Happy Birthday to Me!

Camille Crimson's Birthday


Well, it’s my birthday today.  I’m 36 years old.  It’s amazing how time flies, but I feel like things just get better and better!  I’m like a fine wine…  Speaking of fine wine, I’ll be having some of that tonight!  Going out for a nice meal, indulging in a tasty dessert and spending the day with some people I love…  I’m very lucky!


A special thank you to everyone who has been sending me wonderful birthday wishes and gifts from my Amazon wishlist and from my favourite lingerie stores.  I really appreciate all of your support and your amazing help in making this the best birthday ever.


As a little token of my esteem, I thought I’d return the favour and give you a little gift for my birthday.  Today only, you get $10 off a one month membership by checking out this special discount page (Discount is no more available)!  So, happy birthday to you too!


Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to go do a few more things online and then start celebrating!

53 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me!

  1. Pete H

    Happy Birthday Camille!!!!

    Mine was the 2nd. We should have met somewhere yesterday to celebrate.

    Enjoy your day…..

  2. Will PX

    36! My highest guess was 32. The years have been very kind to you. I admire you for publicly posting your age. So many women over thirty regard their actual age as “top secret” and are embarrassed if it is revealed. I think they are missing the point. Its not how old you are but how you look and feel that matters. Et Mon bien-aimé Camille, vous regardez magnifique!

    Hey, I’m not much older than Camille so maybe, just maybe, I have a shot at her. What woman can resist my bright blue eyes and silver-tongue flattery (plenty actually). I am off to Montreal to woo her! Wait, if Camille is so beautiful, then I’m guessing that Mike is way more handsome than me…and Camille loves Mike bunches and bunches…and I don’t know where Camille lives.

    Yeah, this whole “wooing Camille” idea is silly and ill-considered.

    Alas, I must adore Camille from afar.

      1. Will PX

        I need to work on making my posts less “involved.” I tend to ramble and I comment on too many topics at once. I’m not nearly as clever and witty as I think I am. But what can I say Camille. You bring out the bard, the comic and scholar within in me. …and now I’m rambling again!

        1. Will PX

          Oh my God! Camille called me “my dear!” I’m blushing…I feel faint…I, I…[THUD!] Errr…Owwww. I’m ok folks. The floor broke my fall.

          Thank you Camille. You made my day.

  3. Keoki

    Well a belated Happy Birthday to a fellow Rabbit! It is our year after all. I was born in 75 as well =).
    Aloha, Keoki

    1. Keoki

      Also wanted to throw out the idea, you having been born in the year of the Rabbit and being a redhead. I would love to see you do a scene done up as Jessica Rabbit with maybe a 1930’s motif. I think that would be very hot! Just a suggestion.

  4. Indian Fan

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  5. Darrell

    Happy Birthday super beautiful one. I hope it’s a fantastic day for you and one of many to come xx

  6. Jens

    The day after: How was your birthday? What did you do on your day?

    Congratulations, although I missed it yesterday! Lots of luck, blowjobs, sex and best wishes!


  7. Sun83and83steel

    Wow! Happy Birthday, Camille! What a surprise, I just had my birthday on March, 30 :). Wish you all the best, money and love :)

  8. Vincent

    Happy Birthday sweet Camille! I hope yesterday was a wonderful day for you. You deserve it! You are the best, the One, the unbeliavable hot, the most warm and soft kitty in the world, in the art of blowjob! Splendid girl! I hope you will enjoy endless days of joy and hot cums, with your wonderful mouth and your perfect body. Happy Birthday Diva of blowjobs!

  9. Paul

    Joyeux anniversaire! Je vous souhaite tout le bonheur et l’épanouissement possible pour cette 36ième année ainsi que pour les suivantes.



  10. Dr. C.

    I hope your birthday was wonderful, and that the year to come is filled with happiness for you and your loved ones :-)

  11. William & Wendy Owen

    Dear Camille,

    Me and William would like to say wish you had a wonderful birthday. We hope you were treated with love and kisses as well as good food and drinks by Mike and everyone you hold dear or close to your heart. Our gift is nothing big just a little poem:

    Today is your day,
    and you’re wished the best,
    I hope you celebrate it,
    with a lot of rest.

    For today
    though you are a year older,
    Store away your many wishes,
    until you feel bolder.

    So let the drums roll
    and horns toot,
    Now make a wish
    for a lot of loot.

    May your life be grand and dreams come true.

    Happy Birthday
    William and Wendy

  12. Daniel

    I know it’s late, but happy birthday! I don’t know why, but it feel me with some sort of excitement knowing we share the same month for our birthdays =]

    Seeing as you have an obsession with mac products, might I tease you a bit by saying I got a 27″ iMac for my birthday!! I bet you’re jealous =p

    Anywho, even though the “birthday” atmosphere has died down, still know that all the wishes and greetings you received on your birthday are with you until next year.

    Hope you had a good one =]


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