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Happy Thanksgiving!

I just wanted to wish you a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving! Tho Canadians have already celebrated and give thanks, I’m glad to be able to think again about what I’m thankful: that is you my dearest fans and friends. I think of you and my heart fills with joy and love.

Traditional Thanksgiving Meal
Image courtesy of WikiPedia 😀

Hope you’ll enjoy the traditional turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes and especially the pumpkin pie (my all time favourite dessert).

So… what are you thankful for?

The Missing Art Of Filmmaking In The Porn Industry

Camille Crimson in Black Hold-Ups stockings

The secret is finally revealed to the world of porn. Mike talks with Jason from Sin2.0 about how we make our films so beautiful and he also shares how much he hates Sasha Grey and the film Pirates. Listen to this exclusive interview of my sweet extra-ordinary awesome boyfriend and discover our dirty secret!

Oh! And if you are wondering who’s sexy voice it is you hear at the end of the podcast, it’s gorgeous Ella Black. Remember I talk about missing having a woman in my life? Well….