New Vlog, Interview on The Writing Buddha and Featured Article on She Love Sex

Hey everyone!  Once again, a super busy week.  I’m taking a break from packing up boxes of my stuff to post a quick blog featuring some of the amazing things I’ve been up to in my life this week.

First, I have a new vlog with my funny moving clothes, my excitement about the new blog look, my fun shopping plans with Sophie to decorate the new office and questions from Tumblr members Light11 and Velvethammer!  Check it out:

I really love giving advice, so please keep asking me questions.  And I hope that Ed and Dave get a little minute of butterflies in the stomach over this.

Sophie and I sat down together and wrote a really amazing how-to guide on blow jobs and it’s being featured on She Loves Sex!  Here’s a little excerpt:

Before we even get into anatomy, it’s important to talk about what turns YOU on about giving a blow job. There are so many different motivations for giving a blow job, whether it’s because you get off on pleasing your partner, you love the sensuality of oral sex, you want to create a consensual degradation scene… All of these are perfectly wonderful reasons to give a blow job, but it’s important to know which of these reasons drive you and then to figure out which ones drive your partner.  For example, if you want to be treated like a dirty little slut and he wants to have you gently kiss and caress him with rose petals on the bed, scented candles and smooth jazz playing in the background, there’s going to be some confusion.

Sophie definitely has a particular way of talking and so do I, so it’s really interesting to mix them together along with my technical skills and her knowledge of queer sexuality.  I really hope this article helps you give and/or receive better blow jobs, because that’s what we all want, isn’t it?

I’m really excited to share my interview at The Writing Buddha!  Take a look:

Q: What’s your take on the porn industry?  Have you seen anything that’s impressed you?
The industry is a very mixed bag.  There is some pretty awful stuff that is just so formulaic and void of any redeeming aesthetic value, but there are some really amazing people these days who are reclaiming porn and injecting some much needed wit and beauty. People coming to mind are mostly in the queer genre: Madison Young, Courtney Trouble, Shine Louise Houston, Travis Matthews. I’m also a huge fan of John Cameron Mitchell’s Shortbus.

Q: Why blowjobs?  Have you thought of doing more?  Scratch that… blowjobs rock!
Blowjobs are very sensual.  They’ve always been something I’ve really enjoyed and that I’m really good at. Also, they are very dynamic looking on camera because the action is so clear and if you’re good at them and shooting them well, they can be unbelievably erotic.  Besides, in terms of making porn, it’s important to do something that other people want, too. Blowjobs are pretty much a universal favorite, but not many sites show them in a loving and beautiful light.  We’re very special in that respect.

Q: Not to sound like a Cosmo article, but what are your turn-on’s and turn-off’s?
My boyfriend, of course!  I like dark hair and dark eyes and people who are smart and respect me.  And people who can relax about their sexuality and just have a good time!

He also included a Camille Crimson page on his site with a few video trailers, a video on The Infinite Ache and a little post about my favourite song used in one of my videos on his music page.  What a sweet and amazing guy, right?

I should really get back to work but I will be back soon with more posts.

8 thoughts on “New Vlog, Interview on The Writing Buddha and Featured Article on She Love Sex

  1. Ed

    Butterflies and then some! (something caught in my throat)
    It has been a great pleasure getting to know you. Everything everyone has been saying about you is true- you’re smart, funny, amazing, talented and the best at what you do.
    It was my pleasure to give you the gifts, and to write to you. Like I said before, you always make me smile when I get a note from you, and this was 100 times better!
    Thank YOU, for being you…

  2. Buddha

    I showed your videos to my girlfriend. She loved them. She thinks you’re very pretty. Her favorite moment was seeing your boyfriend breathing while you were going down on him. She thought it was “hot.” Another new fan.

  3. Dave Oz

    Hi CC,

    Thanks for the mention–how very sweet of you. I’ve often wondered if you still wear that gift–it’s great to hear that you do.

    I can only echo what Ed said and add that I think of you as not a porn star but instead, as that really cool, fun chick I know who just happens to take a lot of hot pics. I’ve always liked the two-way communication we’ve had–that remains my favorite part of what you do as it makes you a “real” person and not someone who does this just for the loonies. Now the Vlog makes you even more real!

    I just had to throw loonies in there to acknowledge that you’re Canadian 😉

    Thanks again, you’re just wonderful.


    Dave O.

    1. Camille Post author

      I still wear it and think of how sweet you are each time I do. It means so much that you guys see me as real and accessible. I really appreciate your friendship. I never want to be just another porn girl and even though the content I create is special, it’s not enough unless it has the real personal connection too. I certainly don’t just do it for the loonies, although they are useful in vending machines. I don’t know how Americans deal with wrinkly bills. Coins are just so much easier. 😉


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