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Redact That Blogs About Porn

Sensual blowjob by Camille Crimson


Hey everyone!


Today I wanted to share a really great blog post by a new fan who used to really dislike porn.  J looks into how different theories of porn shaped the way porn is perceived, especially when it comes to the constant one-upping of intense and violent subject matter.  She initially starts off talking about Pippa Middleton (Princess Kate’s sister) and how people just automatically started talking about her body and her sexuality.  That does tend to link well to the general “pornification” (her word) of society.  I’m inclined to agree.  As she continues, she gets more into theory:


Dines argues that with the advent of the Internet, the boundaries of porn have been pushed to extraordinary and often times deeply disturbing extremes. Now anybody with a will and a video recording device can be a porn star. As a result, websites are awash with ‘amateur’ contributions and, in order to cut through the clutter, people are doing more and more extreme and often times violent things to others.

As she states in the preface to her book, when Dines talks about porn she is referring to gonzo, ‘that genre which is all over the Internet and … which depicts hard-core, body-punishing sex in which women are demeaned and debased’.


Fair enough!  There isn’t anything wrong with that kind of porn if everybody consents and enjoys what they’re doing, but it’s true that there’s pressure to be more and more hardcore.  Even I get it from people sometimes.  The theory goes on a tangent about the possible reaches of how far porn will go, but I think that respectful but innovative porn is the antidote to that, and J agrees!


Recently I was mid anti-porn rant with a guy I know when he pulled me up with the argument that there’s all types of porn, a veritable something for everybody. He also pointed out that men are extremely visual creatures. Put bluntly, they like to watch.

From my own experience (seriously, who else’s would I be drawing from), women prefer to read or hear about what we or a character is feeling or experiencing. Hence the romantic fiction and Jackie Collins-esque ‘sex and shopping’ genres. Somebody has to be reading all those Mills & Boon that get churned out every year.

He sent me a link to some, as he put it, sexy, classy and non-skanky porn and invited me to watch. For the sake of research, I did and I have to say it was incredibly informative and educational. The clip he sent me featured a woman who owns and operates her own web-based company. The production quality was high and it could be best described as couples-based. There was no cheesy dialogue, crazy mugging for the camera or over the top screaming. It was just like watching a movie about a girl and her boyfriend together in their nicely appointed home doing something incredibly intimate.


Oooh, whose site is she referring to?  You may be familiar with it.  😉


The discussion continues, going into how there will always be some people who push things to far in a non-consensual way or who objectify the unwilling (like Pippa Middleton) but that is not an indication of the general male population.  See?  Porn can be good!  But, you already know that.  So, read the rest of the article and let me know what you think!

Slut Walk


Today, we have a special report from Sophie on her experience at this Sunday’s Montreal Slut Walk.


Thank you, Camille. Yes, I spent this Sunday enjoying what ended up being a lovely sunny afternoon with a bunch of sluts and slut supporters. Sounds peculiar? Maybe, but let me explain. The idea of the Slut Walk came after a member of the Toronto Police Department gave a lecture on sexual assault prevention at York University, stating that women should avoid dressing like sluts if they want to avoid being raped. Yes, someone actually decided to say that do a group of women.


The Slut Walk started in Toronto as a response to those comments, but it’s a much bigger issue than that and it quickly spread all over the world, with satellite versions of the demonstration in many cities all over the world. Why did it become such a big deal? Essentially, we live in a culture where sexuality is fraught with a lot of very bizarre and contradictory ideas, when it comes to all genders. We get taught to simultaneously hide and flaunt our bodies. We get shoved into rigid gender definitions which create internal conflict and bizarre social power struggles. We don’t know how to enjoy ourselves or let others enjoy themselves without judgement or abuse.


The main issue people have with the Slut Walk is just that, because it’s addressing several different problems, it doesn’t necessarily seem to have one clear message. (I think it does: Nothing justifies rape.) It’s easy to tease out the multiple valid messages, but by the looks of most commenters on news sites, it seems like people don’t like to think.  What I want to do is just address some of the frequent criticisms of the Slut Walk movement in an effort to dispel some of the confusion.


Slut is a bad word. Calling this the Slut Walk is demeaning and sets women back.

The Slut Walk is kind of twofold on this issue. Many people are using the Slut Walk as an opportunity to reclaim the word, taking away the negative power and replacing it with joy. Books like The Ethical Slut talk about a way to enjoy sex while being safe and without hurting anyone in the process, for example. Slut could just mean a person who enjoys sex and has a lot of it. What’s wrong with that. It’s pretty badass.

Then again, some people don’t identify as sluts and just go along with the name because it’s a direct link to the comments about dressing like a slut, which was the ultimate form of slut shaming. (Slut shaming = making someone feel crappy because their behaviour or dress is outside one person’s particular comfort zone.)


