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Pink Porn Star Look


Yesterday, we shot some lovely photos and a pretty video. I wanted to share a part of the video but I’m so lazy converting the darn .avi to .mov so I can take a bit with quicktime that I’ll share 3 pictures instead 😀 Anyway, I’m the Boss and told Mike to have the movie ready for today for The Art of Blowjob… I’ll take out the whip if necessary! I’ll link to the trailer for you non-members so you can still have a peak 😉


I’m anticipating the movie is going to be soooo nice. We took the time to shot some B-roll so it will look like a real scene from a real movie!

Do you think pink suits me nicely? I am afraid I look a little to much like a “porn star”… To bad the look doesn’t immediately brings an inflated bank account 😀


Got to go now stand behind Mike with my whip in one hand to make him work like a good little slave 😀

UPDATE: Here’s the link to the trailer. To see the trailers and sample pictures every week, I suggest you subscribe to The Art of Blowjob’s RSS. RSS is not like e-mail: you don’t need to give any information about yourself and you can unsubscribe when ever you want without having to go through any hazardous process.

Growing Stuff.

The little pirate on The Art of BlowJob

My backyard is a disaster. The previous renters had build a deck and installed a pool so to make sure there were no grass growing underneath, they laid a layer of gravel. I’ve been removing it for the last 3 days. Caring buckets full of rocks was not really my idea of fun. Weirdly enough, I have found the last 3 days to be one of my happiest since… forever. I don’t know if it’s the fresh air -being a nerd, I usually don’t go out much- or working with every muscles of my body or simply the though of having fresh veggies that I, me, myself, grew (they’ll have -almost- no poison on them yeah!).

Will I retire and live on a farm then? Highly unlikely… even if I though about it since forever too.

Hope you’ll like the new update! We’ve made a video also and that’ll be next week update :) I just love our new update schedule; one video, one photo gallery!

Happy Birthday to Me!

It's my birthday saturday and I accept giftsSaturday is my birthday. I’ll be thirty something and I accept gifts ( 😀

I’m going for the week-end so if you send me mails and all and I don’t respond right away, don’t worry. I’ll be back on monday and read you then!

Love :-*