up women the “permission” to be sexy.  It’s full of kink, so they’re exploring new grounds and seemingly really enjoying it.  Even though this essentially started off as Twilight fan fiction (actually) it’s still ultimately a good thing, I think.


If this is popular, other books in the same vein will become popular, opening the way for other erotica writers from different genres to move forth and make a name for themselves in the more mainstream sector.  Then, who knows?  Maybe we’ll move out of the literary realm and into photography and videos that are more conventionally accepted as a part of sexuality in general.  Maybe we’ll even decide that sex isn’t such a big, scary taboo!


So, it took a cheesy book to make this seem possible…  Never underestimate the right introduction at the right time.  That said, we can still poke fun at it, of course, which is why I posted that highly disturbing video.  Hopefully you’ll laugh.


I have to ask, though, has anyone here read it or do you know someone who read it?  What do you think of it as a concept?

Hilarious Facebook Contest

Camille Crimson's sexy teasing eyes


I love contests…  It’s a lot of fun to get people excited about the possibility of winning and it’s great to be able to give a little something back.  Sometimes my contests involve ideas, sometimes words, sometimes sharing, sometimes just being active on social media…  But this time, I decided to put the art in The Art of Blowjob…  And take out the blowjob, actually.


Take out the blowjob?  WHAT?  Hold on there.  I’ll explain.  I posted a tease photo onto Facebook, which has to be SFW, so I posted just my eyes (above) and people kept imagining what might be going on in the rest of the photo.  Well, what better way to show it than by having them draw it?  A contest was born.


Already, people have imagined me blowing out candles on a cake, drinking a Guinness, even me as Edvard Munch’s The Scream.  They’ve all made me laugh so far, and the contest is going on until next Wednesday at 5pm EST, and the winner will get a free membership to The Art of Blowjob!  So, will you be entering?  I would love to see what all you amazingly witty people would come up with.

Extremely Phallic Candy


Sometimes I find things that make me laugh out loud and immediately think that I have an incredibly dirty mind.  Sometimes these things are in the form of advertisements for giant gummy worms.  Today is one of those times.  But really, watch these people react to, play with and attempt to eat these gigantic phallic candies and tell me you see anything else.


I know they already lean into it a bit with the guy saying that the gummy worm is as long as his…  leg, but really, this is only the tip of the iceberg, or candy worm, in this case.  Oh, did I mention that the tip has a smiley face on it?  Because of course it does.  The best part is from the website’s FAQ and the video comments, though.  Without fail, most people seem to want to use it for sexual purposes…  Here’s my Camille Crimson public service announcement of the day…  Just say no to sugar in the vagina.  That’s an infection waiting to happen.  Also, at 4000 calories of pure sugar, this probably isn’t that good for you even if you put it in your mouth instead.  Unless you had a party and invited all your friends, but then it starts to sound sexual again.  😉


So, what did you think?  Did you see the dirty things I saw?  And did they make you laugh?

Important Nutritional Information


Today, I was writing a description on Tumblr and I narrowly missed a typo:  cum loaf instead of cum load.  That would have been embarrassing, but I decided it’d be funny enough to share it on Twitter.  People found it pretty amusing, as I expected they would, and then I bumped into this nice little infographic over at PixlMonster with some nutritional information, among other things.


I’ve seen it floating around before, and it’s a nice way to learn a little more about cum!  I also laughed out loud at “serving per Package”…  I assume they’re talking about THAT package.  Though, I could do without that little titbit at the end…  I don’t mean to judge, but that did make me shudder.


Then, a Dumb Domme reminded me about the cum cookbook Natural Harvest, which I’ve written about before…  A cum loaf could be a very nice pairing with some artisanal herbed olive oil or a nice stew.  Who knows?  Maybe I’ll experiment with the secret ingredient.


What do you think?  Did you learn anything about cum?  And would you ever eat, make or “go grocery shopping” for a cum loaf?  😛

I Love When You Cum All Over my Breast

Sexy titjob from Camille Crimson


It’s been a busy busy week with the Fleshbot Camille Crimson week, but I made sure to make an update that I knew would make people happy.  If there’s one people ask for all the time, it’s more breasts.  Breasts, breasts, breasts!   It’s enough to make a girl take our her breasts and use them to give a sensual titjob, so that’s exactly what I did here.  Surprised?


Sexy cumshot after redhead titjob


I like the power that giving a titjob involves, but of course, it’s not strictly a titjob.  What would a blowjob video be without a blowjob, I ask you?  Not much at all.  The blowjob is amazing, perhaps a little too amazing, because I accidentally brought Mike over the edge quicker than we were intending.  I guess I’m just that good.  😛  But, we ended up turning it into a video with lots of post-cumshot luxuriating with really sensual cum play.  It’s really erotic to watch, and it was as erotic (if not more so) to experience.


Camille Crimson's breasts covered in cum


Want to see it?  It’s pretty good.  Worth it, I’d say.  The trailer is fun, but you know you want to see all that luxuriating cum play in the full version.  So, did you like it?  Do you like this kind of titjob video?  And how about all the cum?  Did you like how I handled it?  It’ll be very good to know for future videos…

Blowjobs Can Be Feminist

Sensual blowjob by gorgeous redhead Camille Crimson


This is certainly not the first time I’ve brought up issues of feminism and blowjobs, but it’s the first time I’ve done it in such a drawn-out and clear way.  One of the posts running today on Fleshbot for their Camille Crimson week is called The Feminism of Giving Blowjobs, and it’s part rant, part declamation about how I reconcile giving blowjobs in such a prominent way and being a strong woman.  I wanted to share a few snippets here to get the conversation going.


For various valid reasons, there is a real upswing in the value of female pleasure. I could not possibly applaud this development more, but it does have the adverse effect of stigmatizing porn focused on male pleasure in certain circles…

Part of being in the blowjob niche means that there are a lot of blowjobs. Sounds pretty evident, but people consistently indicate how badly they want to see me experience pleasure on screen. While I totally understand this, and do comply from time to time, I most prefer it when it comes from a place of desire to see more, not desire to see me “actually fulfilled” in our content…

If the shoe were on the other foot and I was a man talking about giving pleasure to a woman, you’d all be mightily pleased (though less overtly in such sex-positive circles) and this would not be an issue of my needs not being met. I do not need physical stimulation to enjoy a sexual experience, and if I did, I would certainly make that happen…


These are three disparate sections that stick out as important to me, but I’d love to hear what you think about them, especially if you’ve deigned to read the piece in its entirety.  There are a lot of double standards and assumptions when it comes to porn, and I love having an opportunity to undo some of that and share my real first-hand experience to clear the air.  I’d love to hear what you have to say.