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Erogenous Zones

Camille Crimson - Shining on
Shining on Dolorem

An other great article from Mr Pheeler on The Daily Spank about 7 erogenous zones on women men always miss. I became fairly excited – and sort of wonder why at first – while reading the valuable information, imagine now just how I will feel when Mike puts it into practice.

My favorite? The Back Of her Neck & Suck Her Middle Finger.


The Art of Blowjob
Hope on The Art of Blowjob

I totally forgot to tell you I’ve made an other update on Monday the 26th. If you are a RSS subscriber of TAOBJ then there’s nothing to worry about, you already knew about it.

I called it hope and it’s one of my favorite gallery so fare. It’s different and the lighting is wonderful! I’m also working on a little blowjob project and believe I’ll be able to show you a preview in about 2 weeks.

There are so many things I want to do that I have a hard time choosing what to do first. I go from one project to an other and never seem to be able to focus long enough to finish one of them. Focus Camille… Focus.

1 Terabyte for Video

iMac Ruby We love making dirty videos. The only problem with them is the space they take on our computers.

The final product may be less then 50MB but the whole shooting before the cuts and compression is often more then 5GB.

I was surprised to know that a 1 terabyte external drive could cost only 160$ (CA) at Future Shop. So I have invested in our little dirty movie production 😀 We called it Teranosaur.

Impressive… I had an iMac G3 Ruby – the sexiest Mac I have owned IMHO – with 10GB 7 or 8 or 9 (I don’t remember) years ago and thought it was a lot! Now I know I will soon need a RAID!!!

Upside Down

Camille Crimson - Upside Down Blowjob
Upside Down Blowjob on The Art of Blowjob

Two or three nights ago, I gave a blowjob to my men the other way around. Meaning I showed him my butt while sucking him. I haven’t done this for a very long time, so much I think I couldn’t go deep throat when I did. This time, since I can go all the way down, I’ve discovered something so amazing I had to share it with you. The of the shape of the penis was perfectly made to glide all the way down the throat in that particular position – the chin to the belly and the nose to the balls.

The new update on The Art of Blowjob is not about that position but I think I’ll do that for an upcoming update. Still, it’s upside down and gives me a good view. It’s just the right position to suck balls without obstructions. And THAT is delicious!

Flickr Inspired or The Way Porn Should Look.

The way porn should look - Distjecta on Flickr
God Loves You by distjecta on Fuckr

Graceful. Beautiful. Artful. Mouthful. Shared porn is one of Flickr Police Squad’s nightmare. They don’t discriminate the good from the evil, the artists from the thieves.

Anyway, my point was just to share some photos with you from one of my contact on Flickr. He does art with porn and adds it a touch of humor now and then. He’s a true inspiration and makes porn look the way it should.

PS: For those of you who where worried about me, I thank you. I’m not sick and I’m not dead. I had no male model for a while because he was working 5 days a week. Now that he’s back to working only 2 days a week, I’ll be able to abuse him on a regular basis ~ which I have been doing this week 😉