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Hilarious Viral Video


I saw this hilarious viral video yesterday and I kind of had to share.  It’s an ad for Skittles, but it employs some very peculiar tactics involving your fingers.  Asides from the fact that it’s really funny, it’s a good example of intelligent online marketing and it’s got a cat in it, there’s another reason why this caught my attention…


If that’s what a cat/horrifying man-cat can do to someone’s finger…  Imagine what someone like me could do to, well, you know.  I think it would be a little too bizarre to go out on a limb and actually do something like that, but I don’t doubt that it would bring a lot of attention.  Whether it would be good attention is another story entirely.


What do you guys think?  Does this sort of video work for you?  Does it catch your attention?  AND/OR – If there were more interesting “interactive porn”, would it be something you’d actually enjoy?  These are the questions that I really can’t answer…  So, I turn to you!

Quebec is a Sexy Place

Redhead gives a sensual blowjob while nude


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love it here.  Quebec (and Montreal in specific) is a very special place for a lot of reasons.  It’s a gorgeous place to explore, it’s a major cultural centre, it’s vibrant all day and every night…  But we also have a largely pretty great view of sexuality.  In the past couple of weeks, The Toronto Star has posted at least two articles on Montreal and Quebec’s liberal views towards sex, including one about how we are the porn capital of Canada.


I’m sure you’re not particularly surprised that porn goes on here.  After all, I make porn and I’m in Montreal.  But, you’d be surprised by how many of your favourite porn sites are right here in Canada’s sin city in la belle province.  Ready to have your mind blown?  Here’s a little something fun (that I knew, but kept close to the vest) that was published in the Toronto Star:


Try this as an experiment: Search the word “sex” in Google and see what you find.

The first result is the Wikipedia entry for “sex.” And second?, a no-holds-barred hardcore sex site with thousands of videos anyone can watch for free.

It’s a company that was started by a group of friends in Montreal that’s behind Pornhub.

In fact, the company, which is now called Manwin, owns what’s believed to be the biggest network of online porn sites in the world.

You’ll find virtually no mention of the fact on its website, including its job postings, yet it’s behind hugely successful hardcore websites such as Brazzers and Mofos — and dozens of others unmentionables in a family newspaper.

It’s also behind several YouTube-like Internet porn channels, which allow viewers to watch videos for free. One of the biggest such “tube” sites is Pornhub.


That’s right…  Pornhub, Brazzers and Mofos (and all their many subsidiaries) are all right here!  That’s a HUGE chunk of porn realestate.  When you include the fact that we also have a lot of other porn studios, including special content like the gorgeous tease sites coming from Ariel Rebel and her crew of talented rebels, you can see that we’ve got some really great work coming out of this city.  Throw in beautiful fetish babes like Bianca Beauchamp, amazing amateur sites like lovely webgirl Seska and a huge and active cam community, we’ve got it all…  And that’s just porn.


This city is big on everything from swinger’s clubs to fetish nights and even a historical burlesque hall that just got saved and will be part of the new fancy Montreal entertainment district.  We’ve got strip clubs to rival anywhere else in the world and we’re home to one of the biggest sex worker advocacy organizations in the world.


So, why are we so forward thinking in porn, public sex and other forms of sexual enterainment?  We just really love sex.  As another recent article from the Toronto Star pointed out:


From a new approach to swinging to a nonchalance about strippers and porn-making, when it comes to sex Quebecers don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk.

For years, surveys have shown Quebecers, along with Newfoundlanders, to be the most sexually active Canadians and the most satisfied with their sex lives. (Ontarians, by contrast, have typically been among the least sexually active.)

So, there you have it!  Come to Montreal for the amazing sex-positive culture…  Stay for the poutine!

Best Pornstar Blogger

Camille Crimson gives a sensual blowjob


Amidst all the excitement, I forgot to blog about a blog about my blog.  That’s quite a mouthful.  (And I should know!)


A few days ago, the lovely Olive Day of ZZInsider posted a continuation of her top 10 pornstar bloggers list that she had compiled three months back when she was fairly new to the industry.  The first list included a few familiar faces to me and a number of porn performers I was less familiar with.  The new one is also a pretty good cross section of porn performers, including one I know quite well…


Myself!  That’s right.  The lovely folks at ZZInsider saw it fit to include me as one of their favourite pornstar bloggers.  I am very flattered and happy about the recognition because I do spend a lot of time on this blog, making sure to respond to every comment, to find a good balance between site previews, promotion and personal/opinion-based posts.  Sometimes I second guess myself a bit, so it’s always very nice to get a nod from a site which clearly has its eye on a lot of porn performers.


