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Women I Would Like to Fuck

Sorry for the crude title, but it’s true!  I decided to share a list of the women who I’d really like to have sex with.  These women are gorgeous, smart, talented, passionate…  So obviously they would be amazing in bed, right?  I ended up making a list of five women.

Women number five is Jennifer Connelly!

As you’ll see from this list, I have a big thing for brunettes.  I think she’s simply stunning and unbelievably sexy.  Plus, she’s an Academy Award winner and I’ve loved her since Labyrinth.  Couldn’t you see cozying up to this beautiful brunette with those smouldering eyes and come-hither glance?

Number four on my list of women I’d like to fuck is Monica Bellucci!

I really do have a type.  Not unlike Jennifer Connelly, Monica Bellucci is a really alluring brunette.  She has these beautiful brown doe eyes and really perfectly pouty lips.  How could you not want to kiss them?  She could whisper dirty things to me in Italian and I would just melt like butter.

My number three woman I’d like to fuck is a redhead just like me…  Christina Hendricks!

What an incredibly stunning woman.  I love brunettes, but I obviously see the appeal of redheads.  Christina is so gorgeous, curvy and seductive, I would just love to be tangled up in bed with her.  Imagine!  Two busty, pale redheads together…  Don’t you see why I want to fuck her?

My number two woman needs no introduction…  Sasha Grey!

Obviously we’ve all seen Sasha have sex, so we know she’s a very passionate lover.  Even though she and I differ on matters of blowjob technique, her lesbian videos show that she really knows how to treat a lady.  Besides, she’s utterly gorgeous and exudes sexiness AND she’s really smart!

Finally, my number one fantasy woman…  Dita Von Teese!

Dita Von Teese is the true master of sex appeal.  She is so demure, elegant, classy and refined and yet everything she does screams pure sex.  She’s seductive and she knows exactly how to dress to kill, but it’s all done in an understated way.  She has an ease and fluidity in her body that I admire so much, but more than just wanting to be like her…  I want to fuck her!

So, there you have it.  As a woman who is attracted to women, I think about this a lot and now it’s out in the open for all to see.  Do you like my list?  Which woman is your favourite and why?  Who else do you think should be on my list, and who else is on yours?

New Lingerie!

Hey everyone!

Sexy redhead loves giving blowjobs in lingerieA photo from Member’s Request – Smile!

I’m really excited because I just went out and bought some really great lingerie this weekend.  There’s a store I’m a big fan of and Sophie told me that they actually have a huge discount store right downtown.  I ran as fast as I could (not really, but I perked up early on a Saturday morning to head down there) and picked up some of the nicest things I’ve ever bought.  I ended up with three short lace slips in red, purple and pink.  I got three bra and panty sets in pink, black and purple with really beautiful embroidery.  I also got a pair of orange satin pyjamas (tank top and capris) and another satin slip in a purple floral print with a matching kimono type thing.

Even though I don’t always seem like the girly girl with my love of nerdy things like Starcraft and computers, I really enjoy getting lingerie.  The colours give me so much inspiration for shoots and each little outfit puts me in a different mood and makes me want to give a different kind of blowjob.  Lace and satin just make me feel so sexy.  The sensations against my skin really bring out the vixen in me…  I can’t explain it, it just happens.  I guess when someone sees lingerie, they see the image of sexiness and want that sexiness.  Actually wearing lingerie makes YOU the sexiness itself.

Of course I feel super comfortable with my body and I feel sexy no matter what I wear, but lingerie can make me feel like a million bucks no matter what.  I can’t wait to show you what I get up to in my new lingerie…  I promise that it’s going to be very erotic and that the blowjobs are going to be absolutely beautiful and full of passion.


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A clip from Reflection

If you hadn’t seen my Twitter statuses, we’ve been having some modem issues at work.  I was worried I wouldn’t get my update up.  Luckily we had a breakthrough and it’s working, so I’m happy to show you my newest video.  It’s called Reflection and it was a real cinematographic experiment.  We decided to have a bunch of Camilles in the shot and I think it worked.  We have me, my mirror reflection and the reflection of my Macbook in the background, which we use as a monitor so we can see what the camera sees and adjust if necessary.

Another thing you might notice about the video is that it’s a very sloppy and juicy blowjob, which is not my usual thing.  It was another experiment, and it was actually very interesting.  I had decided not to use my hands until the end, so I had to try different things and different sensations to get Mike close to orgasm.  My decision was to let myself go with my mouth and then let the spit drip out of my mouth however it wanted to.  It’s definitely not something I’m going to do every time, but it was a very freeing experience and it created a very interesting image.

