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Halloween with Pornographic Love

Lilyanne and Max of Pornographic Love have outdone themselves with the sexiest, scariest, funniest video I’ve ever seen done for Halloween.  It starts in Max’s nightmare, where a devilish version of Lilyanne appears to frighten and arouse him, causing all sorts of conflicted feelings.

When he wakes up, she is as sweet to him as ever and takes care of him, making beautiful passionate love together.

Their sex together is incredibly intense, but also very sweet and loving, just like they always deliver.

As the film draws to a close, we focus on Lilyanne’s face as she rides him…  But she’s a demon with fangs, seductively moving in for the kill.

Oh no!  She got him!

I’m unbelievably proud of everything they’ve done and I really hope you’ll check out this amazing Halloween update from Pornographic Love.  The trailer is great, but the full update shows their full cinematic genius.  You won’t be disappointed and it’s the perfect way to get in the mood for this evening.


Happy Halloween everyone!

Pumpkin – A Sensual Ball Sucking Blowjob


Happy almost Halloween, everybody!  For this year’s Halloween update, we decided to veer away from having an obvious costume or spooky shoot and be more exactly who we are…  We’re a quiet couple who dress up a bit and give out candy, then blow out the candles in the jack-o-lantern, turn off the lights and have a little adult fun.  That’s exactly what we wanted to share in this update, titled Pumpkin – A Sensual Ball Sucking Blowjob.



Cal actually gave me the idea of giving a balls-only blowjob.  We gave it a test-run and it was really hard to keep him hard enough to cum with ONLY balls, but with some stroking and a little blowjob encouragement every now and again, this video came out really well and is incredibly sexy.  It was a really fun experience for both of us.  My costume is modified.  I’m a pumpkin, but definitely not the kind who should be opening doors for trick or treating.  With my sheer orange lace slip, my little black ribbon and my beautiful black necklace, it’s a halloween pumpkin look with a much more grown up feeling.  Plus, you can see my nipples, which is always fun.



So, I know you all want to see how it turns out to get in the Halloween spirit for this weekend.  You can check out the trailer, but the full video has the play by play action of that incredible cumshot, so I know you won’t want to miss it.

Big Bad Wolf


You all know that I love sharing quirky, funny, sexy videos with you guys.  I’m a fan of weird Youtube videos. But this is the first time I’ve ever watched a video and just said…  Whaaaaat?  I’m sure you’ll feel the same way after watching this, because it is truly crazy and outrageous.  Words can’t describe it.  But I guess I’ll try.


Obviously you can see the connection to The Art of Blowjob…  In a way.  Basically, these guys have howling man faces instead of genitals.  And the women have faces instead of genitals too.  So their…  genital faces…  kiss each other, but their…  face faces…  also kiss them.  It’s a very weird take on oral sex, but it certainly does make a good case for sensual blowjobs.  No one would want a rough face kiss.


So, I hope you can try to enjoy this truly crazy video.  It’s from a group called Duck Sauce, so I guess you can check out some other videos by them if you want to be even more confused.  Worst case scenario, maybe you got some late-in-the-game Halloween costume inspiration.  Because this sure is scary.  Or maybe you’ll just laugh when you see the “cumshot” at the end…

Expressions of Love

Expression of love with a sensual blowjob


The wonderful Cal decided to take a crack at describing a beautiful, sensual and spur of the moment blowjob, loosely based on the most recent update on The Art of Blowjob.  Everyone has loved his wonderful erotica so far, so I hope you enjoy his beautiful words:


He walks into the room. She’s on her knees, waiting. She wants him. She’s hungry for him. She’s spent all day thinking about him, about what a perfect partner he is—compassionate, intelligent, respectful, strong. She’s been thinking about how much he loves her, how he’d do anything for her. She wants to thank him, to tell him that she feels exactly the same. She has a flower in her hair. She’s wearing black silk. She’s on her knees, waiting for his cock.


He sees her and instantly knows how she feels. He’s felt the same way all day—every little thing he’s done, or seen, or thought about has reminded him of her. The world has been filled with her softness, her gentleness, her artistry, her remarkable combination of refined elegance and spontaneous enthusiasm. She is a porcelain doll in a motorcycle jacket, a tech geek with the body of a pornstar. He knows she wants him. He knows what to do to make her happy.


