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Spring Sunshine Blowjob

Camille Crimson gives a sensual spring blowjob


Spring feels like it’s finally more or less here (I don’t want to jinx anything!) and we wanted to really capture the beautiful sunlight we’ve been having on the nice days recently.  Setting up the camera just so allowed for us to have a really gorgeous Spring Sunshine Blowjob, so that’s exactly what we called it.  There’s something so special about shooting in natural light…  I really think it just brings out the best in the look and the feel of our videos every single time.


Spring blowjob by sexy Camille Crimson


Although a lot of the focus is on my face, the outfit I chose is pretty sexy in this one!  It’s my gorgeous black lingerie dress with the crossed strings along the front (from a wonderful fan), beautiful black nylons, a lovely dark necklace and amazing stilettos (a gift from another terrific fan) as the icing on the cake!  I opted for not too much makeup or doing anything fussy with my hair…  I just wanted it to be a really sexy looking blowjob with my fresh, natural face.  I like the contrast from what I’m wearing to the natural sunlight on my simply made-up face.


Sensual spring blowjob from Camille Crimson


The cumshot is pretty great.  You hear Mike telling me what to do a bit, just to make it perfect.  It adds a little natural element, hearing him tell me exactly how to make him feel good.  Seeing the cumshot in such perfect light and then seeing it almost shine on my face…  Well, that’s pretty sexy.  It glistens as I rub it into my skin with his cock, which really looks amazing.  I think you’ll really like this one!  You can check out the trailer, then watch the full video!  I’d love to hear what you think of the sexy dark outfit/sweet light face duo.

Women Watch Porn Too


This video has been making the rounds on the internet and it really made me smile.  It’s meant to be funny, and it is, but it’s also just true!  So, true, in fact, that Fleshbot is trying to make a non-parody version of it through e-mails and even videos!  I know that a lot of you are men, but there are definitely more than a few women out there who read my blog, and I’d love it if you could pass along your declaration of porn love their way.  Whether anonymous or not, it’s adding fuel to the fire that women enjoy their sexualities in as many varied ways as men.  This is sexy and fun!  And men, if you know any porn loving women, be sure to point them in that direction.  Who knows?  Maybe it’ll spark a discussion on their favourite porn and lead somewhere sexy for the two of you…


(On a side note, I know my blog schedule has been a little off-kilter this week.  I’ve been very busy on the technical/development side, but I wanted to let you know that all is well!)

Sophie on The Feminist Porn Awards (Part Three)


I hope you all had a happy Easter!  Eating is still a bit hard for me because of the root canal, but we made Kansas City style ribs, so I did my best!  Sophie’s back with the third and final part of her experience at the Feminist Porn Awards:


The Feminist Porn Awards themselves were a lot of fun! It was a really great opportunity to do a lot of networking and getting to talk more with some of the people who have truly inspired me in porn. Since I was 18 (or maybe slightly younger) I’ve been fascinated with the idea that porn could be more than what we understand it to be, so it was really gratifying to be surrounded by people who have shown me how true that can be.


I got all gussied up in my little garden party dress, put my hair up in a little chignon and headed out for the evening. First was a VIP cocktail hour, which was excellent for schmoozing and photo ops and generally being self-congratulatory for making it to this wonderful event. Once my friend date finally showed up, we got into our seats and the show began. It was full of burlesque (lady and gentleman varieties) and lots of genuine excitement for porn. Plus, the host of the evening happened to be on one of my favourite childhood shows, which was very unexpected and prompted some hilarious banter with her during intermission.


Awards went out to all sorts of wonderful recipients, all very deserving, and it showed that the selection panel really found a way to make sure that all sexualities were represented, that all bodies were represented and that everything from the tiniest DIY operation to a big company like Kink could win, as long as they’re showing that porn can and must be feminist!


Our category wasn’t until the second half, so I went around congratulating the amazing winners so far, grabbed another drink and got my silent auction on, all the while pretty nervous for what’s to come. I know I haven’t been too involved with the creative side of the site, but I still felt the nerves in a big way. Once we made it back to our seats, there were a few more awards and then it was our turn.


I didn’t know what to expect, but it turns out that they selected four websites instead of just one to honour, probably because there were so many amazing ones to choose from… Twelve in total, I think. They had a screen which showed the winners, starting fist by painstakingly spelling out the winning website. Once they had spelled “A-R-T-O” (they spelled it as Art of Blowjob instead of The Art of Blowjob, but no biggie…  That’s why we registered multiple domains!) I knew we had won, so I just started squeaking and hugging and shaking my hands as I made my way to the stage. The other winners (April Flores for Padded Kink, Tina Horn and Judy Minx and Shine Louise Houston for Heavenly Spire) joined me, but I was ushered to speak first.


I hadn’t done much speech preparation, but I knew what I wanted to say. I wanted to be succinct and to represent the website as best as I could. Through seeing the video (above) I think I achieved that, even if I managed to talk with my hands even more than the sign language interpreter. It was a really incredible moment and I’m very happy I got to be there to represent the site!


After that, there were a few more awards, a closing salute to the dedicated people from Good For Her who made the event possible, then lots more photo ops, schmoozing and dancing until the early hours of the morning! By the end, I won some badass toys/videos at the silent auction, I had met some of my biggest porn performer/director/journalist heros and managed to really connect nicely with a lot of them.


Holding that butt-plug shaped award in my hand made me feel like I really belong in the industry, and I’m happy to pass it along to Camille and Mike for all their amazing work. In just one week, I will have been working with them for a year and I can’t wait to see where we’ll go from here!

