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Spring is Here

Hey everyone!  I hope you’re all having a wonderful week.  I know I am.  I’m working so hard on getting some new and exciting things together for the Art of Blowjob and I hope to have a few updates for you soon!

The other day I did one of my favourite shoots to date – Turquoise Flower.  I put on some beautiful turquoise lingerie sent to me by Ed and matched it with all sorts of turquoise accessories, including a gorgeous flower clipped in my hair.  The outfit was a beautiful lace shirt, a sexy matching thong and some silky nude stockings.  I felt all beautiful and girly and full of spring, so obviously I decided to give a blow job.  That’s my favourite thing to do, after all!  I only wish I would have found some turquoise nail polish to make everything match…  But that might be overkill.  And turquoise lipstick would have been a bit too alien-like.

Just as a funny side note, if you look really hard in the first little bit of the video, you see one of my cats run by.  She just wants to be a star!  (Extra funny side note, she’s one of those cats with thumbs!  I bet she would give this video two thumbs up…  Haha!  That’s weird.)  But I really hope you like this video because it is so vibrant and colourful and it was such a wonderful experience.  I think the love and sincerity comes through so much in this one.  Enjoy!

Interview about Sensual Blow Jobs with My Best Friend Porn

Hey everyone!

I’m still planning on writing that epic blog post, but things have been busy here these past few days because I’ve been working on the site, uploading and shooting for The Art of Blowjob and I Use My Feet and I’m working on developing lots of new ideas to get more content and more contact with you guys.  One of the ways in which I’ve been able to do this is through a really amazing interview with an amazing porn blog called My Best Friend Porn.  It’s run by “The Guy” and “The Girl”, who blog about the best and the worst of porn, dealing with issues of human sexuality mirrored in the industry as well as posting sexy pictures and videos.  After a few e-mails back and forth, I sat down for an hour+ long chat with “The Guy” to discuss everything from my start in porn to my philosophies on why people watch porn to a few technique pointers.  He had some very nice things to say.  He started things off by saying:

One of the things we hate the most in contemporary porn is the trend of forced blowjobs performed by gagging porn starlets, so we were excited to discover This amazing site features the lovely Camille Crimson and the incredibly erotic and loving blowjobs she performs on her boyfriend. Folks, this is the real deal and it’s hot! The incredibly gorgeous scenes are filmed with an artistic sensibility that most independent films aren’t even able to achieve. Don’t let the word “artistic” scare you away though, this isn’t like most of the cheesy porn that calls itself “art.” The cinematography only adds to the intimacy and eroticism of the couple’s videos and it’s VERY refreshing to see someone approach pornography with an adult sensibility rather than that of a 15-year-old boy.

The ensuing article delves into a lot of interesting aspects of my personality, my humour and my connection to porn.

You can read the whole interview here.  Thanks so much again to My Best Friend Porn for the great opportunity!

Performance Art Blow Job

Hey everyone!

I have a plan for a big blog post later in the week, but I found this crazy video on X-Rated News and I thought I’d share:

Performance Art Blow Job

This is what happens when you give an enthusiastic blow job to a microphone…  Sexy?  Let me know what you think!

Edited to add – I wanted to get the blog post done today, but it’s going to be really epic and I want to do it justice, so it’ll have to wait a bit.  But it’s going to be intense, informative and very very sexy.  Thanks for holding tight while I put it together…  This weekend it pretty devoted to shooting.

The Office

Not like The Office with Jim and Pam and Michael Scott, but like the one with our PR/marketing girl, my boyfriend and I!  We’re hard at work doing lots of upgrades to the website, editing lots of videos and photos and making sure to be in better contact through social media, blogs and forums, but I wanted to make sure to show you all a picture of our beautiful office.

Camille Crimson Black Dress

Lots of greenery, lots of lights and lots of desks.  That’s Sophie’s desk/chair in the background and I’m killing zombies on my new iPod touch while enjoying a break!  I can’t wait until I can be playing on an iPad, but there’ll be a post about that soon enough.  For now, back to work!

Big Changes


Giving a blow job like a rockstar!

Hey everyone!   Things have been so busy here for the past little while.  We’re all moved into a beautiful downtown office and we hired our first full time employee.  Her name is Sophie, she’s a recent university grad and she’s going to be helping with marketing The Art of Blowjob as well as other upcoming projects!  Having her do this side of the work means that I’m going to have more time to do shoots and to be in better contact with all of you.  That means lots of site updates, regular blog postings, quick responses to e-mails, comments and messages and more contests!

Speaking of contests, we have one going on right now.  All you have to do is become friends with me on Twitter and then retweet my contest message ( is having a 24 hour contest!  Retweet this message for a chance to win a free 1 month membership!)  and voila!  You have until 1:30pm EST on Wednesday, May 5th to enter.  A free month-long membership means a lot of time to check out some seriously incredible blow job videos.  Obviously you’re into them, or else you probably wouldn’t be checking this blog, so get on Twitter and get your name in for the draw!

Other than that, the weather has been really weird lately.  It snowed and slushed all day less than a week ago, but we’ve also had some of the most beautifully sunny days.  And sometimes it’s way too humid and then there are major thunderstorms.  All in all, not what you could call steady weather.  I just want it to be sunny so I can go out and walk around our beautiful city, maybe enjoy a few glasses of red on a terrace somewhere.  Snow may be beautiful, but really not in April/May.  That is just wrong.

We’re going to be doing a shoot tomorrow and we’re just coming up with a few ideas for it now.  I think I’m going to be wearing a beautiful piece of lingerie given to me by Ed, so that’s going to be really hot.  I hope you all enjoy!  Now, I’m going to get back to planning a beautiful video.  But, before I go, I just wanted to give you guys a little updated list with all the ways to contact me, as the list keeps growing and I’ve vowed to spend more time interacting with you!

Tumblr – This has non-nude picture updates, mini-blogs and links to things I love online.

Twitter – An excellent way to get in touch with me and get little updates about my day.

Plurk – It’s like Twitter, only it’s based on Karma.  Even more little updates about my day!

Facebook – Become my fan and get special updates about the sites and shoots.

Flickr – See frequently updated photos of me and make direct comments about them.

I look forward to talking to you all soon and responding to/integrating your feedback so that The Art of Blowjob can be the best it can be.