Squirting is Real

Sexy redhead Camille Crimson gives a sensual blowjob and gets an amazing cumshot

A friend of mine recently asked me a question on Tumblr, wondering if I believed that squirting was real.  Of course!  Honestly, I’ve always been a bit jealous of squirters.  Sure, I may have some serious blowjob abilities, but I’ve always wanted to be able to squirt.  Since I’m a pretty big fan of sex toys, I’ve done a fair amount of experimentation with dildos and vibrators but I’ve never actually been able to squirt.  Not for lack of trying, not for lack of G-spot stimulation…  It’s just not something my body seems to be able to do.

I have begrudgingly accepted the fact, but I still very much admire people who can.  I knew a girl who I used to fool around with and she could squirt nearly every time.  She had the angles, the speed and the sensations required to squirt down to a science and I just stood by in awe as she basically gushed like a fountain.  It’s a very sexy thing to watch and I just want to be a part of that.

Another person on Tumblr asked a follow-up question to clarify my statement that some squirting in porn is fake.  Yes, you heard that right…  Fake squirting.  Some squirt porn consists of women drawing water into their vaginas and then using their PC muscles to force it out.  This is not the way real squirting happens, as it comes out of the urethra.  It’s not urine, though.  I’ve been close enough to see that it’s not.  So if a woman squirts with you or says she squirts, just believe her.  Since most female arousal and orgasm isn’t as visible as it is for guys, when you see something like this, it should be respected and not “disproved” with anecdotes from the internet or some guy you know.

It’s a shame that you can’t really tell whether squirt porn is real or not, but when you see it you just know.  A lot of amateur porn, more underground porn or porn with a star who is known for her squirting will probably be real, so do a little research and see the human body do something really impressive and sexy.

So what do you think?  Do you believe it’s real?  Have you experienced it (or watched it) first hand?  Do you like watching it in porn?  I’m interested!

18 thoughts on “Squirting is Real

  1. mstang67289

    Yes I know it is real because I have experienced it first hand. It was AMAZING to be between her legs and feel that wonderful gush of cum. I want to make that happen again and again!! I do like to watch porn of squirting even though you are never sure it is real or not.

  2. kinkykimber

    Squirting IS real, and have never had one complaint from a guy. In fact, they say they feel more satisfied the more I squirt. 😀 I seem to find that it is a completely different orgasm then if I stimulated the clitoris, and requires penetration.. and to be well hydrated. It is not urine, because after sex, I find I have to use the bathroom immediately. lol. TMI, I am sure 😀

  3. Strem

    I just recently learned to make my wife squirt and I must say that it is the hottest thing ever. It doesn’t come flying out in buckets like you see in a lot of porn movies. It is very visible and seems to come out in waves. Finally finding her G spot and being able to find it at will is so wonderful. Knowing I have her body under my complete control when I touch her G spot is my biggest turn on. Communication was the key as I felt around inside of her and had her tell me exactly when she felt it. Then I just kept gently rubbing it and watched as she lost total control and soaked my whole hand. Ahh greatest thing ever

    1. Camille Post author

      Strem – You sound like a really great husband to care so much about communication and helping your wife in finding that type of pleasure.

  4. Kemper525

    I’ve got to leave a comment saying I know squirting is real. After all, I don’t consider sex with my fiancée “done well” unless I’ve gotten her to squirt at least once per round. On a good night we joke we could turn our bed into a Koi pond!

    She really can squirt almost every time we have sex. It’s wonderfully erotic to me, so I love it. Watching it in a video isn’t nearly the same as experiencing it firsthand I have to say. There’s something incredible about watching her muscles clench and that wild spray happen when she really loses herself in an orgasm that doesn’t translate to a video. It’s even better when I’m still insider her when it starts. After all, her muscles have to clench pretty hard to expel liquid with that kind of force!

    From what I’ve experienced, squirting certainly isn’t urine, at least by taste, color, or consistency. I’ll admit I haven’t done a chemical analysis of it and I doubt I ever will. I once dated a girl who thought it’d be fun to try watersports though and can confirm that squirting liquid is clearer than urine, with a less sticky texture and residue.

