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Again with the updates. I updated yesterday night (technically today) and just now, so I’ll probably be blogging twice to talk about both of them, but I’ll start with Cuffs. A while ago, I made a video called The Prisoner and it was a pretty big hit. I’m not the kinkiest person in the world but I do like to put a little extra spice in my play sometimes and that’s where the handcuffs come in.

A lot of the fun of being cuffed comes from how badly you want to use your hands when you can’t. Since I already gravitate towards using my hands a lot in a blowjob, being forced to use only my mouth is so intense and challenging… And I love a challenge. All of the stroking, caressing and fondling goes completely out the window and you have to be creative in finding comparable sensations with your lips, your tongue, your cheeks and your throat.

There’s also the part of me that loves being restrained because it has a little subservient feeling to it. It’s not as if I’m going to up and decide that I’m into S/m, but feeling like someone else is in control and acting out that little fantasy is very hot. Even just doing things like holding my posture or sitting demurely feels like a sexual act because it’s all part of giving the pleasure. I know how hot it must be to see me there, all poised and dedicated to giving him an amazing orgasm.

So, I guess this is a pretty great look into my psyche when I’m somewhat immobilized and doing what I normally do in such an active, involved way. Playing with the dynamics of a blowjob can be so fun, and I find that it really does bring us closer together as a couple to still have so much flexibility and fun in our sex life.

Have you guys ever tried this kind of play?  Is there any other slightly kinkier stuff you’d like to see me try during a blowjob?

2000 Followers, Contest Winner and YATBK Interview

Beautiful Camille Crimson from The Art of Blowjob

I came back from my shooting to see that I have over 2000 followers on Twitter. I had a little contest going on that ended when I hit 2000, so I certainly intend on holding up my end of the bargain. I put all the names of those who blogged/posted/RTed into my magical phpMyAdmin sorting hat (yes, I went there) and came up with:

So, congratulations to Ready4Teasing on his one month membership to The Art of Blowjob. I really hope you enjoy all my sensual videos and photo sets. I can’t wait until I crack 3000 so I can give away more memberships.

In addition to being very excited that I broke 2000 followers today, I’m also really happy that my interview with The Beautiful Kind went live. They posted a great little piece about my work a while back and, emboldened by the amazing review, I decided to see if I could do a little interview and I am now featured in their column: You Are the Beautiful Kind.

I really love this interview because it goes a lot of places that other interviews don’t. Some of my favourite questions are:

What game did you like playing as a kid?

I loved playing Marco Polo in the pool.

When was the last time you cried?

While I was watching Invention of Lying a few months ago.

If you could take a class for fun right now, what would you take?

I’d love to learn Chinese.

What do you want to learn/add to what you already know?

I’d love to take acting classes.  It’s something I’ve always loved, but never really took to the next level.

What is one of the bravest things you have ever done?

I sold pretty much everything I had a went to live on an island for a few years.

There’s a lot more than that, so why don’t you check it out?

After all those fun, sweet and thought-proving questions, I was wondering if you have any questions you’d like me to answer.  Obviously I talk a lot about my life and I have a fairly in-depth about page, but I’d be happy to answer any questions, no matter how silly they might be.

Love Story Inspiration

A SHORT LOVE STORY IN STOP MOTION from Carlos Lascano on Vimeo.

I just wanted to share this really beautiful and artistic video. It’s obviously a very different medium from my films, but it has been on my mind a lot recently as a subtle source of inspiration. For stop motion, it’s unbelievably concerned with creative camera work and transitions. Even more, though, it’s about the romance and the clear emotions portrayed.

I work very hard to make sure that the things I’m feeling come across, because it’s easy to just be in the moment internally but not have that match on the outside.  In addition to your wonderful requests, if you have any inspiring pieces of art, songs or videos, please let me know.

Tube Socks are Sexy

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Here’s another video! Have you noticed that I’ve been amping up the videos in a major way? I’m also uploading three more videos which are older, but new to you, so that’s a total of 6 updates since Monday! We’ve been working really hard to be productive, receptive and to make the best videos possible. It’s definitely not the case of churning out videos and not caring if they have the emotion, the depth and the beauty, but rather to make sure every video is amazing and unique. We’re just finding ways to make time to shoot almost every day by being a little more efficient with the day to day business stuff.

This shoot has a little shout-out to Youporn because I recently started posting videos (just a few, I’m certainly not giving it all away for free) and interacting with the community. And after that, Mike comes up and takes me from behind. I’ve always been a really big fan of having sex this way, especially when he started getting hard by rubbing up against me before sliding inside me. This is a great opportunity for you to see the way I subtly work my hips when I have sex. Obviously, this is just a little tease, but I’ve heard you loud and clear and my blowjob movies will have a little more sexual variety, while still obviously being blowjob movies.

