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Today’s update is simply called Rhythm.  That might seem a little strange to some of you, but let me explain.  I give a lot of advice about giving great blowjobs, and I frequently reference finding the right rhythm together.  That can mean many things…  It can mean the actual rhythm of the sucking, kissing, licking or stroking, but it can also mean the rhythm at which you change from one sensation to another.  Even more, it’s this kind of unexplainable feeling you get when you’re really in the groove.



I love feeling the intuition I have for his body.  I’m sure part of it comes from just how long we’ve been together, but it does feel like we’ve always had this really incredible connection.  Maybe we’re just good at reading each other, but there still feels like there’s something more basic about it…  We just fit and we find the rhythm together so we’re perfectly in sync.



I love sharing all my blowjobs, of course, but this one feels very special and unique.  Do you feel and see the rhythm?  Do you know what I mean by all this, or do you think it’s crazy talk?  😉  Check out the trailer and you’ll get a taste of the rhythm, but the full video will really have you feeling it.  Then let me know what you think, because I’d love to hear it!

Interviews on GirlzPorn and Neckties for Reptiles


I’m a lucky woman because I get interviewed by a lot of people.  It’s so flattering to know that people want to hear what I have to say.  Today, I wanted to share two interviews I did recently.  The first one is with GirlzPorn, so here are a few questions:


Was it difficult to leave your mainstream job behind and take a leap of faith? Do you have any advice for young women looking to start their own business but afraid of failure? It was scary, because there’s a certain element of feeling like you can’t turn back, but I have always believed so strongly in what we’re doing, so I was never truly concerned. For women who are looking to start their own business, just work hard and create something innovative yet true to yourself. That’s the ideal combination.


There are so many free tube sites available on the net, why should people continue paying for porn? Free porn is a big company’s game… For smaller companies, it’s hard to give too much away. If you’re a fan of unique and beautiful porn with genuine passion, you need to support it so you can encourage the sites to grow and pave the way for more innovative porn to come.

I think the kind of porn Girlzporn seeks to showcase is similar to the aesthetic of Art of Blowjob – artistic, intimate connections between performers, real orgasms, etc. Why do you think the availability of this kind of porn is important?Just like anything, variety is the spice of life. Porn needs to represent a variety of different tastes, but I’d argue that it is especially important to show realistic portrayals of sexuality. Many people look to porn for tips, and many people are influenced by porn on a subconscious level, so it’s important to send the message that mutual pleasure, communication and respect are key.


It was a really great interview, so please go read the rest!  I also was lucky enough to get some discussion time with Oruba of Neckties for Reptiles:


I’ve only recently discovered Feminist Porn. Can you tell me what Feminist Porn is? What does it mean to you? How would you respond to those who say that porn is anathema to feminism? 
I think Feminist Porn is anything that is made with women’s empowerment in mind.  Whether it’s a woman-owned company, whether it’s woman-directed, whether it’s specifically about female pleasure or if it’s porn which serves to promote equality and respect in general, those are all aspects that could foster feminism in porn.
What is your aim? What do you hope to achieve?
I want to make beautiful porn that is also hot.  Something for women, men and couples.  Something educational without being preachy, romantic without being cheesy…  Basically something that shows aspirational yet accessible sexuality.
It is an understatement to say that you’re incredibly good at what you do. You’re absolutely sensational to watch. Tell me, your skill with fellatio, is it the result of hard work and training or is it natural talent?
I guess it’s a mix of the two, but more than anything, it’s about being passionate about it and devoted to my boyfriend.  Knowing lots of tricks is great, but it’s not much without the motivation behind it.  That doesn’t have to be love, but for me it is.  As long as there’s some fire, the rest can be added.
You can go read more of the interview here!  I’d love to hear what you think of these wonderful questions!

300 Updates


I can’t even believe it, but here we are…  300 whole updates!  It’s so weird to think that it’s been so long, because it does feel like only yesterday that we decided that it might be fun to have a site just focusing on blowjobs.  It felt so natural and right, but we had no idea if people would really respond to it.  We knew that people liked blowjobs, but there was no way to know just how much, or if they would like our artistic and sensual approach…


As you can tell, the response has been overwhelming.  We already were getting a wonderful flow of support from Dolorem, but The Art of Blowjob really brought it to the next level.  The mix of sensuality, skill, artistry and love has really resonated with people and we couldn’t be more thankful to everyone who supports what we do.  It’s honestly a completely incredible feeling.


I elaborated more on today’s update, which explained everything that it’s done for my relationship with Mike, but I wanted to thank you all here today for the support that has kept us going through 300 updates.  Here’s to the next 300, and then some!

Work It


Someone sent me an e-mail with this a little while ago and it amuses me greatly.  It’s by a group called Ylvis.  It has a great beat, it’s sexy and…  educational!  It’s really funny, so I suggest you check it out.  Also, I apologize profusely if this gets stuck in your head.  It’s actually extremely catchy and I find myself humming it all the time, so sorry in advance.


It definitely has a feeling like the Lonely Island guys or an SNL Digital Short, but they’re actually from Norway!  That’s why they pronounce labia differently, which I think is quite cute.  So, if you would never normally listen to this kind of music (or even if you would!) give it a listen and I hope you enjoy the video as much as I did.  After all, who said sexy stuff can’t also be funny and vice versa.  Let me know if you enjoyed it, because I never know what people are going to think when I post funny clips like this.

Playing Games


Okay, so, to be perfectly honest, the Left for Dead 2 game isn’t going to happen today, sadly…  I really wanted it to work, but I guess the combination of picking a game without a HUGE following and the fact that I had wanted to play it on the computer made it so that people either didn’t have the game or played it on a different system.  And the one who did lives in Australia, so the timing wouldn’t have worked.  :(  Oh well!  Onwards and upwards!


Since it’s not happening this time, I wanted to use this opportunity to get a good idea of what games you play and what systems you use so that I can plan something more attuned to what you use and what you would play.  There’s no sense in playing all by myself if I can find a way to play with you guys sometimes!


I have a feeling that there are going to be a lot of different answers, but any multiplayer game on any system could end up being the winner for the next time I decide I’m going to try to plan one of these…  And also, when’s the best day of the week to play?  That’s also good to know.  😉

Finding Pleasure in the Shadows


Lately, we’ve been playing a lot with using a lot of natural light, which I’m loving.  I think it’s because of how gorgeous it had been outside over the past little while.  We’ve been playing around a lot with the look in our videos, so we’re going to enjoy this particular style for the next little while.  Besides, I absolutely love the way it emphasizes my pale skin and highlights my red hair.  With the interplay of sunshine and darkness, this week’s update is aptly called “Finding Pleasure in the Shadows.”



It’s about more than just the literal shadows and light…  It’s about the difference between the private and public sides of our sexuality, the things that are “just us” and the things that are readily shared, the difference between little silly romantic moments and the more serious sensuality…  We have our pleasure radiating from the shadows, and we bring it into the light.



I think this video is a great representation of the duality of our sex lives, and it also has a really hot cumshot and ends in a whole lot of kissing and cuddling.  Who could ask for anything more?  You know that you can see a good taste in the video trailer, but the gorgeous bursts of cum and the resulting cozy loving is exclusively available in the full video.  I’d love to hear what you think of the video and of my little theory about duality.  Let’s see if anyone else sees what I’m talking about.  😉