    In the end though, I have to say I love squirting. As a guy I can finally understand why women love it when their man cums. It’s a visible and physical proof that what you’re doing is pleasing your partner. For that alone it would be worth it. The sensation of having her squirt all over me while I’m buried inside her is one hell of an added benefit though.

    Just my two cents.

  5. Tular

    Squirting is very real. My wife squirts and well I might add. Its a terrific and wonderfully sexual experience to watch a woman cum that hard she squirts. And for a guy like me, making her squirt both when I’m licking her and fucking her is such a turn on, I want more and more of it. Then the bed becomes soaked and when we are done we are both a wet mess. Its wonderful.

    There is a huge difference in a woman really squirting and that fake stuff in porn. Kinda like that one fake series of that guy that cums like about 3 gallons all over the place. Its not interesting to me and is not a turn on at all.

    I’m sure you’ve tried everything so far you can think of Camille, but don’t give up. I think any woman can find it happen sooner or later and from what I see and hear, its awesome.

    1. Camille Post author

      Tular – I’ll definitely keep trying, but I know not every woman’s body is made to squirt. And I saw that 3 gallon cumshot… Ew. I think he was injected with saline. It looked painful.

  6. Jens

    I’m glad I experienced it once with some kind of sex-affair. She showed me how she made it by masturbating and after that I tried to stimulate her the right way. I had to take my fingers (or penis) out of her when a little fountain squirted out.

    But the really hot thing wasn’t the squirting itself, but her trembling body. It looked like she’d lost control over herself and her noises were really sexy.

    Aaaah, makes me horny thinking about it…

    1. Camille Post author

      Jens – The trembling is such an incredible thing. There’s a pornstar called Cytherea who really quakes when she squirts and it’s very hot to watch.

  7. D

    I’ve dated a couple of squirters. One would do it when she was on top and it would just pour out all over me. I loved that – felt like she was melting all around my cock.

    The other required manual stimulation. One night we did it with her laying on the bed and me on my knees next to her. She squirted all over the place. It was cool but not as much of a turn-on as with the first gal.

  8. Bob

    Ok, I understand you guys like squirtng but you need to understand. Any doctor will tell you the the urethra is connected to is the bladder, and the only substance in the bladder is urine. Am I saying it’s impossible to orgasm and involuntarily eject liquid from the urthra? No. In that sense, ‘squirting’ is real. But the liquid is ultimately urine. Maybe it will vary slightly due to glandular secretions but in terms of sheer volume, you are ignorant if you think it isn’t mostly urine.

    If there was a pocket (or some pockets) of fluid in the pelvis other than the bladder to account for the large volume of liquid involved in squirting, dont you think it would have been discovered by now? If squirting doesn’t at least in part contain urine, why has any other source of the aforementioned volume proved so elusive? Is it hiding in an extradimensional pocket?

    Never mind finding the actual liquid, why has it been so difficult to define it’s composition if it is so distinct from urine?

    I can predict the responses this is going to get. All I’m going to say is don’t accept medical information from sex blogs as gospel, go look at peer reviewed medical journals for actual facts.

    And that’s not a slight on sex bloggers or their blogs, I read many, I’m just saying. If you want culinary advice, go to a chef not a blacksmith.

    1. Camille Post author

      It’s hard to say because studies have been so inconsistent. There are paraurethral glands that hold more liquid than we once thought. There may be some urine in it, although some studies have shown otherwise. At the very least, some of it is ejaculate and it is not the same as urinating. If it’s a means of pleasure for some women, whether there is some urine in it or not, it’s a good thing and I feel like disproving it/writing it off as just urinating kind of negates their pleasure.

  9. arcanes angel

    I first squirted last year when a man went down on me for what felt like an hour and numerous orgasms before we fucked. It was like being hit by lightning and then the fluid just gushed out.

    Now it is happening from fucking alone. It is sharp, intense and so powerful that I howl while my body shakes. It isn’t like any other kind of orgasm. I’m not sure whether I like it or not…it just knocks me down but my guy loves it.


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