That police officer was right. Dressing provocatively is too tempting for some people!

This is victim/survivor blaming and it is unbelievably disrespectful. Anyone should have the right to live their lives in peace without fear of being attacked. Just as it’s pointlessly cruel to tell someone that they shouldn’t have been walking around with a cell phone if they didn’t want it to be stolen, it’s horrible to imply that it’s anyone’s fault but the person committing the crime. Why don’t we push it further? I’m a busty woman, so maybe I’m more of a target. Would you say that I shouldn’t have such big boobs if I didn’t want to be a target? Or someone who is exceptionally pretty? Would you say that they should hide their nice features so they don’t attract attention?

What about the fact that slutty to one person is perfectly chaste to another? We all have our definition of what’s modest or immodest. I feel judgement sometimes when I walk around in a t-shirt and jeans in my Hassidic neighbourhood because I know that my outfit is considered risky by people in that community. Just as many people would judge Camille for being on a porn site, you guys think she’s amazing for making such classy erotic material. Some people would strongly disagree with you and think she’s of low morals and asking for trouble. It’s all relative.

The sad fact is that rape and sexual assault know no skirt length. I recently read a comment somewhere (don’t remember where unfortunately) from an ER doctor who said that most of the sexual violence cases they saw were in sweatpants, jeans, t-shirts, sweaters, even footie pajamas. It’s also important to realize that a large percentage of sexual violence happens to children or the elderly. It’s an issue of control more than anything else across the board, so the whole idea of dressing like you’re “asking for it” is kind of a non-issue.


If you’re promiscuous or a sex worker, you’re sending out the message that you always want it.

Just no. No matter how many sexual partners you’ve had, whether you’ve had sex with this particular person before or whether you have sex for money, everyone has the right to say no. No behaviour justifies rape or sexual assault.


Why did you bother having a demonstration about it? Couldn’t you spend your time doing something more productive?

Sure, but then again, couldn’t we all just eat nothing but rice and give away all our worldly possessions and give all of our money to charity? The argument that this walk takes energy/time away from worthy causes is untrue. It’s important to bring messages like this to the public eye. Also, the proceeds from t-shirt sales and the event after the demonstration all went to Stella, a sex workers justice and advocacy group with initiatives in sexual assault prevention in schools and community centres all over Montreal. Most people involved in the Slut Walk are involved in projects and charities to support what they’re marching for.


This is all about hating men, isn’t it?

Not at all. Men can be sluts, men can be accused of dressing too provocatively and men can experience rape or sexual assault. Just because the majority of cases are men’s violence against women doesn’t mean that men’s experiences of sexual violence are any less respected or valid. Beyond male survivors, there were also lots of wonderful men there expressing their solidarity and respect. Signs like “Real Men Don’t Rape” were very popular. Consent is sexy, after all!

The most important thing is that the majority of slut walkers, especially the organizers and speakers, made it very clear that this is a societal problem. We are teaching don’t get raped instead of don’t rape, but this is bigger than that. We’ve created a very unfair society where people are getting all the wrong messages all the time. We need to teach consent, teach respect, teach fairness and raise children so that all their voices and feelings can be heard. I know I’m idealistic as hell, but it is possible, but only if we pay attention to these causes and get to the root of the problem.


My Sunday was spent in the company of people who really get it, and it couldn’t have been more spectacular. As one of the organizers and speakers said, “So call me a slut if you want to, but you can never use that word as an excuse to violate me.”

Lazy Morning Blowjob

Camille Crimson gives a sensual blowjob on a lazy morning


It’s a lazy morning, so what do you do?  Make toast, drink some coffee, read the paper, watch some bad TV…  Nah!  You should have some hot fun!  At least that’s what I like to do.  In my cozy little robe, I felt all soft and secure as I walked around the house, but Mike was waiting on the couch, lightly touching himself when I walked into the living room, so how could I not get turned on?  This video is a little different than the usual fare because there’s more groping, a fleeting little moment of intercourse, and I rub against him after the blowjob until I have an orgasm.  So, you know I had fun.  😉


Camille Crimson riding her boyfriend before giving an amazing blowjob


This was a really hot shoot.  We didn’t really even intend to have it start this way…  Just a little improvisation in the heat of the moment.  The same thing after the blowjob!  I was just so turned on that day that I wanted to capture the aftermath on camera for all of you to see.  I guess I do have a bit of an exhibitionist streak every so often, don’t I?  I realize it’s kind of funny to say that as a porn performer, but it’s true.  I was still a little demure, what with the robe and all.


Camille Crimson licking up cum after a blowjob


So, if you want to see more (and trust me, you do) then you should check out the trailer.  But obviously that isn’t enough…  You should watch the full video.  I’d love to hear your thoughts, so don’t hesitate to leave me a little feedback!  I’d greatly appreciate it.

