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Leap Year and Fail!


It’s leap year!  I have always found leap year to be kind of a fascinating concept.  Asides from the scientific reasons, it’s always fun to feel like you’re living with extra time on your hands.  For us, we have our friends in from La Réunion for a nice visit, so it feels like a special day anyways.  It’s nice to have a day that feels special.  To be truthful, I feel like a lot of days are very special, but I’m lucky to have a life that permits me to feel that way often.  I hope you do too, even if it’s just for small reasons.


I also took a very (in hindsight) silly leap.  I tried to set up an app to thank people who RT me on Twitter because that’s something I do, but which takes me a lot of time and is always comprised of the same things.  This backfired immensely because apparently Twitter doesn’t allow you to @ reply people through apps, which is stupid, so instead you just get to look like a jerk who has no common decency.  And I had added something to make Tumblr highlight some of my tweets, so that just made if worse…  Oh well.  It just goes to show…  Never try to make your life more productive, or you’ll end up significantly less productive and you’ll look like a spammer.  Just kidding!  Well, mostly.  😉


Asides from my accidental spam adventure, it was a good day.  How was your leap day?  Did you take advantage of this extra day to do anything fun?

A Girl and her Guitar


I love my guitar, well, my guitars.  Making music has always been important to me because it’s always been a big part of my life.  I definitely feel a connection to various past moments of my life when I pick up a guitar and start to play.  It’s a very beautiful feeling, and I’d definitely consider it to be sensual in a way.  That’s why decided to do a shoot called Beautiful Nude Guitar Strumming.



I’ve played many instruments throughout the years, and I still play most of them today, but there’s something that keeps me coming back to the guitar.  It feels grounded, it feels very connected to my body and there’s something unmistakable about the way it feels to really get to strumming, or to perfect a lick that’s been escaping my grasp for weeks.



It was so much fun to do this portrait shoot because I just felt so free and at ease, playing around and singing like nobody was watching.  It’s wonderful.  I was wondering…  Do any of you play?  Or do you play other instruments or sing?  I’d love to hear about your musical experiences now that I’ve shared mine.

Salon de la moto and Quebec-Inspired Dinner at Forquet Fourchette


On Friday, once we finished everything up, we headed out to the Salon de la moto, which is an exhibition dedicated to motorcycles in the Palais des congrès here in Montreal.  It was huge and it made the perfect date for Mike and I now that we are totally consumed by our motorcycle obsessions.  😉


As you can see, I was on the BMW special edition G650GS Sertão in the above picture!  (The special edition used to be Dakar, but since the race has been moved to Brazil, it’s now Sertão, which is a region of arid lands there.)  It’s special because the chassis was developed for country roads and is even better for off-road use than the Gs and Fs 650.  The only problem with this enhancement is that I can hardily touch the ground when I’m sitting on it!  And I’m five foot five, so I’m not even that short!  😀


The season is almost here and I’m starting to feel very excited, especially after seeing all the motorcycles, the gear and the frenzy and excitement in the riders eyes at this exposition.  I sat on a Duccati Monster 696, a Triumph Street Triple, an Agusta Brutale 675 and the crazy BMW S1000RR (all street and sport/speed bikes) and on a KTM Adventure 990, a Kawasaki KLR, on the ultra beautiful Triumph Tiger and a BMW F650gs, which is soon to be mine.  It was an amazing afternoon/evening because I even saw the salesman who sold me my bike and he told me that it should arrive next week!  I am so thrilled!


While we were there, we became members of the BMW Quebec Club.  There are about 250 members, but only 4 of us are women. I met with one of them already.  I can’t wait to learn to know those 4 incredibly sexy, brave and awesome women!  I think that women who are into motorcycles develop a kinship together very quickly, so I’m excited to make these kind of kindred spirit friend with adventurous women like me.


We topped off this great day with a meal at a restaurant with a very typical Québecois menu, things our lumberjack ancestors would have eaten if there were fancy restaurants in their times.   The restaurant is called Fourquet Fourchette and it’s out in an old town called Chambly just a little outside of Montreal, so it was a nice evening drive.  The meal was a variety of deliciously prepared regional meats (a lot of game) and locally sourced vegetables, paired with delicious beers and wines, but we were too hungry to snap shots.  I also had a great chocolate dessert, which I shared on Twitter.  Here I am devouring it.



Here it is before, including a strawberry and a beautiful gooseberry.



It was so buttery and delicious.  It was very rich, but that didn’t stop me one bit!



All gone!  No good things last forever.  Especially when they’re made of chocolate and in front of me!


