Women I Would Like to Fuck

Sorry for the crude title, but it’s true!  I decided to share a list of the women who I’d really like to have sex with.  These women are gorgeous, smart, talented, passionate…  So obviously they would be amazing in bed, right?  I ended up making a list of five women.

Women number five is Jennifer Connelly!

As you’ll see from this list, I have a big thing for brunettes.  I think she’s simply stunning and unbelievably sexy.  Plus, she’s an Academy Award winner and I’ve loved her since Labyrinth.  Couldn’t you see cozying up to this beautiful brunette with those smouldering eyes and come-hither glance?

Number four on my list of women I’d like to fuck is Monica Bellucci!

I really do have a type.  Not unlike Jennifer Connelly, Monica Bellucci is a really alluring brunette.  She has these beautiful brown doe eyes and really perfectly pouty lips.  How could you not want to kiss them?  She could whisper dirty things to me in Italian and I would just melt like butter.

My number three woman I’d like to fuck is a redhead just like me…  Christina Hendricks!

What an incredibly stunning woman.  I love brunettes, but I obviously see the appeal of redheads.  Christina is so gorgeous, curvy and seductive, I would just love to be tangled up in bed with her.  Imagine!  Two busty, pale redheads together…  Don’t you see why I want to fuck her?

My number two woman needs no introduction…  Sasha Grey!

Obviously we’ve all seen Sasha have sex, so we know she’s a very passionate lover.  Even though she and I differ on matters of blowjob technique, her lesbian videos show that she really knows how to treat a lady.  Besides, she’s utterly gorgeous and exudes sexiness AND she’s really smart!

Finally, my number one fantasy woman…  Dita Von Teese!

Dita Von Teese is the true master of sex appeal.  She is so demure, elegant, classy and refined and yet everything she does screams pure sex.  She’s seductive and she knows exactly how to dress to kill, but it’s all done in an understated way.  She has an ease and fluidity in her body that I admire so much, but more than just wanting to be like her…  I want to fuck her!

So, there you have it.  As a woman who is attracted to women, I think about this a lot and now it’s out in the open for all to see.  Do you like my list?  Which woman is your favourite and why?  Who else do you think should be on my list, and who else is on yours?

41 thoughts on “Women I Would Like to Fuck

  1. dave2oz

    Well let me be the first to say it’s an amazing list. And that some chick named Camille is right up there on mine! 😉

  2. Steven

    Well, that’s quite a f****ing fantastic list !! If I had to chose from your list : definitively Monica Belluci (wow, what a stunning Italian beauty she is !!) and also Christina Hendricks. My oh my … what a busty babe !! Indeed very curvy (but hey, absolutely no objections, I prefer that to those skinny bone types !!) and seductive. And what a cleavage :)
    Which makes me wonder : Would love to see you fuck her and then I join in :)

    Who is on my list ??? YOU !!! LOL :)

  3. Ed

    Jennifer Connelly is definitely on my list. She is sultry and demure. I love that. Kinda reminds me of a brunette version of you! If we’re voting on who on your list we’d most like you to get together with, she’s my vote. 😉
    My list would be similar to yours – I’m partial to dark brown or red hair – Kate Beckinsdale, Cerina Vincent, Claire Forlani, Elizabeth Hurley and Violet (of Virtual Violet on southerncharms) …
    I could see me or you with any one of them…!

    The whys – in some way, they all are sexy yet down to earth. Angels with a little bit of devils in them…

    I actually can’t imagine what I would do if you ever posted a video of you and one of them… :)

    It would definitely be an instant classic!

    and I think it’s safe to safe you are on Everybody’s list…

    1. Camille Post author

      That’s a really impressive list, Ed! I love your rationale about the naughty but nice girl. If Jennifer Connelly ever gives me a call, I’ll let you know. 😉

  4. Ralphtc

    Wow, this comment really stunned my provincial thinking. I recall you speaking of your monogamy with Mike.

    I wonder if you really are interested in fucking women, or simply looking at the personalties of these special people.
    I believe the traits you are expressing in these women would apply as well to men. Unfortunately, men do not really express their personalties in the porn world as do women. For the most part they are tools.

    Your previous reference to forthegirls.com provides a different slant on the male and his role in porn.

    All this requires some pondering.

