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iPhone Innovation for Your Breasts


Mac geek alert!  I’m sure some of you have probably seen this on your travels throughout the internet, but of course I’ve got to say my piece about this brilliant little innovation, which combines two of my favourite things: sexy lingerie and Macs!  I’m a proud iPhone owner and also a woman, as you are no doubt aware, so I don’t always wear things with pockets big enough to accommodate my favourite piece of technology.  I like purses and all, but sometimes when you’re out and about, they’re annoying. On a nice spring day, I want to wear a simple dress and go for a walk feeling free and unencumbered…


Enter the JoeyBra – a bra that makes you feel like a technologically savvy kangaroo, enjoying your pouch for keys, money, ID or, of course, your iPhone!  There are other bras out there with similar features, but none (to my knowledge) with iPhone capacity, so understandably this has taken off.  Besides the enjoyability factor of being able to go anywhere without a bag, imagine the sexiness of being that up close and personal with your favourite Mac product…  Although the vibrate setting could tickle!


Unfortunately, currently they don’t go up to a 34D, so I’ll have to wait patiently… Or just sew a pocket in my bra!  😛

Deep Throat in Beautiful Lace Lingerie

Sensual deep throat blowjob in lingerie


I love deep throating!  I love it so much!  It feels like a really amazing expression of connection and passion.  It’s really beautiful.  Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, I want you to take a look at this week’s update:  Deep throat in Beautiful Lace Lingerie.  It’s a love letter to deep throating, and I think you’ll really love it!


Sensual lingerie deep throat blowjob by Camille Crimson


We have been playing around with lighting and editing again in this video, this time opting for a saturated look, full of the vibrant colours of my hair, the couch and the beautiful lingerie.  This is one of my favourite pieces, an embroidered basque with really sexy stockings.  I sit in his lap at one point so I can enjoy showing it all off for him and for you.  Something about beautiful lingerie and really passionate deep throating go together like peanut butter and jelly…  Only sexier.  (Although that did make me hungry!)


Seductive deep throating by redhead Camille Crimson


I’m especially proud of this update, because it really captures the balances of passion and intensity with sweetness and love.  Go deep with the trailer, but remember that it gets deeper still with the full video.  So, what did you think of our new style?  And just how much do you love deep throating?  😉

Canada: An Infographic


I tried really hard to find the source for this, but I couldn’t, but it’s been making the rounds in Canada on social media…  I think it’s pretty funny.  Obviously, it’s full of a lot of stereotypes, but they’re all in good fun and none are mean, of course.  I haven’t been able to see much of this great country (yet) but everything I know about the different provinces through my friends and their experiences do kind of back this up.


Looking at Quebec, I can’t say I disagree, most of which sounds pretty great.  I mean, Catholics, sure, but asides from that…  Oh, and the protestors.  There are a LOT of them right now with regards to the students opposing tuition hikes…  But, you know, we’re a passionate people with a strong commitment to fighting to keep our province great, so that’s fair.  Maple syrup!  Poutine!  French!  Who could ask for anything more?  I’m quite proud of my province.


So, how about you?  Where have you been in Canada?  Where do you want to go?  When you see these little snapshots about our different aspects, what rings true to you?  And…  Do any of you know where this delightful infographic came from?  😉

Sliced Art


I’ve been a big fan of Porn Saints for a long time.  In fact, I posted here about that awesome site a while back, sharing a few of my favourites to give a solid example of the amazing homages they’re creating for porn performers.  Well, in a nice little chat on Twitter, I was asked if I wanted to be a Porn Saint…  Ummmm…  YES!  So, hopefully that will come to fruition and I can be immortalized just like so many other amazing porn performers.


Asides from that, I also wanted to share a really cool new initiative that Francesco D’isa, the creator of Porn Saints.  It’s called Sliced Art, and it’s a really smart way to create and support large-scale public art while getting a piece for yourself.   You pay for a small portion of a large work, which gives you advertising placement, a copy of your square and more, depending on your level of donation.  I’m always impressed by people who are finding new ways to support what they do, especially if they’re porn supporters as well.  So, go support a good cause and get some art for yourself!

Violet and Xmas Lights


I know that I am definitely a bit of a cheerleader for Violet and Rye of Uncommon Appetites.  This isn’t the first time they’ve been mentioned here…  Not by a long shot.  But just take a look at Violet’s seductive body as she dances around with these xmas lights and tell me you’re not right there with me, waving your hands and hollering for this loving, creative and intelligent couple.


Once you’re done watching this breathtaking film, which alternates between sweetness and straight seduction, I hope you’ll head over to their site and read everything they’re up to, because they’re as clever and candid as they are extremely hot.  Right now they’re tackling squirting, dry-spells and enjoying the sensual pleasures of food just as much as the sensual pleasures of sex.  Oh, and they’ve recently come out to their friends about what they do on the internet…  It’s hard not to be enamoured by them…  I’m sure you’ll see why I love them so!

New Macbook Smell

Camille Crimson on a Macbook


This sounds like the best idea in the world…  I love the feeling of getting a new Mac product, and there are a very large number of reasons for that, but at least one of them is the unique smell when you open up that box for the first time.  Clearly I’m not alone in this, because an Australian company has created a perfume with the smell.  It’s glue and rubber and paper all put together to somehow create the perfect blend…  Called “Stink Different” of course.


I just wish it was actually for sale, because I would probably spray it around everywhere, though it might make me sad…  I would always be feeling like there was a new Mac toy for me in the room.  I feel like I have everything I need for now, but I’m sure I’ll be smelling that smell again next time they unveil a new product…  Do any of you know what I mean about loving that wonderful smell?  I guess I’m not alone here.  😉