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The Onion on Porn Expectations

Study: Children Exposed To Pornography May Expect Sex To Be Enjoyable


The Onion has done it again.  If it’s one thing these satirists know, it’s how to take on sexuality with biting wit.  Even though the message of this video is sad and hits a little too close to real life, it is unmistakably hilarious.  I’d argue that a lot of porn shows a fake, unattainable sexuality, but I do think that there is porn out there that shows a more realistic approach.  I can see how my porn could maybe be considered “aspirational”, but I don’t think it’s as out of reach as all that.  At the very least, with better sexual education and better communication between people, sex could be a lot better and a lot less like it’s described in this video.  Still, it’s pretty funny.

Sex is a Skill


This is a really interesting video that Sophie linked me to today, featuring a sexuality expert named Amy Jo Goddard who she met at the Playground conference in Toronto earlier this month.   I think that this is unbelievably important information that 90% of the population wouldn’t even think of as a logical approach to sex and sexuality.  The fact is, somehow we all feel embarrassed about not knowing everything about giving and receiving pleasure.


There is a lot of sexual education out there, and there are a lot of people who are opening themselves up to the possibility of learning about sex, but there is definitely this feeling of anxiety surrounding the idea of not being good enough.  It’s as if you’re expected to just magically be perfect as soon as you “come of age” and though you CAN get sexual education, it’s an admission of imperfection or something like that.


The main thing is that nobody is perfect, nor should we be.  The approach to sexual education shouldn’t be to amass the most skills to be the best lover…  It should be about getting in touch with your desires, figuring out how to communicate with others and how to be receptive to incorporating other desires into your sex life.  And the fact is, this is a difficult and ongoing process, so no one is ever done learning and growing, as cheesy as that may sound.


What do you think?  Have you ever experienced any of this kind of anxiety I’m talking about?  Or have you taken steps to developing sex as a skill?

So Many Portraits

I hope you all like portraits, because I added three new portrait galleries today!  One is a bare naked take on the retro style called “Naked Retro Pinup Look” featuring me in red lipstick, a red kerchief and a pearl necklace…  Nothing else.  😉



Then there’s another portrait series called “Sweet Nude Pleasure” which is basically a whole bunch of naked glamour shots on the couch.  My hair is all wild and curly in this one, and I have this nice natural but still very beautiful makeup.  Sometimes I wonder if the people who sit on my couch know what goes on there…  😉



Last but not least, we decided to share the full shots of our naked summer sun shoot called “Sexy Teasing in the Sun” which is exactly that.  I love feeling the sun on my skin, so this was an excellent opportunity to make the most of it!



I hope you enjoy these updates, as they will certainly be continuing!

Erotic Blowjob with a Sensual Facial Finish

Camille Crimson giving a sensual blowjob


This week, The Art of Blowjob has received two updates, as well as an expansion of the Portraits section.  We’ve been very busy and hard at work.  The video aspect of this update is called Erotic Blowjob with a Sensual Facial Finish, and the photo aspect is called Seductive Crimson Lips on Your Cock.  I must say, they are two of my favourite updates to date.


Sensual deep throat blowjob by Camille Crimson


Facials are always a little controversial.  Some people love them, some people hate them, and I’m including both men and women in this.  For me, someone asked me about it on Twitter and I said this:  I love my boyfriend’s pleasure. His cum is a symbol of that pleasure. Why wouldn’t I want it on my face?  As far as I’m concerned, the face is no more sacred than the mouth or the pussy or the breasts or the feet.  It’s just another part of my body.  Sure, facials can be done disrespectfully, but so can blowjobs.  The act itself isn’t disrespectful, it’s all about the motivation.  So, for the record, I love a good facial.  😉


Camille Crimson receiving a hot facial cumshot


You know you want to see this!  The trailer is out, but the facial is saved for the full video.

Ask Camille on Peeperz

Camille Crimson of The Art of Blowjob


The lovely people at Peeperz have been kind enough to give me my own advice column, so now you know where you can direct every single one of your questions!  Here’s a bit more about it:


In the process of sharing what I love, I’ve done quite a fair deal of blogging (600 posts and counting) and I’ve developed quite a taste for answering questions and giving advice. The good people at Peeperz have been really great to me and I am really excited to be able to contribute a little bit. So, what I want from you is any question you have, whether it’s about porn, sexual techniques (especially blowjob-related questions), relationships, sexuality…  Anything!

Just be honest and I’ll give you the best answer I can, which will hopefully be the best answer possible.  And feel free to ask questions about me/what I do too. It’s pretty much a free for all, so have at it and submit your questions.  I look forward to answering them periodically on Peeperz, so be sure to keep checking back in to see what I’m answering this week!


You can ask the questions by commenting on my column or by e-mailing me at

Sophie on Peeperz Radio

Camille Crimson for Peeperz Radio


Sophie has done it again.  She’s been the voice for our company on radio shows, and she’s always done a great job.  Her interview with Peeperz is certainly no exception.  She comes off as bright, witty and very clear about everything to do with our sites, our message and what we want to do to change the porn world.  I’m very proud of her, and you should be too.  Besides, you get to learn a bit more about her life.


The interview is about 30 minutes long and deals with everything to do with blowjobs, me, my relationship with Mike, our journey into making porn, the creation of Pornographic Love, what is required to make porn, her experience working in porn PR and a lot about sexuality in general.  The interviewer may have called me Camilla a few times, but it’s a great interview none the less and I think that you would really enjoy it.  Besides, her voice is just so cute!  The interviewer referred to this as “the most intelligent interview about our industry” he has ever done.  That’s pretty high praise.


Please be sure to read the intro, and you can hear it streaming on the page or you download it.