Monthly Archives: April 2010

Lingerie Gift. Wow!

I’ve received from Ed some beautiful lingerie. I’ve made a little short movie and took some pictures just for him but also did a blow job video with one of the gorgeous piece he send me.

I feel very special and blessed to have received such a beautiful gift. Here’s a picture:

Isn’t that pretty and sexy or what?

Thank you Ed. Love. xox

The video is available for members here and there’s a trailer there for non-members.

New Apartment?

I fell in love with an apartment I’ve visited this morning. It’s old, big and has a lot of personality. I could already see all the beautiful movies we would be able to do in this place. The only thing is that it’s quite dirty but I don’t mind cleaning of.

I can’t stand staying in our current apartment. The worst thing I think is the odor of cigarette from the neighbor. It stinks. Walls are so thin we can hear the dice rolling when the sun is playing Dungeons and Dragons. lol

The owner will call tomorrow so I’ll be fixed (and will probably make a little blog post) by then. I’m so excited!

iPod 4 Me

It seems I’m still the middle child of the family getting the cloths from my older sister (at least I was not the last child). Of course this is a metaphor: I have 8 and 10 years age difference with my sisters -who are actually step sisters from different fathers. But instead of cloth, it’s electronics. Mike gave me his old iPod Touch because he bought him self -it doesn’t really matter who bought it either, money comes from the same place anyway- an iPhone.

This is a picture from last year. I’ve had the iPod you see in my right hand since then and envy the iPod Touch (in my left hand and front plan) all that time. I guess you could say visualization works.

I think it’s fun to be the middle child. And it’s fun to have an iPod Touch. I’ve had it for 3 days and I’m still experimenting the apps -but mostly playing games, ho làlà. There’s only a slight problem: the screen is much to small. Especially when you just wake up, aren’t wearing your glasses and want to read your tweet stream and write replies to your twitter friends.

I’m now even more convinced that I want an iPad. I would already have one if I wasn’t living in Canada. I can already imagine all I will accomplish before even getting out of bed…

Google Hates Porn

My friend at had his Blogger blog disabled because he was talking about porn. And he does not even write about the heavy porn we see most of the time. For once, there’s a blog that is tasteful on the Blogger platform but Google just hates porn… without distinction. It’s understandable from a robot point of view I guess.

I love robots.

I’m glad he didn’t give up his writing and luckily, I followed him on Twitter so I could ask where was his blog.

As for myself, there’s not much to say except that I went shopping for lingerie for my birthday (that was on April 4th)… I’ve bought new stuff that fits so next week you’ll see that bran new lingerie! I have curves now I have never dreamed of having before (hopefully they wont turn into a nightmare. I’m indulging -exaggerating- the wine and the chocolate).