I’m glad we had such a fun time and that we were able to document some of it to share here.

Sensual Blowjob with a Twist


I know you all like my sensual blowjobs the way they are (at least I hope!) but I decided to add a bit of a twist to the most recent blowjob video, aptly called Sensual Blowjob with a Twist.  What’s the twist, you may be asking?  Well, an actual literal twist of the wrist.  See what I did there?  😉



This blowjob is as much a handjob as it is a blowjob, possibly even more!  Even though Mike loves my blowjobs, he has always greatly enjoyed a helping hand.  Even though we decided to focus on blowjobs, handjobs definitely make up a big part of our personal sex life, so we love it when we can share a bit more of that side of ourselves.  I’ve always really loved my hands.  The feel elegant, I love to pamper them and give myself manicures, and I love to explore his cock with my hands the same way I love to explore it with my mouth.  The handjob is often really overlooked, but it’s a beautiful act in and of itself and definitely is a wonderful thing to combine with other sex acts as well!  What do you guys think?  Do you enjoy receiving/giving handjobs?



This video also has one other thing that I’ve been increasingly enjoying to film…  My behind, butt, bum, ass…  Whatever you want to call it.  I’ve had some great feedback, in fact enough to make a girl blush, so I figured I’d include that aspect of myself in more videos and photo sets.  So, I hope you’ll enjoy my hands (and mouth) in action in the trailer, and also (of course) in the full video.

Positions, Positions…


The Good Men Project is really wonderful site all about the various issues surrounding, well, being a good man.  Shocking, I know!  They tackle all sorts of social issues about masculinity in popular culture, in family dynamics, in the workplace, in relationships and even in sex.  They have one specific column called She Said, He Said, where women ask various questions (often sexual) about men and men answer back.


In this particular entry, a woman asks why it’s so common for men to want a whole bunch of different positions and I think the response hit the nail right on the head.  In most mainstream porn, they try out about five or six positions (at least) per sex session, mostly for the aesthetics of the video, and that just doesn’t necessarily work.  I’m definitely not saying that sex should be strictly missionary, or that it’s bad to want to have sex in lots of different positions, but there are other factors at play.


Not every position works for everyone.  Some bodies aren’t comfortable contorted into various positions, some people may not get lots of sensation in certain positions…  The key, as always, is communication.  Find out what positions your partner loves, hates and doesn’t mind and share the same information yourself.  Maybe it’ll all match up, maybe you’ll need to find compromises…


The fact is that it’s the quick changes constantly that can make it really hard to get into the zone.  When you’re hoping to potentially have an orgasm, you need to be in a position long enough to get there.  Flipping over, getting on top, doing the splits…  These all take you out of the moment for a little bit, which can often reset the orgasmic clock.


For me, I love a few changes, but over time.  I like being on top and being on my stomach best, but we also experiment with other things to keep it fresh.  I hope that you’ll all take this to heart and find a way to (sexily) ask this of your partner/future partner and even evaluate what works best for you.  😉

On Sex Positive Porn


This video is amazing, so thanks to Megan Andelloux, Sarah Champagne, and Alicia Gauvin from the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health!  First, let me say that this video is full of a sexy retro feminist look, which I love.  I should be cuddled up on the couch with them, wearing my red bandana à la Rosie the Riveter and drinking tea.  They look like they’re having so much fun talking about porn.  We should be best friends!


What they start talking about is really interesting.  Do you feel like the porn you enjoy mirrors who you are?  Would you shelf (or folder) of porn be shocking, or do you think it’s representative of you?  Would you feel weird if non-judgmental people knew what kind of stuff you enjoy?


The idea of  people who are “actually allowed to come the way the want with whom they want” is bang on.  Whether it’s queer, or straight like what we do, that is the magic ingredient.  We do need to share these “delicious moments” of sex positivity.  In fact, I need to edit my tour to emphasize our sex positivity!  Thanks, Youtube video!


Also, what they say about paying for porn is very very valid!  Whether it’s porn that pays out their performers or helping small companies pay the bills, it is a great way to encourage sex positive porn and increase the propensity of awesome porn.  Then they talk about great companies (sadly they don’t mention me, but next time?) and they talk about how these companies make you feel that it’s great to watch porn because the people in the videos are genuinely enjoying it!  They even address the fact that sex positive porn shows a wide array of sexuality, so you’re less likely to feel weird if you don’t jive to one kind of sex or sensation.  Yay!


Smart people talking about porn?  I love it.  Did this video make you happy?