Sexiest Picture Ever


I know, this is probably not the picture you were expecting, but to me…  Wow!  Here’s my crush object Patrick Stewart voicing his support of Amnesty International endeavours to end violence against women.  That’s pretty sexy right there.  On top of his geek fred, his intelligence, his talent and his rugged good looks, he’s a compassionate person who understands the value of looking beyond his life at people and causes in need of help.


Sure, he may have just been accosted with a sign and a camera on his way about town (as evidenced by his shopping bag…  couldn’t someone have held it for him for a few seconds?) but he still took the time out to be an advocate for women’s rights.  There are few things sexier than a man who respects women as his equals and wants to help out.


Besides, look at that serious expression and that motorcycle jacket…  Swoon!

10 thoughts on “Sexiest Picture Ever

  1. Dr. C.

    He’s someone who has personal experience of domestic violence growing up. When he says “stop violence against women”, he very definitely MEANS it. I have a great deal of respect for the man for speaking about it. We need more good male role models like this. And as a society, we need to listen and act.

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  3. Kevin

    Camille, perhaps you already know about this, recent events notwithstanding :-(, but in case you weren’t aware:

    CBS Sunday Morning (airing 13 October, at 9:00 AM) will include a segment featuring Sirs Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen.

    I know how much you like Patrick Stewart, and I hope that Sunday Morning airs in Montreal!


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