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Teaser – Actually Just Raw Footage

Here, I said in the comment of Chocolate and Sleepless Night that I would post a teaser of the next video for The Art of Blowjob, but my video editor was to busy with looking at some motivation pictures (I, II, III, IV), I had to improvise.

So I’m giving you some raw footage from this afternoon to make it up for not giving you anything in my last post. It’s really just to tease you… a 20 second of tease really.

With the 28mm lens It’s a wide angle but not to wide to make people look weird 😉

Chocolate and Sleepless Night

I must say, like many girls, I love chocolate. Not milk chocolate nor white chocolate. Real chocolate, dark and bitter. My favorite is the one with cocoa bits. It makes every bite smooth and crunchy at the same time. Just like crunchy peanut butter is better then smooth peanut butter.

But there’s a hick with that kind chocolate: it keeps me awake most of the night. And makes my libido skyrocket. It’s like I’m on viagra all night, but I don’t need some. Of course this would not happen if I could control my craving for chocolate and eat only one or two pieces . I can’t help it, I have to have the whole 8 pieces, the whole 100g. I become selfish. I do not share. You’d be there, I would not even be polite and ask you if you’d like a piece. No.

La Maison du Chocolat

Haaaa, but what a night! I hungered for cock and gave the best blowjob of my entire life last night. If didn’t know better, I’d say it was more pleasurable for me then for him! And when it was over for him, after I’ve swallowed his semen, I stayed there. With his dick in my mouth until I too had an orgasm.

I love chocolate. Real chocolate, dark and bitter, with cocoa nibs.

A Handjob Because of the Tooth Fairy

Here is a candid picture of me taken while I was getting ready. We call the pink things on my head “bigoudis” :) I’m sure you didn’t know this about me, but I love those and wouldn’t live without them!!! Ho, but I don’t go to bed with the rolls on my head, come on!

Are you ready yet

And the end result is:

2 more samples here

I hope you understand that this week’s update is a hand job… I still have trouble eating solid food, I feel like bitting into an apple, and can’t stand the purrée anymore!!!

My new apartment – A to your Q!

Thanks so much for you lovely comments!

A nice thing to do when you move is to pay some guys to move the furniture. With a friend, my dad and Mike, we moved the rest – boxes, computers, small stuff. It took the 2 guys 3 hours @ 65$ and we gave them a nice tip so it costed us 240$. It is worth every dollar…

Still doing some cleaning, but not enjoying it very much. I would much prefer to start decorating, painting and all.

The apartment is a 4 1/2 on the lease but the basement has 3 other “rooms”, a mini workshop, a small room to put all the clutter you don’t want to see and a laundry room. It’s the biggest apartment I have ever had for the ridiculous price of 510$ per month. Oh and I have the backyard to where I’ll be able to grow vegetables :D.

510 / month is because we live in a “lower class” part of Montreal. I did not want to make this assumption / comment about the place, but it’s unfortunately the truth.

Today, I want to shoot… but I cannot give a blow job because I had a tooth remove yesterday – in the back of my mouth, I don’t have a hole in my smile lol. Surprisingly, it doesn’t really hurt, just a tingle when I make a big smile and LMAO :D. Now I’ll have a hole in my mouth for at least 2 months because it needs to heal before I can get a “new” tooth. And that will cost as much as breast implants… for 1 tooth. 3800,00$!!!!!! I guess I might start raising found for that tooth lol To my dentist didn’t gave it back to me, I could have had a starter with the Tooth Fairy :)

So… I’ve been thinking I could make an exception on The Art of Blowjob and give a nice handjob instead… It’s weird because when I woke up this morning, I clearly remembered I was doing an awesome blowjob with deep throating and all the kit. Ha… next week will be back to normal.

I have Internet

After a week, I’m almost all set in my new apartment. There was a lot of scrubbing involved and darn, the ex-locators left me with a huge pile of junk and garbage in the backyard, GRRR!!!

Hope you didn’t forget me and that you had a nice week. I’ll be posting some picture of my new place. It’s still pretty ugly, but much bigger then the previous place and most important, it doesn’t make me sick with the mold.

First Web Server
The NeXT Computer used by Tim Berners-Lee at CERN became the world’s first web server! 😀 xox

Now that I have internet I feel alive again. It’s so weird how we get used to it. I’m not an addict and still I found myself missing it for all the little things that it helps with. How do you prepare meals without internet, who answers your craziest question when internet is gone. I cannot imagine the world without it and much less how the heck did I manage to survive without it before 1996 ??????

Hey! I missed you and thought of you a lot!