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4 Easy Ways To Win A Free Membership To TheArtOfBlowJob

Help a geek
Help a geek. Photo from The Art of Blow Job by Camille Crimson

Once in a while, I hold a sort of contest here on my blog for my readers to win a free membership to The Art Of Blow Job. Last time, I asked what was my favorite movie but I gave to much clues… it was to easy!

This time, it seems I may have been to greedy or was I? Starting from Friday July 24th, I wanted 500 followers on my twitter account. The contest ends… today (Friday, July 31th 2009 ). So unless I get 50 more followers by tonight -it’s 10:30 am as I am writing this- there won’t be any winner.

Except from my sweet friend @radimage, people aren’t really helping out. Either they didn’t see my offer, they’re not interested, they don’t want to help, they couldn’t care less, they hate me, they don’t know what I’m talking about, they don’t know what the frail is Twitter, they think I’m just the most boring person on Twitter ever, I can’t formulate a sentence properly and they need to read 2-3 times to get it and that’s really annoying. The reasons are endless!

It may seem childish to you that I want 500 followers on Twitter but I have enjoyed reading the tweets of every new person I have meet there. There are some very interesting people who have fascinating things to say. It gave me the opportunity to learn about new subject, to start conversation and write interesting content here.

I love challenges and I love to give membership into a win-win situation. Most of all, I love the process of goal achieving no matter how stupid, childish or small they seem. It’s not really about the 500 followers but it makes it easier to judge a success when there’s numbers attached to it.

So how can you help? Here are the 4 easy ways to win the free membership to The Art of Blow Job

I’ll do my part but I need help! Tweet, tweet.

In Reply To Porn Is Ridiculous’ Comments

I don’t mind fake boobs as long as they don’t look ridiculously fake 😀

I guess we all have a different point of view about fantasy but we most all agree that mainstream porn is mostly disgusting.

I’m often left perplexed because an industry should innovate and grow by listening to their costumer. Do you think the costumers of the porn industry are asking for what they get? Or are we voiceless?

I can share 2 stories. I don’t intent to generalise but here’s what happened:

1st story is about Dolorem. I was participating in a french forum and the boss ask me if I’d like to have a website that he’d promote. You know, a basic solo girl site. He liked the photos on Dolorem and wanted the same quality for our mutual site but! He didn’t want any post-production made on the pictures and I had to look like all the other solo girls on the internet. Why approach me in the first place if he wanted something identical to the rest of the world? He “felled” in love with my photos and then wants to sell what everybody is selling arguing that this is what costumers want.

2nd story is about The Art of Blow Job. I had a business opportunity to sell exclusive videos and photo sets to a US based webmaster or company -don’t really recall. Same shit happened. The person loved what I did with TAoBJ but again, no post-prod and more like everybody’s doing it he insisted. I showed this person a sample but he reply it was not what costumers wanted.

I simply don’t get it. I guess I’m not breed to be a business person. I love people and I love listening to what they tell me. I love to please them. Maybe I should simply be the artist I denied to be and let someone else do the business. OK this is degenerating and getting overly personal.

I try not to think about those things (not the story, I had forgotten them until I asked the question about the industry listening or not to their costumers) but it’s stronger then me when I watch porn.

So are we getting what we want?

The Prisoner

The Prisoner Video form The Art of Blow Job

Psst! Update is up on TAoBJ. It’s The Prisoner. Trailer | Members. If you’d like to get notified automatically of the update, subscribe to TAoBJ RSS Feed because I often forget to tell you it’s up.

Ha! I love the song Mike used for the video! It’s also the longest video we’ve made so I’d be grateful if you could tell me if it’s ok for viewing, downloading and well jerking of too :p

Do you like the last scene? As I’ve said in a previous post, I’m not an actress and speaking in my mother tongue is more natural to me. Did you understand? Would you like me to translate or prefer to presume?

I’m off to watch an episode of … Farscape :p Seeya

Porn Is Ridiculous

Women Watch Porn
I was reading Woman Watching Porn on and when I stumbled on this paragraph I got relieved. Relieved that I am not the only one who just think that porn is ridiculous. And relieved that I’m actually doing something to cure this ridiculousness.

For me, the real problem with most porn is its hokeyness — the ridiculous costumes, the awful cinematography, the ludicrous story lines, the terrible acting (not to mention how scary the close-ups sometimes look, how fake the boobs are, how some starlets really sound like injured animals…).

Well, I may not be a genius actress but I don’t wear horrible costumes, I think Mike is doing a great job with cinematography and our story lines are implicit.

Despite all I have said about porn, I still, sometimes, get aroused watching some of it. But I would feel so much more comfortable admitting -to myself- I enjoy it if the movies were thoughtful, imaginative and well directed.

Note: I’m not sure but I think the article was written by Violet Blue. There’s a source link at the bottom of the article that directs to a CNN article clearly signed by Miss VB:

Twitter – I’m A Spoiled Girl And I Want 500 Followers

I’d love to have 500 followers by next friday (July 31th 2009). I only need 112 new people to follow me. That means 112 more people I could also follow and love.

Camille Crimson on Twitter

How you can help? Use the #FollowFriday or #FF hash tag, Re-Tweet (RT) some of my tweets you liked (I mean this, if you don’t like and just re-tweet because you want the free membership, it’s not fair!) or reply to my daily question. The most active Twitterer will win the fabulous 1 month membership to The Art Of Blowjob.

PS: Leave a little comment below with your twitter name and saying you want to participate so I can recognize you (and people reading here might want to follow you too)!

UPDATE: It’s thuesday July 28th, 10:00 PM and my twitter account is now showing 429 followers…71 more to go!
UPDATE: It’s monday July 27th, 7:30 am and my twitter account is now showing 418 followers…82 more to go!

Don’t Know Your Role In Today’s Society? Just Be A Gentlemen!

Just Be A Gentleman

I love Twitter very much, it’s like a better google: you don’t even have to search and you find what you are looking for.

I don’t really know who is my audience because most of you are silent and I don’t really have a knack for statistics. But, on some of my post, most comments are from men. (Thanks Mike, Kev, Ed, Christopher, Michael, Bob, Yenpox, Eric, Lufian, Dave, DaveOz, Jason, Scarlett -she’s a woman, and a very sexy and gorgeous one too!- and many more commenters)

So, I have found a excellent website called Art Of Manliness. I’ll let Brett and Kate describe the purpose of their site:

The Art of Manliness is authored by husband and wife team, Brett and Kate McKay. It features articles on helping men be better husbands, better fathers, and better men. In our search to uncover the lost art of manliness, we’ll look to the past to find examples of manliness in action. We’ll analyze the lives of great men who knew what it meant to “man up” and hopefully learn from them. Every week we seek to uncover the essential skills and knowledge today’s man needs to know. Since beginning in January 2008, The Art of Manliness has already gained 28,000+ subscribers and continues to grow each week.

Ho! And as a woman, I feel it’s my “duty” to read the articles and share them with my man -ok I’m lying, I love the articles for myself too! And those retro photos are just to darn cool…