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How to Live with a Huge Penis

How To Live With A Huge Penis

Remember my post about Why Penis Size Matter? Well this morning I found (in my mailbox) the book How to Live with a Huge Penis that gives advice to men who have too much. People have been crazy lately about finding weird books on sex on Amazon.

Of course, I have not read the book myself. I read the first pages through the link “Click to Look Inside“. The Table of Content alone is a seller with chapter title as good as “Introduction: The Secret Shame“, “You Are Not Alone: Huge Penises in History” and “Big Blessing“. I also love the design of the book cover and the stick figure!

Now “Huge Penises in History” has to be the best chapter in the book with no less historical figures as Albert Einstein who “pondered how long it would take light to travel from one end of his gigantic penis to the other“, Ben Franklin who’s lightning rod and bifocal where inspired by his desire to see “both the tip and the base of his penis at the same time” and Napoleon Boneaparte who gave us the word “boner”. Mozart, Lincoln and Mark Twain also had huge cocks… read more on Amazon.

Very funny 😀

What am I up to?

p1010501In my last post where I apologize for not linking the new TAOBJ’s update, I told you I had lots on my mind and lots to do. Maybe you wonder what’s so much to do in a girl’s life like me. Maybe not, if so stop reading and just look at the pictures. Pfff! 😀
So I want to bring back the nice wooden floor hidden underneath 2 layers of the most ugly tiles I’ve ever seen. When they’re removed, the floor is very sticky, so much that I have to use much strength to move :)
The white bowl is filled with cooking oil. Surprisingly enough, it makes the job much easier. When I’ll be done, I’ll wash the floor with cooking oil to remove all the glue.
Still a lot more to do. The brown tiles are easier to remove then the white/blue ones. But the efforts will be worth it… We will have a nice living room at last.
Time for home made lemonade. Recipe anyone? 3 lemons, juiced, 5 times the lemon juice of water and raw agave sirup to taste. Delicious.
A self portrait. It the first one I am actually fully in frame. I have not been very successful with self-portrait yet (have not practice very much either, why would I want to take my picture with a cheep camera while I have a pro-photographer that can make me look 10X more beautiful then I really am?!!! :D)
That’s my new drug. It’s like cocaine for me. I get really, really high on very dark chocolate. Apparently, I’m not the only one who gets high on chocolate. Better that then drugs, no?

Red Curtain Video

I’ve got so much to do and on my mind that I have forgotten to link my database with the new update for this thursday on The Art of Blowjob. I’m really sorry, it won’t happen again O:-) You see, the way I build TAOBJ, I have to write the title, description, date, etc. in the database using phpmyadmin (why bother building a back-end or writing everything by hand like in the dinosaur ages when phpmyadmin works just fine?) for you to view the update. While I had uploaded it, the second part I didn’t do.

To be fare, the trailers and photos samples should be only to those who subscribed to TAOBJ’s RSS feed, but here’s the link to the Red Curtains’ trailer, just for you my sweet and wonderful readers 😉

Red Curtains
Video capture of Red Curtains on The Art of Blowjob

Hot Week-End With Annie

Annie and Camille Crimson
My friend Annie came for the week-end last week and we had a good time together… see…

I’ve already uploaded the picture on TAoBJ she took of Mike and I while I was giving him a blowjob. As you can see she couldn’t take pictures for too long and joined me giving Mike his title of the blowed blown photographer (can I say that “blowed photographer”?) back.

So this week the update should be a video and then next week you’ll have the rest of photos. If you visit’s forum, you can see 2 more of those hot pics.

I Love Men

But this photo makes me love men even more…

Lance Armstrong on his bike

This shot of Lance Armstrong on his bike is so beautiful and inspiring. I would not have posted it here unless he was naked. Now I’m sure you have some questions regarding comfortability. Let them slip out of your mind just for a while and enjoy the photograph for it’s artful value 😉

Favorite Guys on Bikes by TreeHugger