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Trick or Treat?

Happy Halloween!
Just post-processed this texturized photo of Mike with some rubberus foreheadus make-up. Hope he’ll come back home with a Klingon forehead someday…

This is Halloween!

Get scared and scream a lot!

I’m Moving On November 1st

I’m moving into a bigger place saturday and in the past weeks I’ve been digging into our stuff, so much that I have found an astonishing amount of unnecessary things. I’ve been giving them to the community trying not to have any feelings about the stuff. One of those was a set of distinguish coffee cups with the milk jar, the sucrier and the coffee pot my mom gave me, that was given to her by her mom that was given to her by … well it was a generation thing, and I hated it. I don’t even drink coffee, it makes me feel mushy. I hate things.

Camille Crimson\' coffee set
The coffee set was used on April 20th 2007 as props for a photo set. Now they are in someone else’s kitchen.

Maybe I took Fight Club to seriously and if everyone was like me, Chanel, Gucci and all those big brand names and the smaller one and the car company would go bankrupt because I don’t buy stuff I don’t need – and I really mean that.

You’re surprised? My favorite blog is I don’t dream about glamour and palaces, I dream about a perfect earth where everyone would eat, drink, contribute, create, love and respect. As a little girl, I wanted to be a clown. I would make people laugh because they looked so tormented and sad.

Talk to you soon. Maybe after I’ve moved, but I don’t know if I’ll have internet right away. A friend should bring an antenna so we can “borrow” some bandwidth from our neighborhood.

To Bad it Has to Rot

Predator Pumpkin

I have something to confess. There are some characters in the movies and TV industries that I find very sexually charged. Like the Predator and Worf… Then again, I can fantasize all I want, even if I know I would not sustain the intensity of their brutal sexual energy 😀


Textured Porn

Camille Crimson
It’s no secret that I’m the post-producer of my own pictures. I’m also the model. But that you already knew. I’m also my own webmaster, my own programer, my own marketing team and my own boss. And I like it like that.

I’ve been hopping to do images with textures like those of the wonderful and talented Quizz on Flickr. Tho I may have exagerated a little bit, I still like the result and especially considering the subject!

I was afraid to post this on my flickr. First, because I’ve never posted something like this, my work has been mostly commercial, and second because I feel I’ve “copied” the masters of flickr…

But you got to “copy” first when you’re an apprentice, so that is a good excuse 😀

Now to say that I’ll be doing photoshops like this for dolorem or taobj is a big promise. It does take a while to process pictures like those and maybe the best thing would be to have an “artistic” section on the sites.

I’m still in the process of deciding so any comments, good or not would be appreciated!

Steve, we love the MacBook but…

we would love a matte display.

A good virtual friend of mine ask (nicely) that I’d share the link for the petition to Apple asking for a matte display. So you can sign here (I have signed it because it’s already a problem with our iMac and we planned to buy a MacBook but…).

There’s 2425 signatures total so far. Add yours and tell your friends!