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$30(0) Millions For The Remake Of A Remake

Apparently, Fede Alvarez is sponsored by Sam Raimi himself for a Hollywood film contract because he remade a nice little short and posted it on Youtube. I must admit, mr Alvarez does have talent for directing, editing and special effects.

Check it out! It’s pretty cool :) And who wouldn’t love a short that uses John Murphy’s 28 Days Later theme.

And that’s his inspiration:

Very cool too!

Found the story there:

I do not hope this post will be more popular then the last 2 because all I want is to come back to my blog as some sort of diary (this word just sounds like diarrhea with my frenchie accent and I hate it). Anyway, maybe I have a weird sense of humour because the suicide bunny is hilarious but no one laughed. And I love to try to make sense without making any. I still love you even if you don’t laugh at my posts.


So… I’m not a fast-food consumer. I’ve never even eaten to Taco-Bell (yes! u.n.b.e.l.i.e.v.a.b.l.e I know but it’s very true!) and last time I ate McDonald’s was … I don’t remember. I think fast-food doesn’t taste like real food and for what I remember from say McD., it leaves a very disgusting taste in my mouth -and I don’t even want to talk about the texture. Yuck. (sick)

We use to joke around and tell my son the meat in the burgers at McD. was clown shit. lots. of. laugh. The image is to vivid for me to even think about having anything from that fast-food restaurant (shouldn’t have the right to call themselves restaurant) or from any other for that matter (except Harvey’s, I do go once or twice a year and come back home saying “Never Again“).

I’m telling you this to try to introduce and share a blog post I read yesterday that cranked me and that I hope have enlighten many other people. I don’t usually link to other blogs due to the very nature of my content but this one is really good, funny (read sarcastic) and intelligent.


I’m all for experimenting with food as long as it remains in or as close as its original form.

Nude and Shy

I’ve update TAoBJ yesterday with the video I’ve named “Shy” (because I was). You would think that after all that time doing porno there wouldn’t be anything to make me blush. Showing you my pubic hair and my breast does. I’m not saying more so just take a look here if you are a member and there (for the trailer, there’s goodies I promise) if you are not.

Camille Crimson Nude