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Moving Portrait



I had already promised Cal my Monday blog slot for his amazing bit of erotica, but you may have also noticed that yesterday’s update was a new breed.  Camille Getting in her Nighty is an example of an idea that we’ve been playing with a while…  It’s a moving portrait.  Essentially, it’s a glimpse into me doing something sexy, like I do in my portraits, only in a video format.



I really like this idea, because it lets me share the art of the tease in my own way.  Tease in porn is usually reserved for either softcore sites where you have to look cute and mug for the camera or an actual striptease.  I’m a 36 year old woman, feeling mature and sophisticated…  I can definitely be cute, but more in a girl-next-door way than in a naughty teen way.  And strip teasing just isn’t me.  There are photos and videos where I disrobe, which can be seen as such, but I never shimmy around and make fake shocked gasps as I take off my bra…  That’s not my style.



So, what are the moving portraits?  It’ showing sexiness in my own way, in a kind of candid approach.  It’s the sexiness of a woman who is confident in herself, in her body and likes to indulge in sensual lingerie, in pampering, in showing off her sexual side.  In the first one, it’s just me getting into my nighty.  Simple. sweet and sexy.  I shake out my ponytail, but it’s not an act to get you intrigued…  It’s really me, just shaking out my ponytail.  It’s a subtle difference, but that’s what makes all the difference.


What do you think?  Do you like the idea?  Did you like the video?

Eyes Behind the Camera


The incredible Cal is at it again.  After hearing about how Sophie helped us shoot our latest video (and photoset) he quickly churned out another beautiful piece of erotica, riffing off of the idea of being behind the camera, watching a blowjob unfold and then imagining what could happen next.  He was kind enough to let me share it with you:


His breath quickens: the camera zooms in. Between her lips, his penis throbs; he arches his back as his balls contract and he begins filling her mouth with his cum. The camera zooms closer as a drop leaks out from the side of her mouth, the camera catches it in slow-motion sliding down his shaft like a drop of rain on a flower petal, then she loosens her lips around him and cum pours forth, a creamy wave, hot and frothy from being mixed with her saliva, covering his cock and pooling over his quivering balls.

The camera pans back. We see their bodies: his warm and relaxed, hers smooth, shining, sculpted from porcelain, her lips and tongue like fire as she bends to lick up his cum again, licking him clean.

The camera slowly fades to black…

…but at the last possible instant, she looks up, looks directly into the camera, stares at the camera with those smoldering green eyes, her red lips smiling—and from behind the camera, you realize she’s looking at YOU.

You look down. You suddenly realize you have a hand down your pants. You’re

pumping your cock or stroking your clit. Your pussy is wet; there’s precum all over

the tip of your dick. Your nipples are hard; your balls are full; there’s someone kissing the back of your neck, kissing your earlobes, kissing your lips. There’s a hand on your breasts; there’s a mouth on your cock; there are fingers caressing your G-spot; you’re inside her; he’s inside you; you fuck and fuck and cum and cum and cum and cum…

… and you realize you’re still holding the camera, and she’s still smiling, watching you. She’s knows what just happened. She knows what you’re thinking.

“It’s okay,” she says. “That’s the point. That’s what we want. We want you to be free to imagine, to dream. If you can dream of having perfect sex, you can make it happen for real. We’re just the catalyst. We’re just an example. You are the eyes behind the camera. You are the joy we want to create.”


I love that he even opened it up to be about men and women.  Of course, this isn’t what happened with Sophie (sorry to blow the fantasy) but it is a very beautiful idea.  The last paragraph is exactly perfect, describing what we are all about.  We’re just the fantasy to ignite your reality.  Our blowjobs are beautiful, but they will create so much more beauty when you get inspired by them and create passion in your own life.  “You are the joy we want to create.”  That is all.


Thank you to Cal for this amazing piece.  I am constantly awed by you, your way with words and your ability to cut straight to the core of what we do and why we do it.