He drops his pants.


She kisses his cock as though giving it a blessing. She kisses it right on the tip. He has just showered; he smells like shampoo with just a hint of vanilla. He places his hands on her head, runs his strong fingers through her thick wavy hair. She loves the feeling of his hands on her scalp. She takes his penis into her mouth.


Her mouth is warm. Her tongue is strong and slick. She curls it around the shaft of his penis while sucking gently inward, softly, tenderly encouraging him to grow. He grows. His penis swells between her lips, over her tongue, slowly filling her entire mouth. He grows from being soft and pliable to hard as a rock. His hardness says “I love you.” Her mouth replies “I love you more.”


She runs her hands up over his hips, over his abs, down together over his cock. She caresses his balls, feels them tighten with eager anticipation. Everything about him is perfect to her, and his perfection fills her with love and arousal. As if sensing her thoughts, he slides his hands down over her shoulders and over her gorgeous, full, luscious breasts. He lifts them slightly, cupping them, letting his thumbs massage gentle circles around her nipples. She closes her eyes and works magic on his cock.


Sliding her lips back and forth down his shaft, she swirls and curls her tongue over his head, teasing him, playing the tip of her tongue over the tip of his head, then sucking him deep to the back of her throat. Her fingers are firmly kneading his balls; her lips are dancing over the length of his cock; she is silently singing “I love you, I love you, I love you.”


He loves her. He knows what she wants, and he wants to give it to her. She wants the fullness of his orgasm in her mouth. She wants to taste the cream of his passion. She wants to consume him, to swallow him, to feel him inside her. He lets his love drop from his heart to his gut, and then down into the tightness of his balls. He lets his love fill his balls until they are ready to burst, then he lets it surge up and into his cock. Her lips tighten around him as he begins to pump, filling her mouth with explosion after explosion of his passion, his desire, his absolute unconditional love for her. His entire being is a cock in her mouth. All that he is lies throbbing between her lips, pouring forth hot creamy rivers of love.


She swallows him. She accepts him. She thanks him, and welcomes him. She sucks him empty, sucks him clean, sucks every last drop of cum from his body. She keeps his cock in her mouth as he slowly grows soft again, grows small, opens his eyes, sees the room, sees her before him, sees his penis still in her mouth, smiles at her beauty, smiles at her grace, says “I love you,” reaches down with a strong hand and tenderly lifts her to her feet.


They embrace, body into body. They are one.

Sped Up Porn

Fast forward blowjobs brought to you by RedTube – Home of free porn videos


Sometimes people wonder why I don’t talk or make lots of noise while I give a blowjob and now you have a very good answer right in front of you.  Never underestimate the power of speeding up a video to make your “sexy talk” and “passionate moaning” sound like a monkey or a chipmunk.


The only thing you hear in our porn are his sounds of satisfaction at the end, which is genuine and unaffected.  The rest is just focus on making him feel as good as I can, which is all done with my mouth shut.  😉


None the less, I hope you get a laugh out of this, because I sure know that I did.  The mixture of seeing the silly acts and hearing those crazy high-pitched squawks creates quite a symphony for the senses…  Just not the kind you really want to experience.  😛

Sex Toys VS. Zombies


Halloween is only a week away and I’m already in the spirit.  I found these amazing videos making the rounds and I just had to share them.  I am a huge fan of zombie movies, TV shows, games, pretty much anything, so of course these would be right up my alley.  But they’re not just zombie movies, they’re sexy zombie movies.  They teach ways to fight off the zombie apocalypse with various different sex toys.


Their tactics are awesome and their ideas are actually pretty smart.  Of course, most of them wouldn’t ACTUALLY work, but the idea of finding a way to ballgag and handcuff a zombie could work on certain types of zombies, as long as you worked in teams and had your hazmat suit on.  Yes, these are the things I think about.  Anyways, enough about my planning for the zombie apocalypse.  Enjoy these awesome videos, made by the equally zombie-enthused people at LoveHoney.