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Most funniest sex toys ever

Anal Ring Toss A complete list of 18 most hilarious sex product at has made me roll on the floor and laugh my ass off.

My favorite? Anal Ring Toss!!! The Whale Penis is not bad either… It’s anatomically correct so I’d know how it feels to have sex with a whale without going to jail. Amazingly weird.

Which one creeps you out the most? And which one would you like to try?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

Saint Patrick's Day

And it’s such a beautiful day today (at least here in Montreal) to be celebrating with all our Irish friends. I’m not Irish myself (no one is perfect) but I like participating with our wide community here! Have a pint of Guinness and look at those fabulous celebration pictures

Did you know…

In Canada, St. Patrick’s Day was first celebrated by Irish soldiers in the Montreal Garrison around 1759. Since then, the holiday has become a much beloved celebration for both Irish and non-Irish Canadians.

Beloved celebration…. yep 😀

See ya! I’m going to buy a 4 pack of Guinness :-*

I’m never going to wear this

After reading an article about carcinogen product* in baby product care (Johnson’s Baby Shampoo, L’Oréal Kids Extra Gentle 2-in-1 and Pampers Kandoo) I was intrigued by a post on the fashion trends for spring. Note that I don’t usually am interested in such trivial things as fashion…

(*) Formaldehyde and Dioxane

I shop at thrift stores for many very good reasons –environment, recycling, money saving and the pleasure to dig and find treasures. But when I saw the pictures, my stomach revulsed and I said “arrrk” -ask Mike if you don’t believe me. It’s like we are going back to where fashion was the most horrible of all time. Unsexy. Uncomfortable. Ugly. What’s wrong with fashion designers? Have they gone through all their creativity juice already?

I’m never going to wear this! Never again…

Ugly fashion

Happy Scary Friday!

Happy Friday the 13th!
Happy Friday the 13th! on The Art of Blowjob | 109 pictures

We are blessed with a second friday the 13th this year early. I love friday the 13th; I have had this ritual of watching horror movies since I was very little on those fridays. I use to watch the movies on TV because there was a special schedule for the occasion. If I was lucky enough, I could have been to my dad’s place and rent a new horror movie on VHS with my “sisters”. That was a blast! Today tho, I only have Underworld III in my “collection” that I haven’t seen yet. It looks pretty lame and not scary at all. Ho well, still gotta do it for tradition’s sake!

Hope you’ll love the update! It has nothing to do with horror movies, tho it’s something I’ve been dreaming of doing… not a horror porn movie, you know, a real scary movie, then I could be friend with Rob Zombie and crash at his house to watch through all his horror movie collection 😀

Violet, I adore you too!

It’s always a great privilege to be featured on Violet Blue’s blog. But when she says she adores you, it is an honor and it brings a warm feeling into your heart! I can only adore her back, even if I have never meet her in flesh and bones. The weird thing about following the journey of someone on the Web for an extended period of time is that you think you know that person a little more then just like knowing your neighbor.

Thank you Violet for all the nice things you always say about me!