Stroking and Sucking Blowjob in Beautiful Lace Lingerie


If you’ve been following me on social media lately, you’ve probably seen me talking about the fact that we’ve been trying out some new techniques and trying to get more creative with the way we shoot.  Today’s update is the first example of a new experiment we’re trying out and it’s called Stroking and Sucking Blowjob in Beautiful Lace Lingerie.



So, what’s our new thing?  We had Sophie come in to operate an extra camera to give it more motion.  The fact is, no matter how many cameras we have, they’re all fairly static because we have to use tripods.  We trust Sophie and she’s committed to all the same philosophies as we are, so we feel comfortable having her with us.  It’s something we’ve done a couple of times before, back when we had the office/studio space, but we decided we’d all rather work at home, so it became more of a challenge.



We all really love the artsy look it gives.  It adds a lot more motion, but it also allows us to play with focus, with having lots of different shots in real time, being able to use slow-motion for specific actions, focus on my face, my body, on the action and on very close-up attention to detail.  If it were anyone else, it might feel less intimate, but Sophie is very good at just keeping quiet, letting us do our thing and making us feel at ease.  It felt very natural and I think it’s something we’re going to keep exploring.


What did you think?  Do you notice the difference?  Do you like the difference?  Check out the trailer for a taste, but you’ll see it all in the full video!

The Real Camille on HoboTrashcan


I’m a really lucky woman for many reasons, and one of them is that my site has afforded be many platforms to share my thoughts and express myself.  Even non-porn-oriented sites have allowed me to come and spread the good news about beautiful porn…  That makes me sound like an evangelist!  😛  One such site is HoboTrashcan, which shares the best of pop culture from all corners of the internet and beyond.  We’re working on a monthly column of sorts called The Real Camille, which will meld my non-porn life with “lessons” about our sexual selves and our relationships…  It’s taking form still, but I think it’s going to be great.  For now, I’ve got my first piece up, which is all about our hang-ups.  Here is a little snippet:


The vast majority of the population has some really hard lines in their minds about sexuality and how it interacts in our lives. We’re told that there’s a certain way to have and enjoy sex – as privately as possible! Anyone flagrantly exposing their sexual life, especially for financial gain, must have something wrong with them, right?

Wrong! (At least as far as I’m concerned.) I can’t speak for everyone, but my journey into the world of sharing my sexual self came very naturally and has left me whole and validated in my life.

There is no real reason why sex should be private. Our culture has had a very damaging effect when it comes to segmenting our “private” parts and our “private” moments. Our sexual education comes from on high, skewing the information for entertainment or for wholesomeness.

There’s very little real, frank talk about sex, especially its potential for good in relationships and just for ourselves. Without sounding too lofty and optimistic, that’s something I’m trying to undo in the world. It’s a big goal, but I’m not alone.


There’s more where that came from and you can see for yourself!  What do you think?  Do you agree with my assessment and what other steps should we all be taking to make the world a more open place?

Fan Art and Poetry


I wanted to share a few really beautiful pieces which have been sent to me recently.  The first one is a piece of fan art, made by Numero24, who is one of my friends from DeviantArt.  I think it’s so beautiful, it captures me really well and the playfulness of having me sucking on a straw is not lost on me.  😉


Then I also received two really beautiful poems by two different source who I will keep anonymous.  One is in English and one is in French.  Here is the one in English, first:


L’Enchanteresse Rouge

One of the secrets of the wise
to know love’s revealed by her eyes
It’s then served up in countless ways
busy lips fine instruments of praise

Who is that lucky man she loves
Who lives the dream of dreams?
Oh what beauty Oh what skill
her ivory skin as smooth as cream

Cinnamon tresses tumbling everywhere
as she brazenly settles dare by dare
Always the red contrasting with the pale
Eyes tease taunt and shamelessly assail

Oh those crimson lips that ne’er retreat
delivering the thrill of thrills lovingly
Consuming the product of efforts and skill
I tend to wonder why can’t that be me

By now I know when dream’s just dream
But I once had an enchantress too
Whose eyes like yours did mesmerize
and whose lips made dreams come true.


