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Happy. New. Year. !

It’s this time again where we all make our new year resolutions that we will forget or not go through after 2 weeks.

So this year, I have decided to make new year resolutions that I’ll really be doing.

  • I will stop smoking
  • Become a vegetarian and
  • Find the love of my life…

Farce à part (I don’t know how to translate that in english!), what I really want this year is this: to play music every single day. Simple.

What is your resolution for this beautiful 2009?

Happy Christmas

For Christmas, I like to give home made Cinnamon Buns along with the rest of the gifts
For Christmas, I like to give home made Cinnamon Buns along with the rest of the gifts

For Christmas, I like to give home made bread along with the rest of the gifts
…and home made bread. See, it’s still cooking and it smells soooooo good!!!

(Sorry I had to take the pictures myself because Mike was having a little nap)

I’m getting ready to go celebrate Christmas with my family. Finishing cooking some cinnamon buns, breads and other treats to give to those who don’t have the time to make old fashion food :)

While my breads are in the oven, I’m taking a few minutes to wish you all a great time for Christmas. Hope you’ll take the time to appreciate being with your loved ones and show them how much you care!

With all my love!
Merry Happy Beautiful Christmas :)


Camille Crimson - The Art of Blowjob

This is our first porn film shot with de Nikon D90 and you’ll see, it’s really amazing!

I’ve included a link to download the 1280×720 version of the movie (in TAOBJ‘s member area). It’s a very large file so be patient when you download… Hope this won’t bust my server Haha!

You know TAOBJ is not like the other porn sites around and because we – Mike and I – hate most of them, we make sure our stuff is very different. It does take more time to produce, cut, edit, create and in the end the result shows for it.

As usual, a trailer is available here.

Flickr Deleted my Account. Again.

Camille Crimson
Safe photo

Despite that I have been flagging most of my photos restricted, Flickr decided to deleted my account. Again. If only I knew what I did wrong, I would correct it on the next account, but now, I can only feel like Mr K.

Luckily, I have yet another chance, as long as I can come up with new meaningful Yahoo! ID, I’ll be fine. I’m just sad because a generous soul gave me the gift of a Pro account and Yahoo! just don’t care about that. As for now, Flickr is King of photo sharing. It won’t last for ever tho.

My new Flickr account is here: camillecrimson. I have not rebuild it as of this date, I’m a bit … frustrated.

The Beautiful Porn

The Beautiful Porn - Camille Crimson\' Instant Download Website
The Beautiful Porn – Camille Crimson’ Instant Download Website

I’ve had many requests to put back online and give the opportunity to buy my galleries separately.

Not everyone can afford a membership and I understand that. I use to offer “pay per download” on Dolorem, but not on The Art of Blowjob, but now, I’ve combined the galleries on one site, The Beautiful Porn, so that those of you who wish to see a gallery in particular, can do so now.

On an update note for both websites, I have two short films almost ready. They were shot with the D90 so you can expect great stuff!

Nikon D90 Porn

I agree it could have two meanings but it’s literally in this case :) I must say, I’m very, very happy with our new toys. I love to take shots too since the camera is smaller, lighter and give me a good grip. For small hands like mine, it’s important.

Talking about importance, you probably don’t even care about this technobabble – not very tech but I wanted to use the word 😛 – and would like to know more about the new Dolorem update. It was FUN! I love to watch myself masturbating and I think Mike shot all the right pictures. I was so excited and wet having giving him a blow job before…

Here’s a thousand words:
Camille Crimson masturbating in front of the mirror