Tube Socks are Sexy

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Here’s another video! Have you noticed that I’ve been amping up the videos in a major way? I’m also uploading three more videos which are older, but new to you, so that’s a total of 6 updates since Monday! We’ve been working really hard to be productive, receptive and to make the best videos possible. It’s definitely not the case of churning out videos and not caring if they have the emotion, the depth and the beauty, but rather to make sure every video is amazing and unique. We’re just finding ways to make time to shoot almost every day by being a little more efficient with the day to day business stuff.

This shoot has a little shout-out to Youporn because I recently started posting videos (just a few, I’m certainly not giving it all away for free) and interacting with the community. And after that, Mike comes up and takes me from behind. I’ve always been a really big fan of having sex this way, especially when he started getting hard by rubbing up against me before sliding inside me. This is a great opportunity for you to see the way I subtly work my hips when I have sex. Obviously, this is just a little tease, but I’ve heard you loud and clear and my blowjob movies will have a little more sexual variety, while still obviously being blowjob movies.

You also get a little glimpse of my pussy (which somehow feels vulgar to say on here, no clue why) when Mike teases me with his cock head for a bit before going back to the blowjob. I really love the sexuality in this video because it’s very free and almost reminiscent of exploring someone else’s body for the first time. I also just love wearing those sexy little tube sox. It may be cliché, but I almost felt like one of those American Apparel girls, except less bored looking and not on the back of a free news paper. Suffice it to say, this definitely won’t be the last time I wear socks like that because they really add a little kick to a basic white tee.

So, watch the rest of the video and tell me what you think, because I really want to know if you like the new directions we’re taking!

36 thoughts on “Tube Socks are Sexy

  1. phil

    WOW! Camille this has to be the most sensual, video to date. I’m overwhelmed by the adrenalin rush again. The showing, touching, the moving of your body, was more then expected, and greatly appreciated. I love that direction your in. Stimulating, is only one of many words, used to describe this video. And you made the happy ending, look elegant. I bow to your artistry. I could say more, but the video speaks, for its self. No american apparel girls could ever come close, to your elegance. Old new video, perfect. Thank you camille and mike.

  2. monkeylover

    Actually, scratch that. I just watched it again, and decided it is by far my favorite video so far. Seeing more facets of the intimacy between the two of you is a an extremely welcome, refreshing change! Beautifully done!

  3. theicb


    Way to go, again! Well done. Love the ponytail and the “girl next door” look.

    I have to admit, you look a bit more distracted sucking Mike’s cock in this one…perhaps its because he was hammering away on your pussy? I love that it is real.

    BTW, how about just a voyeur video of you? Trying on cloths or shopping a the grocery store? Just a thought.


    1. Camille Post author

      Hey Theicb! Since it’s a blowjob site, there is always a blowjob component, but I’ve done a voyeur-style video before and I’ll do one again, for sure. And I was a little distracted, but I love being stimulated while giving a blowjob.

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  5. Steven

    Super !! Great !! Very arousing, tempting and … stimulating :)
    Splendid new video Camille !
    I just love the way you 2 have fun with each other.
    Wonderfull how Mike takes you from behind and you enjoy it so much.
    And how you tease and please the tip of his cock … awesome !!!

    I’m very delighted with that more “sexual variety” 😉
    And while you are giving a nice blowjob, Mike is pleasuring your pussy : WOW !!!!

    This video is my new “most favorite” one :)

  6. Ed

    Speaking about dreamy… this was intense… everything was perfect.
    The music, your hair, the intensity of your raw passion…

  7. Darrell

    Love it Camille, thank you both! Love seeing you getting aroused, your facial expression as you’re being attended to. How about more of that, more of you getting off, perhaps a two camera 69 where we can see both sides over two films. I’d love to see you being penetrated more. The romance and intimacy is sweet, but you can’t beat some more urgent, primitive and perhaps kinky stuff sometimes too right? Latex, see-through, wet shirt, boots, corsets, etc…? x

    1. Camille

      There’s “See My Paradise”, “Your Smile”, “Sun Ray”, “U do 4″ and “Blowjob Wearing Pink”. I don’t remember which is the sixth one. I’m sorry, I’ve made a mistake and put them under ‘pictures’ instead of ‘videos’ back then in the dbase so that’s why you’ve never seen them!

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  9. Jean Marc

    Hy….Very nice vidéo…My favorite !!!
    What is the name of the music in this video ( Tube Socks are )….???

  10. John

    There is a sensual quality to your videos that enrapture me, every time. This is one of your most exhilirating pieces, and I keep going back to it.
    Amazing. Perfectly suited music, as well. What is the song?

  11. Pipsquack

    Ok first off I love your work and you are a very beautiful woman … now to my question

    Oh my god I love the song in the video what is it?

  12. Deman

    I don’t know who you are nor do you do this by your free will (is or isn’t this just a big porno industry’s side project) but beginning of the movies is stunningly, mindblowingly intimate, sensual, loving and something i’d even say people in love and with mensa level trust does. Actuallt can’t find words to describe that moment…

    1. Camille Post author

      Read more of the blog and you’ll see that I am definitely real, very thoughtful about sex and doing this because I genuinely love it. We’re operating out of our own home, we have one employee… Definitely not a big industry project. 😉 I’m so glad you like it!


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