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Asses of the Caribbean

In a small northern Colombian town named San Antero, the ‘Festival del Burro’ (Donkey Festival) is held to celebrate the donkey. Some of the highlights include a donkey stampede and a costume contest, but most of all, the carnival celebrates having sex with donkeys.

Colombian SymbolIt seems having sex with a donkey in Colombia is part of growing to be a man. I thought I’d be disgusted watching the videos and frankly I held my click on the play button for while. But after watching part I and part II, I just realized it was part of the Colombian culture and that they felt no shame about fucking a donkey…

The documentary is interesting and well put together. And yes, you actually see a man fuck the donkey at the end of part III, yikes, but part I and II are safe.

So here watch it for your self: Take the Donkey to the barn and fuck it.

Closed Mouth Orgasm & Laundry

Closed Mouth Orgasm by Camille CrimsonWhile I was waiting for my cloths to get clean and dry, I had to do something useful and pleasant. So I called for a blowjob near the washing machine.

One of you dear member ask me about a closed mouth orgasm (I’ve been informed it’s also called an “oral creampie“), so I tried it since I had to wait for my cloth. Well, I didn’t wait long and had to walk around the house with almost nothing on.

I think tho, as K. mention it, the effect would be better in video, so wait for the sequel 😀

Thank K. for the idea!

Free sample of The Art of Blowjob’s update Closed Mouth Orgasm & Laundry (september 25th, 2008 issue)

Happy Birthday Violet!

Happy Birthday Violet!I’ve never been able to write anything great like a poem in a birthday card, but I wanted to tell everybody I know to send all their love today to dear, dear Violet Blue for her birthday!

There are too many things in her birthday post that I can relate too, I think we should all stop and think. Think before we say or do something horrible and change it to something beautiful.

Love and happy birthday Violet!

PS: If you have been my neighbor V., I would have baked you some delicious chocolate cupcakes!

Dildo Bike

I’ve had dreams about a wonderful bike like this one. But my sweet heart didn’t build me one and I’m no good at inventing mechanical things. Such a lucky girl!

If Dildo Bikes are your cup of tea, you can spend the whole night – maybe a few nights – until 5AM watching 1000 videos on the subject on Megarotic. It’s free but you have to look at some photos of pretty girls and try not to click on the link “Get laid tonight in [your city defined by your ip]”.