Porn Saints


Porn Saints had been on my radar for a while, but after a few tweets appeared from the today, I was drawn back to the site and really enjoyed checking out their collection of works.  Basically, it’s a site where different artists get together to create beautiful artistic representations of pornstars, with some aspects of religious iconography, if I understand correctly.  The above portrait is a reimagining of fellow Montrealler Ariel Rebel by Francesco D’Isa.  I just wanted to share a few more with you, since I really think they’re beautiful and a really interesting way to show of the potential for genuine beauty in porn.



This is fellow (former) Montrealler Mandy Morbid by Zak Smith.



This is fellow FPA winner April Flores by Molly Crabapple.



And finally, my gorgeous friend Ruby Violence (who interviewed me here) for Jessica Ward.


That’s merely a little cross sample of what they have.  You can check out their full gallery here.  Who knows?  Maybe some day they’ll make one of me…  That’d be the dream.  So, which one of these is your favourite?  And if you could see me immortalized in a particular artistic style, which would it be and why?



Well, this sure is something.  Even though it’s been around for a couple of years, this popped up as an ad on a blog I read today and I thought I had to share it with you.  It’s basically a mouthguard with a vibrator at the front.  It was originally created (without the vibrator) for someone with dentures.  That totally makes sense to me.  But why does it need to be marketed to the general population as something that will “take the job out of blowjob”…  Just because it has a vibrator?


This is obviously coming from someone who gives a lot of blowjobs, but I don’t see why keeping teeth out of the way is such a big deal.  I’ve never had a problem with it, and it doesn’t take any work to make sure that you don’t bite.  You just modify your mouth position.  This would just create a weird, artificial feeling akin to a Fleshlight in a lot of ways.  I don’t see why anyone would like it.


Sure, there’s the vibrator, which could be seen as enhancing the feeling for some, but I’d think that it’d detract from the natural sensations in a lot of ways.  It’s like putting whipped cream, sprinkles and a cherry on a steak.  Just because they’re both good doesn’t mean that it’s a match made in heaven.  It just seems like overkill to me.


But, more than anything, it makes your lip protrude and look like some kind of angry beast and it can make you drool a lot more.  There’s not a lot that’s super sexy about that.  You can’t smile or pout seductively…  You can just try not to choke on your spit.


Instead of looking for a quick fix, invest time in learning how to pleasure your partner.  It doesn’t take much effort and it can truly be an art.

The Economics of Porn

Sensual blowjob by Camille Crimson


Sophie alerted me to a wonderful article posted today written by an old schoolmate of hers over at Sex Life Canada.  This piece, written by the lovely Sardonica Mars, is the introduction to a series about how porn is made on an economic level.  As she very astutely points out:


When we think of porn, we focus on the visuals, the performers and the physical act of fucking. After all, when a pair of perfect breasts is thrust in front of your face, or a giant cock is presented to you for the tasting, it’s difficult to push them aside to see what’s behind them. Nevertheless, there is an entire world beyond the fantasy realm created by porn, and it’s not necessarily a sexy one. It’s a world of cubicles, computers and conference tables. It’s a world where people keep their clothes on.


People who talk to me about “my work” focus on the aesthetics exclusively, talking about how it’s always paradise, it’s hardly work at all, and so on.  While I don’t entirely disagree, it’s important to know that there are a lot of inner workings that happen here so that the site can stay up and flourishing, which means a lot of work to make up for the fact that we’re a small homegrown company without unlimited funds and hundreds of employees at our disposal.


Sardonica‘s definitely a very smart lady, because she’s astutely observed the different categories of companies that make up the world of porn:


Ever wondered what your neighbours might be up to? A lot of them are probably just living their lives and going about their daily routines. For some people, this daily routine might involve shooting a couple of porn videos before dinner. Homegrown pornographers are self-made, self-promoted performers who often control what, and who, they do. These people are smart, savvy risk-takers and the fact that many homegrown sites have recently catapulted to fame proves that they have a lot to bring to the table. On the next rung up on the economic smut ladder is the mainstream industry, which walks the line between utilizing big-name performers and the ever-so-tantalizing amateurs. It’s the perfect place to watch the pro-am action and keep an eye out for potential up-and-comers. Finally, there is the world of corporate porn. If we made comparisons with the “real world,” we’d be talking about Coca Cola. If you go online to get off, you’ve probably heard of them, seen their banners or fantasized about one of their star performers going to town on you.


I guess we would fit into the homegrown category, since that description pretty much sounds like us, save from having one employee, which isn’t much in the grand scheme of things.


At any rate, you should go read the rest of the article and wait with baited breath for the next part, in which she spoke to Sophie (among other people) to find about about the ins and outs of the homemade porn business.