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More Questions and Answers

Camille Crimson giving a sweet sensual blowjob


You ready for more questions?  Today, I picked out two questions, which fit together well enough to make up a blog post together:


Well I guess, if there is a question that I’ve pondered, it’s always been “how does it all begin? How does someone discover their talent for ‘the art of blowjob’ and how does it morph into a dedicated career?”…..think it has to be a fascinating story from start to finish.  (GJ)


Has anyone ever recognized you on the street?
How does being an erotic artist (and running TAoBJ) affect your relationship with friends and family?
Any tips for couples who would like to start filming their own romp for personal viewing?  (Alice)


I’ll start with the first question.  How did I find out that I had the blowjob aptitude?  Honestly, it didn’t really hit until I was dating Mike.  Obviously, I gave blowjobs before him, but it was always just part of sex, which I enjoyed enough, but not something with the amazing spark and passion that brought me to want to make it a huge part of my life.  I guess it’s a lot about the fact that I met the right person.  It’s not that our sex life is entirely blowjob-centric, but I have such a huge urge to please him and to be really great at what I do, probably because he’s the same way in return.  We decided to go with blowjobs for the site because that’s the best niche to shoot and to revolutionize (which holds true) but it really could have been any aspect of sex in that we’re both so passionate in our lives.


For the other question or line of questions…  I’ve never been recognized on the street outright.  I have had a few looks that indicated that the person probably knew who I was, but no one has ever come up to me and asked if it was me.  I don’t know how I’d react if they did.  It would be a very surreal experience.  Even though I’m very open with what I do and who I am, being “known” has never crossed into my non-online life.


My erotic job doesn’t effect too much with my life.  I had some issues with family members who didn’t understand what I do, but there’s always going to be someone who doesn’t get it.  Asides from that, those who are in my life have been very supportive and frankly impressed at everything we’re doing.  It’s more than just making porn.  We’re business owners, entrepreneurs and we’re doing something out of the ordinary.


If I were to give any advice to a couple thinking of getting into the adult industry, I would just advise them to think about the balance between professional and amateur stuff.  If you’re going to do amateur stuff, that’s fine, but make sure it won’t interfere with your work life.  If you actually want to make your career in the adult world, just know that you’re going to really need to put something out there that’s spectacular and different, otherwise people are liable to look the other way.  It’s a risky venture, so make sure you either put in the effort so it pays off, or keep your faces/other distinguishing features off camera.  Asides from that, enjoy!  😉

Return of the Questions and Answers

Camille Crimson gives rockstar blowjob


JJ very astutely pointed out that I have some questions left to answer, so I picked one out for today’s blog from Joe:


I used to be the Webmaster of a very tasteful nude art site. But more importantly, I was the primary photographer. I ran the site with my then girlfriend. We were together for a decade. We shot tons of material together. Half of the content that I shot for the site was of her. We shot for many years together with both of us getting better and better at our crafts. After she and I broke up, she turned her attitude about much of the work we had done. She began to regret it. And as a single man, I found myself needing to bury my love of photographing the nude female form. Both her and my regrets about the amazing work that we did together still breaks my heart. Often when looking at the work you do with your partner, I sometimes wonder if you will ever find yourself in a similar situation. If it is something that ever crosses your mind. I know you are proud of the work the two of you do together, as you should be, it is beautiful and erotic. But do you think you will ever regret it? Heavy question, I know, but it is the most interesting thing I think I can ask.


Well, that’s a pretty sad situation, and I’m sorry to hear about the pain it caused you.  I think that, when it comes to relationships, there’s always a risk of regret over the things you do together and the memories they leave behind.  Whether it’s looking sadly at a gift from an old flame or having more concrete memories of your love like pictures/videos of intimate moments, that kind of an ending is always painful.  I really feel that we are in it for the long haul (16 years and going strong), but I also know that no matter what happens, I will always be really proud of what we’ve done and I’ll be able to find the value as being more than anything else weighing against it.  As much as it’s a romantic thing, it’s also a creative and business endeavour, so I feel like there are so many reasons to stand behind it.  Hopefully that answers your question!  It’s a little heavy, but I just know that this path I’ve taken has had such a positive effect on my life, that I’ll always be happy to be a part of it.

