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The Best Porn

Amazing sensual blowjob by Camille Crimson


The Art of Blowjob has been getting a lot of great reviews and the latest one that landed us on the front page of The Best Porn is no exception.  It always makes me happy to get reviews, but I’m especially happy because we’ve got 81.5%, which is a really great grade, especially from a site with such stringent requirements.  They brought up some really great points for ways to go further with the site, which I’ve already started on.  Their summation of the site went like this:


It’s rare that we see blowjob content that isn’t full of fast jerking, quick licks, forceful deep throating and even gagging. The main model here, Camille, treats each cock like it’s the most amazing thing in the world. She is gentle when she needs to be, she’s strong when she needs to be, and her tongue flicks and glides over the cock perfectly. She holds eye contact with her partner and gladly takes the cumshot on her breasts or in her mouth. It’s extremely sexy and some of the hottest blowjob action out there.


The photos and videos here are absolutely stunning. The pictures are massive, at 4288 x 2848, and wonderfully sharp. The videos are high definition videos that look more professional than most of the DVD videos we watch. Seriously, these are gorgeous. The movies are perfectly lit, sharp, clear and look like they were directed by James Cameron. They’re incredible.


I’m in love with The Art of Blowjob. It’s amazing how they’ve taken something as simple as the blowjob and elevated it to a whole new level. The quality is excellent and the style/theme is extremely hot. The site could use a few tweaks to make it more user-friendly, but the content is perfect. If you’d like to enjoy blowjobs in a whole new way, definitely check out The Art of Blowjob.


That’s all pretty awesome!  After all, Mike certainly doesn’t mind being compared to a legendary director.  Plus, they mentioned my blog as another bonus about the site.  It always makes me happy when people appreciate the woman behind the blowjobs too.


So, go check out the rest of the review and feel free to leave a little comment of your own!

Bad Kitty!


This is a hilarious video that’s been making its way around the internets recently, so I thought I’d share.  Even though I definitely don’t use this blog solely to post LOLcats, or even much at all, I’m definitely a cat lover.  So, funny cat videos definitely grab my attention.  That said, this video is even funnier because of the crazy stalker vibe the cat gives off.  Even though my cats are total sweethearts most of the times, there’s no doubt that cats can be bad.  And they’re good at being bad.  So check out this video and laugh your way into the weekend with the tale (tail…  ha!) of a cat who would stop at nothing to keep a woman from ever finding true love.  Happy Friday, everyone!

Sex is Good for You!

Redhead Camille Crimson gives a sensual blowjob


We all know sex is good for us, but do we really know why?  I have a website that I love to check out called Mark’s Daily Apple, which is all about different ways to stay healthy and fit for life.  I’m a huge proponent for an active and involved sex life, primarily for the good it does for relationships, self-esteem and relaxation, but the health aspects are very interesting.  Recently, Mark’s Daily Apple posted a blog about ways that sex helps us stay healthy.  Here are a few of my favourites:


Upgrade Your Immune Function


An often cited study from Wilkes University suggests regular sex might offer a surge of immune potency. Among the 112 surveyed students, those who had sex 1-2 times a week showed a rousing 30 percent boost in salivary immunoglobulin. Those who had sex less frequently than once a week had a slight IgA edge over total abstainers. (In an interesting wrinkle, the “three or more times a week” crowd showed slightly lower IgA levels. To their possible chagrin, the researchers didn’t ask participants about the number of partners or other potential “relationship” factors that might have influenced the findings. Hmmm…lack ofsleep?) Although it’s a study to take with a grain of salt, the basic premise is probably sound. As welcome as it is, the usual exchange of fluids (or the body’s anticipated exchange) represents contact with a foreign substance that likely contains some kind of microbial profile.


Reduce Your Risk of Prostate Cancer


Research has linked frequent ejaculations (yes, the solo gig counts here) with a slightly lower risk for prostate cancer in later life. The golden frequency in this study? Twenty-one times per month. It’s a tall order, but I know you can do it.

One possible explanation for the decrease is the “flushing” theory. In its efforts to concentrate minerals and other necessary substances from the blood to make semen, the prostate can end up collecting a concentration of toxins as well. Releasing the semen – with said toxins – flushes the system of said impurities. (Gives a new meaning to cleaning out the pipes.)


Look Better


Now we’re getting to the good stuff. (Kidding.) Yes, there’s the ever flattering afterglow. It’s a shame they can’t bottle that. There’s so much more to gain, however, or maybe lose. How about calories for instance? Estimates vary but average around 85-100 calories per half an hour. Of course, real life expenditures diverge depending on how zesty an enterprise you enjoy. In terms of calories burned, you’re looking at low to moderate level activity, but your heart rate can easily climb to high intensity levels. It’s probably the most enjoyable cardio you’ll pursue any day of the week.

Then there’s the workout itself – a toning and stretching and strengthening that includes muscles you didn’t even know you had – ala that next morning ache. (Don’t forget about those less obvious – and all important – pelvic floor muscles, which support everything from orgasm intensity to urinary continence.) On the chemical front, intercourse offers a boost in testosterone for stronger bones and muscles. Finally, how about the appeal of a totally relaxed face and body – and the inevitable smile?


These all sound like pretty good reasons to me.  Check out the rest of the article and let me know what your top reason is for having sex for health.