You can check out the post and see the other choices they made.  And then poke around the site.  It’s mainstream, but they definitely make a great effort to include us non-mainstream performers.


Hey everyone!


Today I just wanted to share a Tumblr post written by Stoya (a very smart and articulate mainstream porn performer…  Not unlike Sasha Grey, in a way…) about an issue that made me sort of think.  Much like how we have discussions here about terms like porn vs. erotica, she calls into question the term fan:


Fan is short for fanatic, which I think is a bit extreme to apply to everyone who buys one of Digital Playground’s movies that I’m in, or my Fleshlight, or comes out to a signing to get a picture or an autograph. I think it’s more than a bit extreme to apply to someone who follows me on twitter or here on tumblr.

It feels demeaning. It feels like it turns a group of varied people with varying levels of interest into a faceless mass with hopefully open wallets.

I also feel like it’s a signifier of the kind of marketing thought which assumes that ”the fans” will buy anything, regardless of merit, just because it has a certain brand or name on it.


It’s pretty clear that she’s not so on board for the term fan.  For me, it’s a word that I use often enough, but I do often interchange it with “people who like what I do” or “people who support me” because they’re more broad categories.  I know that I can be a huge Mac fan, for example, but I’m not fanatical about everything that I enjoy in life or follow online.  It’s funny…  I never even really thought too much about how the word is connected to fanaticism and how that can be interpreted in a not so great way.


I guess I’m also in a very different boat because I feel like I know a great deal of you personally and therefore don’t see you guys as fanatics, even if you call yourselves fans, whereas she has such a wide audience that she can’t possibly know most people who are really in tune with her work, so they are much more susceptible to becoming a “faceless mass” than you guys are!


So, how do you categorize yourself in terms of your relationship to porn (mine or otherwise) fandom or even fandom at all?

Quiet Fireplace Blowjob

Sensual fireplace blowjob


The latest update is up on The Art of Blowjob!  I hope you like fireplaces, babydoll lingerie dresses and blowjobs.  Oh wait, I know you do.  This is a variation of the Redtube request blowjob video, so it’s based on what you actually want to see.  How convenient!  This video is nice to watch on a day like today, when spring is still fighting against winter.  Or, at least it is here.


Sexy fireside blowjob


This is what I’d call an extra sensual blowjob.  There’s so much romance…  It’s so cozy, and yet there’s still lots of passionate licking and tongue work.  This is a very intense video to watch, and I’m really proud by how it turned out.  I feel like the blowjob matches the fireplace in a way.  Warm, intense, a little wild…  You can see by the way Mike comes that it really worked.  That’s one hell of a cumshot.


Amazing cumshot from fireplace blowjob


I know it may sound a little cheesy in a way to give a blowjob by the fireplace, but there’s a reason this is an old stand-by.  All we’re missing is the (faux) bearskin rug!  It’s sexy, it’s nice and warm and it’s the perfect ambiance to really get into the passion and excitement of the act.  Have you guys ever had a fireside blowjob?  Or any other stereotyped blowjob?  Regardless, you need to check out the trailer and then the full video to see exactly how it all played out!


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Camille Crimson of The Art of Blowjob in Hustler


Guess what?!?!  I’m in Hustler.  That’s right.  Hustler.  As in, the magazine.  Are you shaking like a leaf yet?  Because I am.


You can click on the article above, but here’s what they said anyways:


This Artist Sucks

Camille Crimson’s stunning Web site resides at the intersection of sleaze and art.  The subject matter – Camille giving a blowjob to her very lucky boyfriend – never changes, but stylish photography and unique concepts keep the material fresh and appealing.  This is do-it-yourself porn at its best: intimate, sensual and sophisticated.  Plus, Camille is easy on the eyes.  See for yourself at


What an amazing little blurb!  I know it doesn’t seem like a lot, but this is the beginning of big things!  Gracing the pages of Hustler is a real indication that people in high places are seeing that this kind of porn is something special and worth sharing with their wide readership.  Besides, Hustler is a big name and it’s just flattering beyond anything else that they got in touch with me to share the joys of a sensual, beautiful blowjob site in their magazine!


This is a truly amazing honour and I’m so happy by the direction we’re taking with the site.  This feels like a landmark to me, and it’s an amazing feeling!  I’m so happy that I get to share this with all of you!


So, hopefully this isn’t the last time you’ll see The Art of Blowjob gracing the pages of Hustler…  But, isn’t it exciting?