News, Interviews and Reviews

Camille Crimson gives a sensual blowjob


Today’s blog post is going to share a few snippets of the wonderful attention we’ve been receiving recently for The Art of Blowjob in light of our Hustler DVD announcement.


The wonderful people at Whack Mag shared the love, telling their impressive and savvy readership about our new DVD.  “Camille Crimson gets recognized for her art!”  It feels very very good to not only get that recognition, but to have such wonderful support from Whack Mag!


I did a great interview with Extra Lunch Money on making a living as an independent porn site producer, and I think it sheds some great light on things, so I wanted to share a little bit with you:


In general for the websites you have made what makes your websites different than other adult websites?

They’re different for a few reasons. First, since we’re small, we do it all. We’re equally involved in the creative, technical, promotional and personal sides. Second, we really care about making the porn more aesthetically pleasing. And third, we’re a real couple in love. We’re not fake looking or fake acting. It’s beautiful porn, but it’s not an impossible fantasy. Anyone can have this level of sensual exploration.

Why did you decide to launch other websites? Why not have one large site with all kinds of content rather than having several websites with less content?

Finding people who love erotic photography, blowjobs and feet all together is very different than finding people who like one of the three. It’s just easier to market that way.

What’s an average work day like for you? Do you work normal hours? What do you do in the course of a regular work day?

I do a little bit of everything. Constant e-mailling, social media, posting blogs, doing some editing, fixing some code, putting up an update, checking forums/tubes, maybe doing an interview… I try to take most of the weekend off, but I’m online from dawn until dusk at least 5-6 days a week.


You can read the rest of the interview here, and I’d love to hear your feedback or your other business questions!


We’ve also gotten two great reviews recently, from Rog Reviews and Review Porn.  Rog Reviews gave us a whopping 90% and had this to say:


There are plenty of blowjob sites on the web and I’m a big fan of pretty much all of them. None of the other BJ sites are remotely close to this one however. is absolutely unique and that is what makes it so fucking cool. The site boasts “The most beautiful blowjobs you’ll ever get on the internet.” That is what they are going for to be sure. Unlike other porn sites featuring pretty girls sucking cock for the sake of a big messy facial or gagging, this site shows oral sex in a sensual, beautiful light.


And then Review Porn gave us 79% and said:


The Art of Blow Job is a solo model site that focuses on gorgeous amateur Camille Crimson and her amazing oral skills. This pale porcelain doll has the most sumptuous red hair, piercing blue-green eyes, flawless skin, and the slowest and most sensual approach to blow jobs I’ve ever seen depicted on the screen…  I had my doubts about the “art” aspect here and wondered how exactly they would go about making a blow job, that ubiquitous porno act, into an art. It didn’t take long inside the members area before I was convinced. Not only do they stick diligently to the blow job scene, but I don’t think I’ve ever reviewed a site where music played such a large role in the feel and theme, and certainly not with so much effect.


Both very lovely reviews, so make sure to check them both out!


And last but not least, Erotica Du Jour did a wonderful piece on us, and I wanted to share a few of the nice things they had to say:


She not only looks beautiful, but she uses her sensuality and sweetness (she looks so sweet) and makes homemade porn into erotic art. She’s also webmaster for all her sites (thank you for use of your photos and text, Camille) and edits her own video and photos. She loves to cook “boeuf bourgignon, tajine de poulet aux pruneaux and osso bucco.”  Really? She loves tagine cooking? Chicken and prunes cooked slowly in a tagine… so decadence prevails in her hands. She’s a gourmet sex goddess!


In conclusion, I’m just overwhelmed by all the nice things people are always saying to me.  I can’t thank all of you enough!

Blowjob Cumshot Compilation Volume 2

Camille Crimson gives blowjob with cumshot


I heard you like cumshots.  I heard that some of you also like…  hearing.  Well, today we decided to do things a little differently with the Blowjob Cumshot Compilation Volume 2.  We put together some of our favourite videos and stripped them of all the music so that you can really hear what’s going on, exactly how I hear it.


Camille Crimson gets a cumshot at the end of a blowjob


As you know, we’re kind of self-conscious of the ambient buzzing in some of the videos (which you’ll see on full display) but I think that there’s value in pulling back from that from time to time and letting you get an even better sense of what goes on when I give a blowjob.  Hopefully this little peek further into our world is appreciated.


