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Liquid Whispers

Reading my RSS subscriptions is my favorite time in the day. I usually do this in the morning but today I had an appointment for blood work(?). One of my RSS feed is from a blogger who is also an affiliate of The Art of Blow Job, that’s how I came to know his blog. He is, honestly, the only one I bother following because his posts are interesting.

About a week ago, in the bloody fraking cold -20˚C (+ wind) of Canada. I didn’t have any pictures to illustrate my post so I thought you’d like a candid.

His today’s post is somewhat a sum of all the things I’ve been trying to say -but lacked the elegance and vocabulary to do so- and show to people through my “job” on TAOBJ and so much of the redundantly ideas Mike and I talk on an almost daily basis.

Let not my vulgar words disgrace his post and just go read it now:

Read more of his posts, leave comments, share with your friends.

Film: Young People Fucking

Yesterday night I’ve watch this movie called “Young People Fucking” cuddled up with Mike on the sofa and having chicken soup. It’s the story of best friends, an old couple, the exes, the first date and roommates and they, well you’ve guessed it, all have a good fuck. But not like in a porno. This movie is NOT a porno -there’s some boobs but no pussy, which works well anyway for the film. It’s more like an essaie on showing that emotions can hardily be separated from sex. With that in mind, I promise there’s some action.

The actors are awesome (not to mention HOT especially the brunette friend). The script is good. The stories of each couple is interesting, provocative, funny and even a little weird.

The film could have been a bigger success but I think there’s 2 reasons why it hasn’t been heard of:

  • The title sucks
  • It’s canadian

I think there were some long moments but Mike argues there were none. Either way, it’s a very interesting movie and you should watch it and then discuss it here with me: I’d love to know what you thought about it.

Best Friends

The “Old” Couple

The Roommates

The First Date

The Exes