    1. Camille Post author

      Haha. Well, monogamy is sort of a flexible term. In terms of love, we’re monogamous. In terms of the sex we have, it’s mostly monogamous, but we’ve had periods where we’ve played with another woman either all together or she and I alone. Mike knows and accepts that I love having sex with women, so it’s something I enjoy when I meet someone who I’m attracted to and who is okay with seeing a woman who is in a longterm relationship with a man. Kind of complicated, but very very fun.

  5. Darrell

    Hey Camille,

    I’m sure I’m not alone in wishing to see you with another woman again. I’d also love to know if you’re planning to allow members access to your other sites such as Dolorem and The Beautiful Porn?

    Thanks for such an amazing site and sights!


    1. Camille Post author

      Hi Darrell.

      I’m working on the woman thing. 😉

      Dolorem is an old site and it’s not updated any more, so I don’t want to link it to my site. The Beautiful Porn is just an a la carte site mostly for people who don’t have credit cards. There’s no membership, you just pick what you want. It costs a lot to maintain each website and I’m not a big corporation, so I have to charge for them individually. When I have more sites, I may bundle them for a reduced rate, but for now this is all I can do.

  6. Dave Oz

    I think Carla Gugini (Sin City) would be an amazing brunette to add to your list. She has those curves and comes across with the self-confidence all the women you mention seem to exude. From the porn world, there is a model out there going by the name of Jayden–she’s another that seems totally comfortable doing what she does.

    And speaking of Sin City, no one could go wrong with lusting after the women in that movie–Jessica Alba, Devon Aoki, Alexis Bledel, Rosario Dawson (mmmm), and Jaime KIng (double mmmm). No matter what your type is, those girls are just so hot.

    As for who else I would put on the list–well, there’s the blonde on the train platform who looks so hot today, the brunette waiting for the cab with the amazing breasts, the girl at the beach who has no real idea as to how she looks in that bikini…face it, we horny guys would like to fuck them all 😉

  7. Darrell

    Thanks for the reply Camille. The Dolorem site looks to still be live and taking memberships; is that right and if so then why not open it up to existing new members?

    1. Camille Post author

      Well, it’s older stuff and I don’t necessarily want to directly link it to The Art of Blowjob, which is my current focus. Our approach and aesthetic has changed. Also, since I’m a small business owner and not a huge conglomerate, it would mean losing out on membership sales that help support me in being able to keep doing what I do. Down the line, once there are more sites, I may start making combo memberships, but for now it’s too early to be able to work out for me.

    1. Camille Post author

      I’m glad you appreciate the replies, Darrell. It matters to me to actually talk with you guys. And I’m sure I’ll shoot some sex videos some day.

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  9. Bobby

    Hey Camille, Of course you would be the first on my list amongst other that would be distant second, third and so on. The top 5 starting from the 5th to 1st would be Dana Delaney (actress Desperate housewives), Vanessa Carlton (singer), Tachina Arnold (actress Everybody hates Chris), Serina Williams (Tennis player), Suzy Kolber (ESPN Correspondance) and of course YOU are number 1.

  10. Eddy

    Sasha Grey would also be one of my favorites to fuck, she has a perfect body and an outstanding sexappeal. How about Lucy Pinder and Rebecca Loos?


  11. Hernán

    Exellent top five. My list is:

    1- You
    2- Sasha Grey
    3- Jennifer Connelly
    4- Megan fox
    5- Nancy (a neighbor who drives me crazy)

  12. Sneaky Ess

    Camille id have you and chrisitna hendreicks id love to watch you with ditto van teese – both have the same coulored lips and labia id love you to o to have a 69 , strap on, anal rimming – ohoh i just shot my imaginary wad !

      1. Sneaky Ess

        camille in know babe – you remind me of a girl i worked with and i used tro regularly fantasize about her (nothing rude) – i think about her on a four postster bed and just making love to her like in an old filme – pity i didnt have the guts to aask her out

  13. impassion8

    For me, it would be:

    1) Camille Crimson
    2) Joan Severance
    3) Rene Russo
    4) Jennifer Connelly
    5) Catherine Keener

    I know that Catherine Keener may not seem to belong here, but there has always been something sexy about her, at least for me. Of course, Camille is my #1. You know that I love you, Camille.


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