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Gorgeous Camille Crimson surrounded by candles

A photo from Spell Circle

As some of you may know, or anyone who looks to the right of my blog posts may know, I have another site called Dolorem.  It hasn’t been updated since 2009 and I really just haven’t known quite what to do with it.  It’s still nice stuff and it’s still fully-operational, but I chose to focus more on blowjobs and videos, creating The Art of Blowjob.  There wasn’t really ever any transition away from it and it’s always still just there staring at me without much of a purpose.

Sophie and I were just talking about it and we decided to do something concrete, so we did a little re-branding, or, well, basically clarifying of its purpose within the context of my work.  Dolorem is a snapshot of a time in my life when I was exploring my sexuality and coming into my own as a woman who could be sexual on camera.  It was a revelation for my relationship with Mike and we became so intensely intertwined with sexuality and documenting what we’d do together, or what I’d do to titillate him.

The site is sort of a scrap book from that time in my life made into an erotic photography project of sorts.  It’s my coming out into the public sphere of sexual expression, as Sophie said.  That’s maybe a bit florid for me, but I agree.  So, if you haven’t already taken a look, you really should.  It’s an archive of over 60 photo sets that are up to 5 years old, but still represent a part of me.  Besides, they’re really gorgeous.

14 thoughts on “Dolorem

  1. Hedone

    Can’t wait to take a look.

    I am just beginning to explore letting a lover photograph me, and presenting sexy photos for him. It’s uncomfortable but I do like how it pleases him. I trust him.

  2. MonkeyLover

    Actually I found and subscribed to Dolorem before doing the same with TheArtOfTheBlowJob. There is some fantastic material in there! It would have been nice if there were more videos, but many of the still photos are stunning…

    1. Camille Post author

      Thanks so much, Monkey Lover. We weren’t really making videos at the time, but I am working on something for the future that will hopefully speak to that…

  3. Dave Oz

    Hi CC,

    I was another who met you through Dolorem then TAOBJ. What an amazing site it was (is). There were so many times I’d open the site looking for an update and then be almost instantly aroused by what you were showing. if people aren’t looking at your work there, they are really missing the “beautiful porn”.

    You couldn’t go wrong by doing more work along those lines–it is just stunning stuff.

    More, please 😉

    Dave O.

  4. sneaky ess

    i love the videos – i love that body of yours – can i make a suggestion i would love to give you head whilst mike is receiving your specail attention to that lovely circumsied cock .

  5. oscar

    Hmmm.. yes, definitely a beautiful and sensual woman.. but how am I missing the foot fetish part of this tag? It’s kind of an interest of mine. 😉


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