Uncommon Appetites

Sexy redhead Camille Crimson gives an amazing blowjob


Twitter has done it again.  I’ve been steered in the direction of a lovely (relatively) new sex blog called Uncommon Appetites.  It certainly doesn’t hurt that I heard about them because they posted about me on their blog, but regardless, I ended up getting absolutely sucked into their blog and charmed by their approach to sexuality.


It’s written by a married couple (Violet and Rye) in their 20s in New York City, basically chronicling their enjoyment of sex with each other.  It sounds pretty simple, and that’s exactly what’s so appealing about it.  There’s not gimmick, no back story, no florid erotica, no over-the-top tales, no ultra-academic approach to sex…  It’s just two people who really enjoy having sex with each other.


When I talk about how I’m happy that The Art of Blowjob helps couples reconnect with their sexuality and to explore each other further, this is the kind of thing I’m talking about.  It doesn’t have to always be lavishly sensual or out-of-this-world kinky…  Any sex together where they’re really present and in the moment is perfect.  Of course, these two are great writers with a really approachable and familiar tone, so it’s really easy to get wrapped up in their stories, but this can be any couple’s story as long as they’re willing to be honest and open about what they want and need from a sexual relationship.


Besides, Violet has some really great notions about blowjobs.  Here’s a few of her thoughts on the subject:


In my youth, I admit to viewing giving head as sort of a race. “Oh, hello, you un-suspecting little loverboy, want to see me make you blow in a minute or less?” Which, don’t get me wrong, is still fun occasionally. But with Rye, it’s become more about the process. I like to look up at him and see him seeing me take his whole dick in my mouth. I like to draw it out a little. To make him squirm. Sweat. Plead. It makes the mouthful that I get, in all it’s ever-changing consistencies and flavors, particularly gratifying. Nearly as gratifying as his shivering, murmuring snuggle afterward.


A woman after my own heart!  And of course, Rye gives as good as he gets.  So go take a look and let me know what you think.  Would you ever start up a sex blog like this?  And what would it say?

Lady Porn Day

It’s Lady Porn Day, which is a day when ladies talk about their feelings about porn.  The lovely Rabbit Write came up with the concept and it’s making its way through the porn/sex blog community on Twitter today.  I decided to throw in my two cents on the issue, but I would also like to draw a little attention to a piece of the wonderful post written by amazing sex educator/blogger/porn performer/director Shanna Katz, which really sums up the porn I like/try to make:

What makes this porn ethical? Let’s see — the stars are chosen not because they fit some socially constructed mold of what we define beauty as, but because they love being sexual, are excited to perform in front of the camera, and so on.

As a “lady” identified person, this is what type of porn turns me on, this is what I want to watch. It doesn’t matter if it is kinky, or kisses and massages, or the genders of the performers. I get off knowing that the people on the screen got off filming, that they are paid equally no matter what they did, that they represent more of the diversity of sexuality. I don’t think there is such thing as porn for women, as women’s tastes are just as diverse as everyone else’s. Some enjoy watching kissing, while others find it boring and want more “hardcore” sex scenes. So to me, as a woman, I enjoy porn that follows my own ethics and beliefs.  So in celebration of Lady Porn Day, I raise my class to all those who have created the world of ethical porn, work in it, and/or enjoy it, because that is how I believe porn should be.

Shanna largely addresses bigger ethical porn companies and talks a lot about diversity in body types/race/ability/sexuality and how these companies pay well and respect limits and don’t prioritize one type of sex over another or coerce people into doing something they aren’t comfortable with.  Obviously this is different for a two person site focusing on one sex act, but a lot of the ideas are the same.  Mike and I are exactly what we are.  We aren’t trying to look different to appeal to exactly what we think you want.  I show off my body/masturbate/have penetrative sex when I feel comfortable doing it, not just because I think it’ll please more people.  If we aren’t feeling it that day, we don’t shoot, though that doesn’t happen much at all.

It’s just about all porn and really all sex, whether it’s a company with lots of performers/crew or just two people going at it in the privacy of their own home, should be respectful and no one should ever feel pressured to be or do anything other than what they feel comfortable with.  As with Shanna, the kind of porn I like is the kind of porn where people are having a good time!  I don’t necessarily have a “type”, but I want to see people enjoying themselves.  I’m not ashamed of liking porn, I’m not ashamed of making porn, and that’s because I have a real belief that porn doesn’t have to be a dirty, shameful thing.  It can enrich our lives and make people feel empowered, both in making and watching it!

So get out there and watch some ethical porn!

Sperm Donation

Hilarious sperm donation photo

I’ve been trying to come up with a blog topic for today, but the general world of sexuality/nerd-dom is having a slow news day.  Then, I caught this on Jezebel just now and I couldn’t resist posting it.  After all, it’s hilarious.  And very, very true.  This is from the Sperm Donors of Australia website and it hits the nail right on the head in an amazing way!  It’s also probably the best use of stock photography I’ve ever seen.  This is pure genius.

I’ve always been curious about sperm donation.  Who does it?  Have any of you every donated sperm?  (To a clinic, that is.  Not someone you’re having sex with.)  What was it like?  I actually think it’s a pretty nice thing to do…  To be able to help people have children.  Especially with the essays and questionnaires that are often required, it’s not just jerking off for cash.  It’s quite a good deed.

I’d be really interested to hear your thoughts, whether about personal/anecdotal experiences with sperm donation or just about whether this awesome ad changed your mind/convinced you in any way.  Besides, while doing a good deed and making some hard-earned (no pun intended) cash, you could watch some videos from The Art of Blowjob.  That in itself is worth it!