Monthly Archives: June 2009

Motel Pierre

I am all excited… Mike is bringing me to a Motel on thursday! We are going to have lots of fun and of course we will show the results to you my dear friends 😉

That’s going to be my first time in Motel lol . Since I never had a lover other then my sweet Mike, it has never been a necessity, ha.

In the mean time, enjoy my latest video. It was shot before I had my new hair cut (not that long ago still) but I totally forgot about it. Since it’s so nice, I couldn’t let it rot in my computer archives!


The trailer is here and the complete video is over there :)


We’ve made a new video. Mike is working outside town -meaning he doesn’t sleep in the same bed as I for a few days- so it sort of fucks up our “schedule” for the updates. I guess I’ll change it for the summer just so that no one gets stressed out of their minds.


The video is very fun with different point of view and, well, when I look at it, I’m pretty proud of my deep throat skillz 😛

Tell me if you like it! The video is here for my sweet members and there is a trailer here for the aspiring sweet members 😉

New Hair Cut and New Video!

I had a hair cut last week, just on time for the shooting of my new video “You’re Someone Else“. It was pretty funny because Mike was as shy as if he was with a new girlfriend, thus the name of the video.

You're Someone Else - Camille Crimson

There’s a lot of new in my life too.. A new MacBook, an iPod and we shoot this video with both the D90 and my Lumix. Mike made a nice montage of the two camera angles.

Have a pretty darn cool week everyone! I love ya :-*