What do you think about sloppy/juicy blowjobs?  Also, what do you think about the reflections?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Funny Song to End the Week

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to share a really funny video someone shared with me recently.  It’s a song from a musical called Avenue Q, which is basically like a real life Sesame Street.  It seems so funny and it’s called…  “The Internet is for Porn”, which is so true.  The video isn’t the best quality (I think someone snuck a camera into the theatre and recorded from their seat) but it’s worth a watch.

So, do you agree?  Do you think the internet is for porn?  I do!

Have an amazing weekend, everyone!  Be sure to watch some porn!

Video Interview With Peeperz (The Pornhub Network Blog)

Sexy redhead gives amazing blowjobs and does Pornhub video interview

A little over a week ago, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Joy Topaz of Peeperz and discuss a bunch of really interesting things.  It was a real pleasure to meet her and she asked me some really amazing questions.  By some, I mean a lot of questions.  Just when I couldn’t be asked any more questions, she told me I’d be getting even more questions to make a video interview.  Well, my video interview went live over at Peeperz, so go have a look now!

I’ve included an exerpt of the text interview.  There’s a second part coming soon, which I’ll post as soon as it’s up! is a big name for a site when it contains only one blowjob giver and one blowjob receiver. In essence, you’re claiming the title of artist and expert. Prodigy and wizard. Authority and ace and all of those other synonyms that go with “I’m the best, kneel at my feet, plebs.”

But if there is one woman who can claim that title and at whose feet we would happily kneel, it’s Camille Crimson.

TheArtOfBlowjob showcases Camille giving the most passionate, languid, POV blowjobs porn has ever seen. All of her scenes are filmed beautifully, focusing on the sensuality that seethes from Camille and her partner and her obvious penchant for driving men (and the women watching) crazy with her mouth.

Interviewing Camille is a lesson in restraint. Sitting across from this ever so soft-spoken woman, we couldn’t help but think of the quote ‘steel fist in a velvet glove’ but with Camille it’s more of a ‘steel fist in a sultry, green-eyed, redhead that we want to jump, glove’.  Smart, calm and perhaps even a bit shy, it is obvious that underneath is a carnal layer that loves to be unleashed.

We had to ask Camille what she thought on the latest trend of blowjobs in porn (the gagging, spitting skull fuck). Camille just sighed, “I like deepthroating but not the gagging. I have a hard time believing that men want a women vomiting on their dick. Is it curiosity? I think the people filming may be pushing more than the people that actually want it.”

Camille doesn’t remember the first time she gave a blowjob but she does remember not knowing what to do. Obviously this was before the wonders of Pornhub. She realized that she loved them when she was 22 with her now partner and costar. Fucking lucky, lucky bastard.

So our original plan didn’t work out. We were planning to lure Camille out with the ruse of an interview, charm her with our dazzling personality, ply her with drinks and then have her so unable to contain herself that she drags us home and has her way with our very willing body. Ah well, we won’t hold it against her. At least we still have her porn.

Those are some pretty amazing compliments…  And coming from someone as amazing as Joy (and the amazing social media coordinator Jordan) and a site as amazing as Peeperz/Pornhub, it feels incredible to get those kinds of accolades.


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Trailer for POV

I put up a new video on The Art of Blowjob yesterday and I’m really happy to say that I love how it turned out.  First off, it’s the premiere of my new bumper.  I wanted to make the videos more personal and I thought this would be a great way to connect with the viewer a bit.  Also, it’s just to really emphasize the authenticity of the video.  I’m not just a model, this is my site.  Plus, it was an excuse to dress up, which I always love.

You may have noticed, I’m wearing the corset again, which I think may actually be called a basque.  Lingerie is pretty but the terms confuse me.  It was shot on a different day and everything, but I love that outfit so much that I wore it for the corset video, my bumper, the latest video and my upcoming video interview for Peeperz.  Sometimes you put something on and it just makes you feel so sexy and free, yet sophisticated.  That’s what this outfit does for me.

The video is in a really sensual POV style.  It’s not like the usual POV blowjob video because there’s none of that gross taunting from the guy and it’s all about watching the intricacies of the mouth work.  More than anything, it’s about the eye contact.  I made sure to really showcase my eyes with my makeup and then I just looked up into his eyes (and the camera a little bit) as much as possible to convey the passion I feel while giving a blowjob.  That’s what it’s all about, right?

I’d love to hear what you think about POV videos.  What turns you on about them?  What turns you off about them?  How would your ideal POV video look?