Monthly Archives: August 2009

I Went Geo-Cashing

It was quite a fun experience to go geo-cashing this afternoon. We’ve even meet other geo-cashers on the spot. I’ve heard about it a while ago but since I don’t own a GPS, I’ve never tempted the experience.
We found the treasure
My friend F. came this afternoon and he was so kind to fix my Internet and after he did, we went out to find the treasures. Because it felt just like that: a treasure chase!
What's inside?
We actually found only 2/4 but I suspect 1 was removed -it looks like it was on someone front yard and it just didn’t felt right to start looking and “digging” on that person’s yard.
Write our names on the log
Then we went for a treat at Dairy Queen. Haven’t had a chocolate sunday with nuts in years! Boy it was so sweet! I think I should have take an ice cream sandwich, my favorite. Do you have a ritual when and if you go to Dairy Queen?

The Twitter Contest Winner Is…

Radimage! Thanks to all who participated, I appreciate tweeting with you and reading your tweets.

I think you all deserved to win so here’s what I’m doing: my regular membership is 25.95; how about I knock 6 bucks off and let you signup for 19.95 instead (Special offer ended)?

(It took a while for me to publish my post because I lost the internet this morning. I hate when that happens.)

I think it’s only fare to show you how I picked the winner.

First, I’ve entered the names of all the people who followed me since I announced the contest and then I added the people who #Followfridayed me, RTed my tweets and talk with me as many times as they appeared in the “Mentions” section of my Nambu. So if you #FF et RT, your name would have had 3 chances to come out.
Insert usernames in table using phpmyadmin
FYI, this is a phpmyadmin window to enter data in a database table.

Re-enter username as many time as mentioned

When all my friends username where entered in the database table, I run the query to select only 1 username at random.

Select random username

And the query returned 1 name: radimage. He had more chances because his name was entered many times.
The winner of my twitter contest is radimage