Isn’t that amazing?  I think the imagery is absolutely beautiful, both physically and in the way it constantly hints at the art of a beautiful blowjob.  Here is the other one in French:


Ta chevelure est couleur de brousse au coucher du Soleil,
Crinière faite de myriades de serpents venimeux.
Je vois s’ouvrir à moi cette tenture tissée de mille feux,
Elle vient jusques à mon écran dévoiler des merveilles,
Véritables foyers vibrant d’incandescence ;
Tes beaux yeux bleus, Camille, qui attisent mes sens.

J’ai fouillé les mailles de la toile inextricable,
J’ai guetté sans espoir que ma quête aboutisse
Des frissons inconnus à nul autre semblables.
Et j’ai vu ton regard, tes mains, ton corps, et ta bouche complices,
Accomplir une danse aux rythmes envoûtants
Pour témoigner ta passion et honorer ton amant.

Ton art est éternel, notre jouissance éphémère.

L’ondulation hypnotique des courbes de ton corps
Laissent entr’apercevoir l’ombre de Terpsichore.
Un frémissement de hanches souligné d’un halo,
La caresse d’un sein ou un frôlement de peau,
Un baiser gourmand à la cime du sexe,
Une bouche sulfureuse avide de nectar,
C’est le vocabulaire, la grammaire complexe,
D’une artiste accomplie au sommet de son art,
Généreuse et sensuelle, tu insuffles passion,
Noblesse et perfection à toute fellation.

Camille, Pornographe, Artiste de l’Amour,
Tu as créé une œuvre à nulle autre pareille,
Prophète du désir, huitième des Merveilles,
Ta Lune est le Soleil de nos nuits et jours.

Le net sans Toi Camille serait un sanctuaire.


This piece is equally gorgeous, framing all sorts of similar ideas of beauty and eroticism which absolutely make me blush.  I don’t have time to translate it, but run it through a translator and you’ll get the gist, albeit not the gorgeous poetic element.


I feel like a princess, being cared for so much and immortalized in beautiful art.  I really, really appreciate this.

Making it in Porn


Today has been a really refreshing, recharging day to get creative and inspired for lots of great things to come.  I know I say that often, but it really is true.  We’re so lucky in this company to have the combination of creativity and drive that continually pushes us forward.  We’ve come leaps and bounds and we’re only getting started.


I recently shared some tips with Porn is my Nirvana all about how to make it in the adult industry.  I’ve included a few of the questions and answers here:


How would you advise a woman who wants to have sex in front of the camera and be successful at it?
You need to do it for the right reasons. Someone who is doing it to be famous or make a quick buck can be identified, and people would rather work with someone who is good investment, at least when it comes to more reputable companies. Know your limits, research the going rate for porn performance in your area and don’t go below that. The best thing to do is to find the porn that speaks to you and contact them about modeling. Get some simple shots taken to share. Look into possibly getting an agent. You could also go through cam work as another entrance into the market. Even make up some business cards and go to an adult industry event. There are lots of ways to get attention. When it comes to being successful after that, it’s all about being a self-possessed person.


Is it tougher for men to get paid work as a performer?
Absolutely. More men want to do it, there’s a lot of pressure to be of a certain size and to stay hard. If you’re not in LA, you’ll find it hard to find a job, much less any jobs. Unless you genuinely have the passion and drive to put up with a lot of low-paying jobs to make your dreams come true, being a man in porn is not for you. The focus is primarily on women, and male stars are the exception, not the rule. It’s unfortunate, but true. I mean, if you want to be a gay performer, that’s a whole other can of worms, but I don’t know as much about that.


I want to start my own adult website but have no idea where to begin… register a domain, and then…?
Get the content, know your brand, set up a payment processor, set up an affiliate program, get samples of your content out there, publicize your site to industry blogs, have a strong social media presence… There’s a lot to it. That’s why it helps to have a company that you’re working with. It’s a lot for just one person.


There are more tips on Porn is my Nirvana, so go check.  Has any of this inspired you?  Have any of you ever wanted to make a run at working in the adult industry in some way?