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Fleshbot Crush Object of the Year and Ms. Crimson in the Library with the Blowjob


In the grand tradition of Bobbi Starr, Faye Reagan, Stoya, Sasha Grey, Dana DeArmond and Joanna Angel, there is a new Fleshbot Crush Object of the Year…  And it’s me!  That’s right.  The amazing people at Fleshbot have voted me as their biggest porn crush, and I could not be more thrilled:


Dude, it’s Camille Crimson. Of course she’s the Crush Object of the Year. Her blowjobs grab us by the eyeballs and never let go, the settings and costumes she chooses for her scenes make us feel cozy one minute and at her mercy the next, and for some reason, she deigns to hang out on Fleshbot and engage us in conversations. How can this be? How is she so cool? And yet so nice? And yet so hot?

This has been a big year for Camille: she and her main man, Mike, are always expanding the scope of their work, they got their friends at Pornographic Love up and running, and The Art of Blowjob was honored by the Feminist Porn Awards! We wish we could say what makes Camille and her crew so special—we’re dying to know how a gorgeous Canadian redhead, a blowjob, and some sleek cinematography add up to more than the sum of their parts—but we can only assume that it’s magic.


This is making me blush and smile and all giddy.  Giddy enough for a late night blog post.  😉  I want to thank all the amazing people at Fleshbot – Lux, Ottimo, Florabel, Sailor, etc…  For using their wit, charm, knowledge and perseverance to change the landscape of porn.  Bravo!


As for today’s update, it’s pretty great.  It’s building off of Wednesday’s photoset, and playing with a little bit of a Clue theme.  I am Ms. Crimson, after all.  It’s called Ms. Crimson in the Library with the Blowjob because the blowjob is definitely my method of choice for getting the job done, doing the deed, taking care of business…  Whatever you want to call it.  It’s part voyeur, part POV, all awesome.  You can check out the trailer, but you know you only get the happy ending with the full video.  😉

As Seen in Hustler


Guess what!  I’m in Hustler!  I did a big interview with them a few months ago for this feature, which is in the February 2012 issue.  I could not be more pleased.  After receiving a little box of text in an issue back in the summer, they wanted to do a longer piece devoted to the site and our unique take on porn, so that’s what this is.


I didn’t want to just scan it and put it up here, since I don’t want to be taking away from their revenue streams, but I encourage you all to go out and get a copy, since it’s a great read and it’s very well-written.  You can say that you’re reading it for the articles and actually mean it!


So, thank you to the wonderful people at Hustler for talking with me and giving some press for the beautiful porn movement.  It really is an honour to grace your pages.

A Quiet Moment Alone for a Beautiful Blowjob


Today, I have a photo update on my site called A Quiet Moment Alone for a Beautiful Blowjob, and that’s exactly what it is.  I’ve been taking this weekend off from most social media, asides from checking in a little bit, so that we can have a little quiet in our lives.   It’s wonderful to take time to be just the two of us, connecting in a calm, relaxed way.



It’s not even that our day to day life is all that stressful, it’s just good to occasionally step away and recharge our batteries and our connection, if that makes any sense.  Today’s update is a very good example of moments like that.  It’s all about just the two of us, alone in our library/music room (Yes, we have one… Are you surprised?) and enjoying what we do the most.



I hope you all enjoy the little voyeuristic edge.  We always like adding that little touch, peeking through the books to see the action.  It’s a little more fun that way.  😉

Advice on Snowballing


Another one of my advice columns went up today, this time all about snowballing, which is a sensitive issue and a bit of a taboo.  I think the concept is fascinating for a lot of reasons, so it was nice to get to figure out some of the reasons why it’s such a common fetish, and why some people love it and some people certainly don’t.  Here’s a taste…  No pun intended:


What do you think of a straight guy that likes his own cum? I love snowballing and going down on a girl after I cum on her pussy. I also like to cum in my own mouth when I masturbate? Am I weird? I find this difficult to bring up or do, however, it is getting easier. I have done it with some girls with mixed results. But when they do like it, OMG they like it! Anyway, do you like it and what do you think?


Dear S.B.,

Everything and nothing is weird. In a way, all sex is kind of hilarious and gross and weird when you think about it too much, but in another way, sex is completely natural and all sorts of fetishes can be easily explained as being totally normal. As far as your particular enjoyment of cum, I don’t think it’s weird at all. Whether it’s because you like seeing the manifestation of your own pleasure, whether you think of it as submissive or perhaps humiliating or you just like the taste/feel, go for it. If it makes you happy and it’s not hurting anyone, have fun!

In terms of what women think of it, it might not be for everyone. Some women can’t handle the thought of men doing things that might be considered by some as “feminine”… It’s a narrow-minded view, but sadly it’s out there, and I guess some people think of cum eating as being off-limit to straight men. Also, some women just don’t like cum, so don’t be surprised if that’s a reason they’re not into it.

If you encounter someone like this, just explain that it’s an important aspect of your sexuality and it’s something you’d like to explore on some level if it becomes more long-term. You might need to compromise and it might not be an everyday thing, but hopefully a few respectful discussions and offers to do things for her on your part will make it possible. If it’s just a one time deal and she’s not into it, better luck next time.

If you want to read the rest of my advice, you’ll have to head over to Peeperz and see for yourself!

Sensual Coffee Break in Lingerie


Here in Canada (and else-where in the world) it’s Boxing Day, which is not-unlike Black Friday.  You run to the mall super early, you do “door crasher” sales, you walk around until your feet hurt…  No thanks!  Relaxing with a good cup of coffee is all I need this morning, thank you very much.



Making coffee is such a deliciously sensual experience for me.  I love the smell of the beans, the anticipation when it’s almost ready and that incredible first sip.  And what better way to enjoy a warm cup of coffee than in my lingerie?  It feels extra sensual, plus it’s a little more interesting for a photo shoot.  😉



So, if you haven’t already, check out my new portrait gallery called Sensual Coffee Break in Lingerie and have a little break yourself.  The holidays can be stressful, but it should be a time to relax, recharge and get ready for the new year.  Hopefully these new photos will help.  😉

Merry Christmas to All


Whether or not you celebrate, I just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas.  Here, things are cozy and warm, we’re surrounded by loved ones and we’re going to have a delicious meal now that we’ve exchanged presents.  I hope that you all get a chance to relax, unwind and spend a little time getting into the spirit of the season, even if you’re an atheist like me.  😉  After all, it’s nice to spend time with friends, family and good food!


I wish you all the best and I hope you got exactly what you wanted.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to get back to my relaxing!