You also get a little glimpse of my pussy (which somehow feels vulgar to say on here, no clue why) when Mike teases me with his cock head for a bit before going back to the blowjob. I really love the sexuality in this video because it’s very free and almost reminiscent of exploring someone else’s body for the first time. I also just love wearing those sexy little tube sox. It may be cliché, but I almost felt like one of those American Apparel girls, except less bored looking and not on the back of a free news paper. Suffice it to say, this definitely won’t be the last time I wear socks like that because they really add a little kick to a basic white tee.

So, watch the rest of the video and tell me what you think, because I really want to know if you like the new directions we’re taking!

Creole Earrings

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Here’s a little preview of my latest video – Creole Earrings.  I had never actually heard of Creole earrings before, but someone requested that I’d wear some in a video, so I Googled them and ran out to get a pair.  I couldn’t be happier.  They add a little Bohemian chic into everything I wear and I just love them.

The video concept is fairly simple, just relying on deep colours and lots of passion.  Another request was to see a bit more of what I wear, so there’s a nice little tease shot at the beginning panning along my midnight blue dress, the hint of thigh high nylon stockings and then my timeless black pumps.  Hopefully that got a little rise out of you, so to speak.

I just did a really great shoot with a few more suggestions, including the apparently popular knee-high tube socks.  I feel all Risky Business wearing them, and kind of wanted to get a white blouse and some Ray Bans and slide across the floor.  Maybe next time.  Creole Earrings, just like the yet-to-be-named video that I’ll upload next, is a really hot video.  So, what are you waiting for?  Go watch the whole thing on The Art of Blowjob.

Men I Would Like to Fuck

Hi everyone!

Since I did a post about the women I’d like to fuck, I thought it would only be fair to the gentlemen out there if I made a list for them, too.  Of course, we all know that Mike is at the top of my list, but a girl can still fantasize a bit, right?  So, you’re probably going to notice right away that my list of men is very different than my list of women, and not only because of the gender switch.  Pretty much my entire list of men is based on my geekiness, so not all the men on it are as hot as someone like Dita Von Teese, but what they lack in conventional sex-appeal they more than make up for in other areas.

Without further ado, here’s my list!

The first gentleman on my list is one you might recognize from a little show called Star Trek: The Next Generation.

That’s right.  It’s Michael Dorn as Worf!  That rugged, ridged head is just to die for, am I right?  I’m such a Star Trek geek.  It’s because he’s got such a primal aspect in the character.  It’s all right there.

But seriously, as a non-Klingon, he’s pretty sexy.  He’s got a real warmth about him, but he’s still very striking and sexy.  In and out of costume/makeup, I would definitely fuck him.  He’s tall, he has a deep voice and I just love that about him.

The next man on my list is from another one of my favourite sci fi shows…  Battlestar Galactica!

It’s William Adama, played by Edward James Olmos.  I am an absolute sucker for a man in uniform.  He’s strong and he’s a real leader.  I find that so sexy.  He’s got the perfect blend of quiet power.  Plus, his eyes really pierce through and emote.

Who’s next on my list?  Well, as a Mac evangelist if would be pretty hard to skip over this genius…

Steve Jobs!  Really, is anyone surprised?  This man gave the world the most wonderful computers in the world and completely revolutionized the way we listen to music.  I would want to fuck him in an iBed, which would be like a giant iPad with pillows and a bunch of great vibrating apps.

So, I didn’t say that all of my choices would be purely geeky…

I find Edward Norton to be so sexy.  Ever since I saw Fight Club, I’ve had periodic fantasies about how he shed his meekness and embraced all of the animal nature inside of him.  He could unleash that all in bed…  I hear he can be kind of a bitch in real life, but I’m sure I could set him straight.

As a music lover, obviously I’d have to include a musician…

Trent Reznor is so sexy.  I love NIN and I’ve always had a crush on him.  His vocals are so seductive, his lyrics are so raw and his music is just so intense.  Besides, look at how sexy and brooding he can be?  I’d push that hair out of his eyes and fuck him like an animal.

Finally, my number one is pretty obvious, and another score for Star Trek…

Patrick Stewart as Captain Jean-Luc Picard.  Just look at him!  He’s so debonaire.  He has such charm, wit and presence, he’s just like a magnet and all eyes are drawn to him.  That accent is so unbelievably sexy.  I’d make it so hard.  (See what I did there?)  But seriously, how could anyone not want to be all over him?  Trekker or not, you can’t deny that the man is hot.

I was going to include my love for sci fi writer Ray Bradbury, but that might be a little creepy since he’s in his 90s.  That said, I agree with this video in a big way.

There’s even a pretty cute picture of Ray Bradbury watching the video.  I wonder what face he’d make if he knew I wanted to show him The Art of Blowjob.

So, that’s my list.  What do you think?  Do you like my choices?  Are you surprised?  Is there anyone you thought I’d pick but didn’t?