Monthly Archives: October 2009

Annie and Camille in Black and Pink Feathers

When we are together, Annie and I, we are so girlish! We love to get pretty and wear the chic and gorgeous jewelery and clothing. We also love to have so fun with my boyfriend: I enjoy sharing him with her as I know she takes pleasure in giving head with me and kiss me while my mouth is full of delicious cream!

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iMac 27″, Magic Mouse and Mini Keyboard


Imac 27 inches in its box

It’s huge…

Big iMac 27"

And beautiful…

Very big iMak 27 inches

It’s an other self gift. I have a new iMac 27″. OK, it’s not the quad – Apple store Montreal didn’t have any because they ship only in november – but it’s still freaking amazing. I’ve browse some web page without the vertical scroll bar. I’ve looked at incredible hi-rez picture and saw crisp and amazing details. And I’ve watch some youtube HQ full screen: pretty cool. 27 inches of coolness.

iMac Keyboard still in its box

This means I’ll be able to join the post-prod team for TAoBJ and make it grow to 2 (Mike and Me :D). I think you already know I’m planing to produce more content for my little baby website (taobj).

Apple's Magic Mouse

The Magic Mouse is very, very cool. No more little fucking clit scroll ball that’s always NOT working 😀 RIP Mighty Mouse (finally).

Mini Keyboard and Magic Mouse

100 Blow Jobs

Today is Thanksgiving in Canada and it’s also the 100th update on The Art of Blowjob. We’ve made a special film with a short story, including many member’s requests. I hope you will enjoy watching me having an orgasm while having my boyfriends cock in my mouth 😉 It sure made me blush when I watch the video and heard myself lol

Anyway, the video will be free for 1 week only so I suggest you take advantage of it now!

EDIT: The 1 week is past so I’ve uploaded a trailer instead.

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The Moon

Is the moon made of cheese
It’s all over the news and on twitter. And I predict a penury of crackers. That is if the moon is made of cheese.

You know the LCROSS thing hitting the crater and then the other thing collecting data? Well, I hope it’s cheddar.

On a more serious note, as I was reading the post on engadget, I thought wtf! how can NASA just CRASH something on the moon to collect data?

I guess Pen & Teller were right. NASA is sort of Bullshit.

PS: I’m not alone thinking this way. Read the comments on that article I linked. And tell what you think!