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Upside Down Blowjob

I just love it when he is thrusting in my mouth. I think it’s my favourite and #1 exciting way with blowjobs. I can’t help touching myself and the best is to receive his cum at the same time I get my orgasm.
Upside Down Blowjob
Hope you like it! The trailer is here and download for members is over there.
PS: I’m almost at my 100th update on The Art of Blowjob. I’d like to do something special and would love to hear your ideas! (I know free access to everybody would be nice but you know, how am I going to pay my rent next month? :D)

Love you!

Self Gift

I’ve been lurking(?) on a beautiful jewel for about a month and a half now and today, I finally gave myself this:
19moons Steampunk Beetle Ring
Steem-Punk Beetle Ring by 19moons
I love steam-punk stuff and dream of a house full of steam-gadgets and steam-adventures. Steam-Punk to me is like a mix between Dita Von Teese and Indiana Jones. I think 19moons‘ jewels represents exactly that.
See ya now, I’m finishing my McEwan’s and will be celebrating something very dear and long time waited for with a nice ounce (or 2 or 3) of Highland Park (because there was no Lagavulin left at the SAQ) while watching Star Trek again.
(Geez, I look like a drunk! 2 posts in a row about drinking booze)

Happy Guinness Day!

250 years ago, God (even if he doesn’t exists) inspired the recipe for Guinness (or something like that) and we are still enjoying this divine stout today. I actually cheated and went to my favourite pub yesterday and had a pint to drink with their famous beef stew -made with Guinness of course- yum!
Camille Crimson enjoying a Guinness Draft
(This is an old photo but I forgot to take shots yesterday…)
Long live to Guinness!

PS: I’m not vegetarian anymore 😉