200th Update!

Camille Crimson Gives a Sensual Blowjob


We finally made it!  This is our 200th update.  I remember when we first started, the idea of having this many updates felt like years and years away, but we’re finally here!  It’s wonderful to achieve this kind of milestone because it really puts the emphasis on future, and where we can be in another 200 updates.  And how beautiful those updates will be, with all of our new advancements that we’ll develop over the years.


Redhead gives sensual blowjob


The 200th updated is the photo version of Kitchen Blowjob, called Yellow Flower Blowjob.  We’re working on new content, but my recurrent dental drama (root canal and some other things, I didn’t want to complain about it…) has kept us from shooting recently.  We’ve got some excellent ideas for when blowjobs become feasible!  That said, I feel like these beautiful, fun, sweet photos are pretty representative of the site and of us!  Besides, I think these photos came out looking pretty gorgeous!


Sensual sunshine blowjob by Camille Crimson


So, here’s to 200 more updates, and then some!  You can see all the rest of the photos and then let me know what you think!  Throughout all of these updates, you guys are a huge part of the reason we do what we do, and your feedback means the world to me.  I hope you all have a lovely Easter, if you celebrate.  If not, I hope you get some delicious discount chocolate!

Fleshbot Interview

Redhead gives a sensual blowjob with pearls


Okay, I know I have delayed the third installment of Sophie‘s FPA report, but I am so excited about this that I have to share it right away.  After getting lots of wonderful support from Fleshbot, we finally decided it was time to do an interview.  I was really looking forward to this because I know that the people at Fleshbot are extremely intelligent people who are incredibly sex positive and encouraging of all sorts of modes of sex, as long as everyone’s happy and having a great time!


So, I thought I’d share a few sample questions/answers with you:


-What about The Art of Blowjob qualifies it as feminist porn? Follow up: Do you intend your work to be received this way?

I think The Art of Blowjob is feminist for a few different reasons.  First, 2/3 of our company is women and we want to represent women in a healthy, positive way.  I’m a feminist and this is what I want to do.  I try to use my blog, social media and any platform I can access to get across the message that just because I love giving blowjobs and my videos are only about blowjobs doesn’t mean that all women give blowjobs and expect nothing in return.  It’s a specialized niche site…  That doesn’t mean that I don’t have lots of different kinds of sex and receive lots of pleasure in my personal life.  But most of all, I think my site is a way of showing that women can have agency as both givers and receivers of pleasure.  Any time a woman is enjoying sex, doing it on her own terms and doing it the way she wants, it’s a feminist act.


-Why did you stop working on Dolorem and decide to focus on The Art of Blowjob?

Dolorem was all about photography, which was a lot of fun, but we realized we wanted to focus more on including video.  While we did try a couple of videos with the whole generic sex/solo play feel of Dolorem, it wasn’t quite dynamic enough.  Blowjobs are really fun to shoot, they’re really visual and there’s a lot of blowjob porn out there, but very little that is presented in a sensual and beautiful way.  So why not just focus on what we do best?


-What would be your dream job (if porn weren’t an option)?

I’d love to be a chef.  I just LOVE cooking.  I’ve made a few little videos/blog posts where I break down recipes.  I love simple, hearty and flavourful French cooking.


I had a lot more than that to say, so you should go check out the rest of the interview and let me know what you think here!  Did you find out anything new?  Do you still have questions?

Treat Her Well

Sensual loving blowjob by Camille Crimson


I know that I promised the thrilling conclusion of Sophie’s odyssey into the world of Feminist Porn, but I decided to take a day off in between to show that I haven’t just turned over the blogging duties for the week, and also because I had a nice little Twitter exchange today with a longtime friend and I thought I’d reiterate the message here for the good of everyone involved!


I get a lot of e-mails (a LOT of e-mails) from people asking me how to get their girlfriend/wife to give them better blowjobs.  They talk about how great the ones on The Art of Blowjob are and how they wish they could have just that, or they wish that their girlfriend/wife would be more spontaneous and give them more often and in sexy new ways.


These are totally valid desires, but the problem is…  Often, my first follow up to determine how to go about making this happen is to ask what they do otherwise in their sex life and what they do to ensure that their girlfriend/wife are satisfied and their mind just draw a blank, or they say that she never complains, or that she doesn’t seem that interested in sex…  Well, there’s your problem.  If you don’t know what she likes or how to help have sex that she’ll enjoy, why would it be reciprocated?


Now, this isn’t to say that it shouldn’t be both person’s responsibility to make sure the sex is fulfilling, but if you’re the one wanting more, it ends up being on you to at least get the ball rolling.  So, what do you do?  Talk.  Find gentle, romantic ways to find out what she wants and make sure to do those things consistently, without trying to barter for blowjobs or whatever else you might want.  Make her feel beautiful and special and loved.  Get to a place where the sex you have is wonderful, loving, passionate and inventive.


Chances are, by the time you’ve gotten to that place, you will already be getting stellar blowjobs and probably other fun things too, but if it’s been a month or two and it hasn’t changed despite lots of genuine work to make her feel loved and appreciated, then it’s time to bring up what you want and talk about that honestly.  You shouldn’t want ONLY blowjobs or blowjobs every single day at all hours, but a reasonable amount of blowjobs, tempered with the same quality treatment you’ve been giving to her.  Hopefully at that point, things will change if they haven’t already.


So, I hope this helped!  This one obviously went out to the men, but it goes for everyone!  It just happens to be most applicable, since I mostly get e-mails from people who want blowjobs, AKA men.