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Have Fun With Kama Sutra

Kama Sutra has always been about serious and beautiful sex. It’s the standard work on human sex. Well not anymore thanks to My Karma Sutra Buddy!
Please enjoy the many combinations of Kamasutra (no matter how small or big you are you can still enjoy its many positions):
My Karma Sutra Buddy

PS: I’d love to hear your choices in combinations and positions and what you thought about it 😀

The Gap Between Mainstream And Porn

I know what pisses me off from mainstream and then porn. There is just nothing in the middle. The romantic movies are so boring and often depressing (who wants to cry watching entertainment?) and porn just lacks that very romance. By romance, I mean human connection. And … well everybody already knows my opinion about the actors, producers, directors, set designers, dp (I think this title doesn’t even exist in porn! (No! Not double penetration, director of photography)).

(I don’t mean to create a thesis on the subject but my blog is also a collection of ideas for me to come back to. Some I share with you, others remain drafts.)

In a romantic movie you often see the actors tease and caress and actually do some foreplay: foreplay that is presented in a digestible manner thanks to the editor. Then the scene exits without sex. Please viewer, just imagine it. Children, don’t think about it. Teens, refer to you biology and sex education classes. Religious people, pray that God forgives them and that they have lots of children or what ever fucked up thing the Bible tells you to pray for in such case.

Why not have the sex scene and cut it for teens, children and religious people? Let ‘real’ adults decide, choose if they want to see the version with or without sex: that’s what they do with swear words, why not with sex?

Yep, I would have really enjoyed seeing Mulder and Scully make love for their first time together… but noooooooo! We had to guess. Ok it was obvious but what if I was really, really dumb and didn’t get it. I would have thought the extra-terrestrial impregnated Scully 😀 (I miss the X-Files. I think J.J. Abrams misses the show too and I’m happily satisfied with Fringe).

Let It Snow

It has been snowing all day. The first snow storm of winter is always magical. I felt compelled to take a few shots after diner, when it was a little calmer, more to learn how to take night photos.

To give you a taste of it, I’ve installed the plugin “Let it snow” on my blog… isn’t annoying cute! 😀
Snow in the street

An other view of the snow in the street

Tomorrow, or soon enough, I’ll post my Christmas presents wish list(s). I’m sure Santa is now green and hates to receive papered wish lists and uses the internet for gathering all the wish lists in the world.

Photoshoped christmas lights
No, this is not my neighbour’s house. It photoshoped for a contest but darn… very cool Christmas deco!