Cumshot facial on Camille Crimson


For now, I’m off to celebrate St-Jean with friends.  It’s rainy and really quite cold, but I’m going to enjoy the day all the same.  So, Bonne St-Jean and go watch the trailer, then check out the full video!  Do it for your favourite Quebecer!  😉

More About the DVD

Sensual blowjob by Camille Crimson


I just wanted to say a little more about the DVD we’re making with Hustler, just so you can all know what’s going on.


We’re not 100% sure what the timeline will be, but it should be out in 2011.  As more definitive news becomes available, I’ll obviously let you know.  Of course, how could I keep myself from blogging about every little step along the way.  Hopefully that’ll build excitement rather than suffering from overexposure.


As for how this happened, we had been talking back and forth with a couple different sides of Hustler for things like the magazine, but then I got an e-mail about them wanting to do a DVD.  Sophie handled a lot of the nitty gritty, we put together a contract and now we’re working on putting together scenes and creating the cover art.  It’s really a lot of fun!


It will be existing material, but it’s going to be gorgeous and will fit perfectly on your television, so you can watch it in bed, perfect for having a little fun with someone else!  It will be available in stores and online, so you might come across it on the shelves of your favourite adult store.  And if you do, tell them you love it and they need to have 10 more!  😉


Finally, I just wanted to make it clear that this doesn’t mean I’m selling out or going mainstream.  The site will stay the same, I’ll stay the same and we’ll be true to ourselves with everything we do.  But the fact that Hustler saw value in something so unlike what they usually do means that maybe the industry is shifting.  I think so!


We’re really really excited!  I hope you are too!  Also, apparently they’re discussing the possibility of a Camille Crimson Fleshlight, so…  Who knows?

The Art of Blowjob on DVD

Camille Crimson of The Art of Blowjob


This is just a brief post today to let you know the news that I’ve been teasing you with for several weeks now.  LFP, a division of Hustler Video, will be releasing The Art of Blowjob on DVD!  For all of you who have been requesting this for so long, it’s finally here.  We couldn’t be more thrilled to have such an amazing company like Hustler standing behind our work and bringing it to the big screen!  Well, the bigger screen.  We’re not quite in Imax 3D yet…  But just think of the cumshots!


But really, this has been a long time in the making, full of cryptic posts about how good things are coming and how we’re so happy with the directions the company is going in.  Now you know exactly why and I can finally get out all this excitement.  Tomorrow I’ll make a more detailed post, but I wanted to share the press release with you and I’d love to hear what you think of this turn of events!






Marketing Coordinator

Hustler Video

818.812.9519 x214



LFP Video Inks Distribution Deal with Camille Crimson Will Soon Be Available on DVD!

(Canoga Park, CA) Wednesday, June 22, 2011 – The stunning, red haired beauty, Camille Crimson, has just signed a deal with LFP Video to distribute content via DVD from her award-winning website, Filmed in a manner unlike most other fellatio-friendly videos, Camille Crimson and The Art of Blowjob take giving head to a whole new level!

The Art of Blowjob’s videos stand out from other blowjob sites because they don’t rely on gagging, choking and rough face fucking to titillate its viewers,” said Crimson. “Instead, all of my blowjob videos are true works of art. They are tasteful, refined and sophisticated without ever compromising on sensuality or erotic details. Classy can be sexy and I am a very classy woman who uses her mouth in ways you can’t even imagine!”

Relying strongly on sensual foreplay, erotic music, coquettish glances at the camera, and artful tongue teasing, The Art of Blowjob is a beautiful foray of the erogenous senses. LFP Video is excited to begin distributing content that is both female and couples friendly, and enticing to both men and women.

“We’re thrilled to be embarking on this new venture,” said Rob Smith, Director of Operations, LFP Video. “Camille is striking and her videos are sensual and titillating. The Art of Blowjob competes in a category all by itself. It’s a beautifully done masterpiece of erotic pornography. These titles will have long shelf lives in any retailer’s store.”

The Art of Blowjob, distributed by LFP Video, will be coming soon to DVD.

To view the website, go to:

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